Protect and Survive: A Timeline

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    Jack, I make you my compliments for an interim chapter but certainly very effective in showing the risks and pitfalls of the new world. Of course, the thugs of the "Vermont Air National Guard" have met their just fate, but through the story I can not understand the exact dynamics of their end. The "spokesperson" was disarmed and shot by the driver of the pick up, right? The Commando has neutralized the other cronies?

    In any case I fear that, given the high concentration of individual firearms in the U.S., the components of Prospero must beware of such traps and ambushes again later.

    I also hope that the distinguished man, before whom we left our heroes, will be able to give us some information more encouraging than the list of affected cities that held up the corpse in Iceland.

    I look forward to news of the Swiss (as unfortunate as the willing) and the French en route to South America.

    And who knows we can not find out what happens in the former USSR ...
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    Yeah, you got it; the American and the Prospero team took the chance to gun down the 'VANG' as soon as it seemed it was going to turn nasty.
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    I must admit that thinking about it, I find the idea of the French government abandonning mainland France unplausible in a lot of ways. True Guiana is a French territory, but it is NOT mainland France and government fleeing there would be considered to have failed in his duties and to have abandonned France full stop!

    Considering the fact that the government has abandoned France, that Paris is now a crater and that civil defence plans were close to nonexistent it is now far from impossible in my opinion that France may Balkanise into several different countries. The government wont be able to do anything about it since well, would any prefect at a local level want to take orders from a government which fled tail between its leg to Guiana of all places!

    Considering that there was a rought CHANTICLEER equivalent in the form of Tavery and/or Mont Verdun it seems more plausible to me that recovery would be directed from here. If the government has to move somewhere else, then a spared city like Tours or Caen would be more appropriate. If the continent has to be abandonned, there always Corsica as well.

    If Brazil has been spared hits (unlikely) it is not impossible that they could have a go at annexing French Guiana.
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    And Diana is going to be given the best medical and maternity care possible in the UK at the moment. It's not hard to imagine her getting the same standard of care she would've gotten prewar.

    Of course since the POD is before conception the OP could play around with the butterflies and have a different sperm fuse Diana's egg. Granted the only reason to go through the trouble of doing that would be to make Prince Harry be born a girl (in which case she's likely be named Elizabeth).
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    Dunois, I assume that you are French or at least you have a good knowledge of France, so please be lenient with my modest assumptions thought by someone who's on the other side of the Alps

    I do not know the plans of the period to allow the continuity of the executive, but I think that a dispersion of the major offices of state had been expected even a basic level: the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister would have been physically separated even provided with tools suitable for communicating during an attack (however, it remains to see how this was possible then in practice), the key ministers were they too could have been located in various places considered out of the list of targets of the Warsaw Pact.

    My humble suggestion is that, on board the Clemenceau, there are only some of the members of the French Government who have decided to transfer control away from the danger of a second Soviet attack in the absence of communication with the other members of the executive and probably in accordance with procedures.

    There have been many examples in history of governments in exile or relocated due to force majeure, I do not see an act of cowardice in this, but common sense. Still we do not know how extensive the damage caused by the Exchange, nor do we know if other surviving members of the chain of command are present in the hex.


    I have marked on the map the names of the cities mentioned in the first post-attack reports integrated with your additions, it seems that in the middle of the country there is a wide enough area not affected by nuclear strike. However I think that may have been a few megatons launched in that area in an attempt to cripple the French armed forces with particular attention to the Air Force's Mirage and capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

    With a bit of time I could run my OOB and to determine more precisely the location of the bases of military units, but in the presence of a native or someone with knowledge greater than mine I do not hesitate to retire with good grace before his direct knowledge of the places and matter.:)

    With regard to Brazil ... I admit to not knowing what to think!:D
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    That last line just has to be sigged:D

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    :) thank you, thank you very much
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    I would have thought that anywhere that could shelter part of the Force de Frappe would have had a nuke aimed at it and probably a couple at the Plateau d'Albion.
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    So the government is now headquartered in Cayenne? Interesting. :)
  10. Dunois Franco-British Patriot!

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    There is no way to tell what would have happened in France during the transition to war period. Information is not publicly available or at the very least very hard to find as opposed to the British plans for example. Dispering command all over the country is common sense and may have been part of the plans for all we know. Nevertheless I must admit that the French government track record in civil defence and in thinking about the worse case scenario is not very good at all. Look at June 1940 and the Exodus to have an idea of the utter disorganisation of the authorities then. Putting in place plans to evacuate Paris and the Eastern departmentw to Western France would have been (sic) defeatist, so we had chaos when the Germans came!

    A part of me thinks that the government would have been smart to take the lessons of 1940 in account and consequently build a very strong civil defence infrastructure. But it also unfortunately seems quite possible to me that some folks would have thought that "the nuclear deterrent will protect us forever" and consequently not bothered thinking about civil defence at all!

    Don't forget as well that France is very centralised as a country, if Paris goes then the entire country is effectively decapitated. At the local level mayors and deparmental prefects would certainly assume a lot of powers that's for sure. But will this be enough especially if no back up is in place regarding the communication infrastructure?

    If the bulk of central France and the Loire Valley is spared, France will be fine in few years especially as the nuclear power plant have years of uranium stockpiled. If these areas have been hit and there are no centralised reconstruction operations. Then its troubles ahead!
    In any case one thing which has to be remembered for a lot of European countries is that during the transition to war phase, millions of men have likely been recalled to serve in the forces. Provided that they are supplied with weapons and ammunition, keeping control of the land might become a lot easier.
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    XIV - Materials To Use For Your Fallout Room And Refuge

    For blocking windows, doors, halls, or passages.

    Following the Army's seizure of control of Newcastle (a move taken due to the apparent incapacitation of the civilian controller), the new military commander launched Operation ISIS. Conceived in only a matter of hours, the plan stemmed from a belief in some circles that dissident Irish elements were responsible for a number of the incidents that had plagued the security forces since the attack; although no blame had been levied upon such groups before, the Acting Newcastle County Controller now informed the Police and Army that IRA cells were responsible for everything from the Freeman bombing to the violence in Felton.

    Oh god I'm so sorry what have i done imsosorry

    No evidence has been found to suggest that this was the case; indeed, even pre-war, the IRA presence in the North-East of England was insubstantial; a couple of botched firebombings at a gasworks and the Metro Centre Retail Estate the only two confirmed actions. This author has been unable to ascertain whether the Army was working on flawed intelligence, or whether some within the local chain of command were working with ulterior motives; naturally, we will never know.

    Through the corridors and he hears them echo

    Resistance to the plan by the security forces was vociferous, but stopped short of actual mutiny; the local commander was known to take a hard line towards insurrection, and both the Police and the Army had seen members executed for refusing to follow orders following the attacks. Indeed, some supported the new 'controller' following his heavily publicised reintroduction of rations for 'infants under six'; this was seen by many to justify whatever other more questionable orders that occurred.

    Therefore, tragically, the plan went ahead.

    Realistically, there were few if any Irish terrorists active, or even around, in the region at the time of ISIS. Those with even the slightest marks against their name had long since ended up on the Isle of Man (with all that this entailed) following Operation ANTONINE during the Transition-to-War. Quite apart from this, there was no definitive list of 'Irishmen' in the area. Using pre-war records, a few were identified and taken away; more were taken away after, infamously, the food list was scanned for 'Irish-sounding' names - more than one man found themselves waiting for hours in a food-queue only to be hauled away by soldiers once he reached the end.

    Down the stairs - his feet don't touch the ground

    Agriculture commences in earnest; there are few experts and a lot of wasteage of pre-war stock occurs; large swathes of the countryside (especially those near air or radar bases) are still unusable. The surprising lack of arable land prompted the lowering of the maximum roentgen limit for land to be farmed. The extreme dearth of fuel means that traction engines are re-introduced where available (few draught animals are used, due to the scarcity of feed). Most of the work, therefore, is 'V-powered'.

    There is less daylight than there used to be, and it's dirtier.

    Prewar, Gosforth Park hosted a middling-level racecourse. Just opposite the event car-parking, however, lay a series of unremarkable wooden buildings. These, it transpired (the local authorities had only rediscovered this during the build up to the attacks) had been there since the 1950s and were to serve as emergency hospitals following any 'atomic attack'.

    They had been used to store lawnmowers.

    Still smelling of petrol and wet grass, these buildings had been rapidly 'refurbished' only the day before the attack. The detritus thrown out, beds had been hastily assembled and some basic first aid equipment bussed in. Interestingly, the hospital was staffed almost entirely by members of St John's Ambulance; the NHS was overstretched as it was following the attacks.

    Round the Back.

    With a survival rate of about 15%, the Gosforth Park Reserve Hospital was a calamitous example of taking thirty year old plans and trying to bluff one's way through. It came as no surprise to anyone, therefore (and almost as some relief to the patients; they hadn't yet heard about the Freeman) when, during Operation ISIS, the building was converted to an interrogation centre to process 'terrorist suspects'.

    Said suspects were held over the road at the racecourse proper; although imprisoned only by some chain-link fencing left on-site, escape was discouraged by the sheer amount of armed men surrounding them. Combined with this, the men were being starved; over a loudspeaker, they were told that, once they had revealed their 'ringleaders', they would be free to go.

    They would have confessed was there anything to confess to.


    A fire escape is barged open. There's a Transit idling with its lights off. Thrown in the back and the men get in after him. Soldiers?

    Police; he can see the blue uniforms as the interior light joins the engine in ignition. He slumps down on a chair and clutches his shoulder. A big lad jumps next to him and throws him to the ground.

    'Looks like that's your welcoming committee...sir.'. At the front of the hospital, four camouflage jackets with balaclavas stride towards the entrance. They've axe handles in their hands. He pulls himself up to the window (against the big lad's resistance). He sees the men and he faints.


    When he comes to, it's warm - warmer than he's been in a long time. He's covered in a jumble of itchy blankets, and there's a real wood fire crackling in the corner. With his one arm, he gropes for a lamp; instead, he knocks over an untouched glass of water. It smashes.

    Well, thought the Controller, I suppose I'm not dead.

    Gently, and with a little knock, the big bedroom door opens.

    Oh god no it's a soldierohno

    'I hope I'm not di-disturbing you s-sir'; the Lieutenant takes his hat off to reveal a mop of yellow hair - 'how are you f-f-feeling today?'

    'Well-' what does one pip mean again? -'...Lieutenant, I think I can safely say I've been better' - a weak smile.

    'Excellent, sir' - the boy goes to pull up a chair - 'm-may I?'

    'Of course; I wonder though, my boy, if you'd mind telling me what the hell is going on' - the Controller surprises himself with his language; oh well, we are at war I suppose - remembering something - are we at war?.

    'You were sh-sh-shot, sir' - the Lieutenant forces it out, now awkwardly cross-legged on a big oak chair - 'we don't know who-who I'm afraid - they had to take your ' - the boy stares at his boots as he tries to force out the next sound. The good hand on his shoulder - 'It's alright, son, I know.'

    The Lieutenant brushes his hair from his eyes; he is struggling to choose his words. The Controller sits up straight and beats him to it - 'Who on earth is running things then?'

    The Lieutenant is not looking at the Controller, he talks into his hands as they fidget across his worried face - 'W-w-we are - the army is, I mean'

    Now the Controller's face is worried too - 'the army? That can't happen - that shouldn't happen; how did that happen?'

    'I-I don't know h-how to say this, sir, b-but you're dead - officially, th-that is'

    Wide eyes - 'What?'

    'Our c-commander told us you d-died of your injuries; I o-only overheard the order to go and... get you p-p-properly; I hear the Police got you just in time'

    Again - 'What? Why did - why is your commander doing this?'

    'He's not a b-bad man, sir - he's just c-c-c' - really struggling with this one 'c-confused.

    The Lieutenant explains the situation as best he can; he tells the whole truth but tries to absolve the Officer; he's just 'confused', after all.

    'A-and so after we came and got you, I-I couldn't go back, so I c-came here'

    'Who's we, son? And where's here?'

    'It's the p-police, mostly; but a f-few of us, too - we just c-can't sit back while he d-does' - looks at the floor 'while we do what w-we're doing'

    This makes sense, thought the Controller - there was a simmering resentment between the Police and the Army since the attack; no cop had forgotten being suborned as near auxiliaries to the army - no masks, no choice.

    A quick silence, and then the Lieutenant remembers the second question - 'Th-this...' he waves his hand around 'it's a farmhouse...b-belongs to one of the policemen; the ch-chief inspector I think - w-we've just been using it as a s-safehouse I suppose. Which is where y-you come in'


    'W-we need to put you back, sir; get you back to Newcastle. You're the only o-one we can use; it's your job after all - they w-won't accept it unless they see you in the flesh'.

    The Controllers heart sank; he had been feeling ill but now he felt sick - he thought he had got away from all of it. He deserved it - after all he had been through - all he had done; he deserved it.

    Looking into the boys eyes, though (after he managed to catch them), he couldn't say no - not after all he'd risked for him.

    'Alright son' - an even weaker smile, it might have looked like a grimace - 'England expects'.

    'I only h-hope my c-commander can understand, sir. H-he got me... he h-helped me through all of this.'


    'You will talk, of course, and then I'll stop'.

    'I swear, man, I don't know about no fucking IRA!'

    'Of course you don't!' a pace stick, three times - big red welts already forming on the man's face.

    The Officer steps back and lights another cigarette - it takes a full half a minute to work the match with all the shaking. It's just like a big shed in here, with one chair in the middle, and a sweating, bleeding man tied to it. A couple of soldiers look nervously on from the door.

    'I wasn't born yesterday, 'man' - I've done this before and I've seen shit like you crack. Make it easier for all of us and just tell us what you know.'

    'I'm telling you' - coughing and spluttering - 'I don't know anything'

    'For fuck's sake!' - The Officer is now sat astride the poor man; he takes a draw on his cigarette and then twists it to the butt on the man's cheek - as it burns, he repeats himself 'Tell. Me. What. You. Fucking. Know'. The Suspect just keeps screaming. The Officer has exhausted himself, too, from all the shouting. He steps back and sits in the corner. He looks up at the man; battered and panting, he pulls at the handcuffs- he wants his hands only to hide his face.

    A wave of pity hits the Officer's heart. He gets up to undo the handcuffs. Something stops him; he is thrown back in time - A Grenadier Guard was shot dead today in Northern Ireland. The nineteen year old private...'

    Now it's the Officer who's screaming - he runs at the man in the chair full force, tackling him; the man would now be staring at the ceiling if the Officer wasn't right on him. Punch after punch after punch after punch and the Officer doesn't even know where he is - he is crying, the man is crying ,the two soldiers are crying. He punches the man until his own knuckles bleed. He stands up, runs his hands through his hair. 'Tell me what I want to know!'

    'Sir!' - one of the privates plucks up the courage - 'you've knocked all his teeth in, sir - he can't...he can't speak'.

    Nothing in the Officer's eyes. 'Oh well, then' - He pulls out his service revolver and just empties it at point blank range; the first two still miss. The second couple don't.

    'Sir! - what the fuck are you doing?'

    Twisting round, the gun almost in the young private's mouth - 'my fucking job' -he emphasises the next word '-private! Now you do yours and just shut the fuck up!'

    The Officer falls down into the corner again and puts his hands in his ears and closes his eyes and he still hears it and he still sees it.


    He knows he made a promise but he just can't he just can't he just can't not again not after what happened not after what he had to do the door wasn't even locked and no-one saw him and now the Controller's just running through wet grass and running through brambles and running through mud and puddles and his face is cut and his shirt is torn and his dressing's coming off but he just can't do it not again and he doesn't know where he's running but anywhere's better than that bloody bunker language again but he just doesn't care not anymore and England expects and theres a stitch in his side and he tastes blood but he just goes and goes and goes and he's not run like this since school and he's not run like this since ever and he trips and he stumbles and he gets back up and he runs and he runs and he's not going back he doesn't deserve that no-one deserves that babies don't work and he runs and he runs and there's a stream and how's he going to cross that but he will and he will and he jumps and he trips and he's down.

    It doesn't take long for the footsteps to follow him. It's that young Lieutenant - the Controller realises that it's the first time he's seen a soldier without a gun since it all started.

    A well-meaning little hand on his shoulder - 'I'm sorry, sir'.
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    I don't think I've ever read something that is more like real, stream of conciousness, breakdown.
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    New Jersey

    thanks for updating!
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    I wonder (may have missed it) if any steam locomotives have been commandeered and put back into action on the rail network?

    Smashing update.
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    Looks like the Controller might be back, but that pure bloke will sure need as much help as he could do with!

    Still it seems like there are some people with a conscience left, so not all is lost!
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    I'll preface this by saying that

    1) Yours is one of two timelines that I return to regularly.

    2) I am a big fan of the old RPG Twilight 2000, so this is lots of fun.


    Casettes don't skip. Records skip. Casettes may fade or warble, but they absolutely do not skip.

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    One thing I've wondered about is How is the Catholic Church going on ?, I'm soet of assuming the pope is dead but what about a conclave for a new one ? Ireland looks like a good bet for a new home for the Pontiff, any ideas ?
  18. Lemon flavoured British Miami Dolphins fan

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    It's possible that the Vatican has it's own nuclear bunker, so I wouldn't say it's guaranteed that he's dead, probably pretty likely though.
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    Sueprb chapter: I think it only right to renew my congratulations to Jack. After showing us how a nuclear war would not have coincided with the end of civilization, we can now see how the "reconstruction" not only material but also moral is much more complicated than plans on paper made by the authorities.

    Summarizing the situation (and seeing if I had not misunderstood some way), we have The officer who removed (using the attack as a pretext) The Controller and then told his troops that he is dead. Then a faction of the army along with police removed from captivity The Controller, with the aim to restore him in his position, bringing him to Newcastle. The Controller, however suffer a nervous breakdown and, rather than return to direct operations, he runs aimlessly, only to be "recaptured" by the young Lieutenant. Meanwhile, The Officer is completely out of his head and probably will be "set aside" by his own men if it continues at this rate. A question I think is a must: the central authorities (Whitelaw and his staff) still do not know anything about ISIS? I believe that communications travel at a speed much lower than before the conflict, but none of that faction who abhor the conduct of The Officer has decided to get in touch with the central government or other troops in different areas the United Kingdom?

    @ Thedarkmaster & Lemon flavored: yes, from sources I have, I understand that the Vatican had its own fallout bunker under St. Peter's. We do not yet know nothing of the fate of Italy, but in my estimation Rome was a target for many different reasons and all valid. I do not know what the bunker could withstand and for how long there were stocks to survive within it. I can assume that the highest levels of the Catholic Church in every country have tried to get in touch with His Holiness and that, except head shots individual and not easily predictable, all ecclesiastical authorities are waiting for some news from the Vatican itself.
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    So the army have taken over the whole of the NE Region? What's happened to the Regional Commissioner at Shipton and his deputy at Hexam? I can believe a local take-over at county level, but deposing a Minister of the Crown, I don't think so. I don't see the generals at the AFHQs at Ouston and Imphal Barracks going along with a coup unless both Shipton and Hexam are gone. Even at a local level the County Military HQ must be out of action if the officer can get away with this.

    If the officer at County HQ continues as he is I suspect that the local AFHQ will be sending the RMP to arrest him. Technically the Lieutenant would probably be within his rights to relieve the Officer and place him under close arrest both for mounting a coup, or technically a mutiny and for issuing what are clearly illegal orders, even under the Emergency Powers.

    It is nice to see that at least some people still have a conscience.