Proposals and War Aims That Didn't Happen Map Thread

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    This makes me really glad the U.K. and France didn’t succumb to extremist and genocidal ideologies in the 20th century, they could really have made even more atrocities in their colonies, i’m Also glad they didn’t try to keep most of their empire by force (well, in the case of franve except Algeria and Djibouti...) had they decolonized even 15 years later like Portugal did, in the context of deadly colonial war large parts of Africa would have been significantly worse off
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    War Plan Gray was the name of the plan to capture The Azores, in preparation for the possibility that the Germans might attack the Iberian Peninsula. If we did "conquer" them after WWII I'm sure we'd return them to the Portuguese after the war anyway.
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    While the UK and France were hardly innocent of atrocities, I'm also glad they never went to the lengths of violence, insanity, and absolute dedication to racial supremacy that the Nazis and Imperial Japanese did. And as messy as it could be, decolonization was indeed the right call. A Colonial War across all of Africa is just plain horrifying to think about.
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    Here's a list of all proposals as for now (or I hope so). As it is a long list, I'd rather put it inside one of those spoiler boxes. I only took maps here, and they moreless follow historical order.
    1. Tripartite Indenture of 1405.
    2. Portuguese Greenland and Newfoundland + Guyana + Poland.
    3. Treaty of Tordesillas. Iberian Mare Clausum.
    4. Negotiations during the Japanese invasion of Korea.
    5. Treaties of London.
    6. British America in the 1770's. WorlDA.
    7. British America in 1775.
    8. Maine disputes. Q-BAM.
    9. Proposal to reduce France after the reviolutions and enlargement of Belgium after WW1. France WorlDA.
    10. Chessboard France. Other map.
    11. Territory of Nutca.
    12. Jefferson's plans to create new states. Patches. WorlDA. Q-BAM.
    13. Proposed states of the US.
    14. Miranda's Federation of Colombia.
    1. Partition of Switzerland and it's claims at the Vienna peace conference. Bigger version of the partition.
    2. Napoleonic partition of Portugal.
    3. Napoleonic victory. Including Lithuania.
    4. Napoleonic cessions to Russia to maintain their alliance.
    5. Tecumesh's Indian barrier state. Patch.
    6. Russian claims in North America.
    7. Project to cede Savoy to Switzerland.
    8. Talleyrand's plan to Belgium. Larger map. Q-BAM. Another map.
    9. Redraw of the borders of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.
    10. State borders that never were.
    11. Sam Houston's view of a Texas-Oregon union.
    12. Proposed borders for Australia. Q-BAM.
    13. Fructuoso River'as greater Uruguay.
    14. Belgian Guatemala.
    15. 1844 Treaty of Whampoa.
    16. Natural borders of Poland. WorlDA. Q-BAM.
    17. US-Mexican border proposals. Original maps.
    18. Texas border proposals during the 1850 compromise.
    19. Proposals to divide California. Patch.
    20. A Lesser United States. WorlDA.
    21. Russian claims in the Crimean War. Russian and British claims in said war.
    22. The Golden Circle. Patch. M-BAM.
    23. Kingdom of Upper Italy.
    24. Kingdom of Central Italy.
    25. The Central Confederacy.
    26. East Tennessee.
    27. Van Zandt free state.
    28. United States of Poland.
    29. Prediction of Europe in the 20th century (1863).
    30. Division of the US according to a 1864 map.
    31. Pre-Unification Germany.
    32. Proposals to divide Schleswig-Holstein.
    33. Napoleon II's plan for territorial exchange during the Austro-Prussian war.
    34. 1866 annexation bill. Other map. WorlDA.
    35. Partition of the US after the 1870 Spider Canyon treaty.
    36. Paraguayan territorial disputes during the war of the triple alliance. Argentine proposal to carve up Paraguay during said war. WorlDA.
    37. Greater Italy.
    38. Federated British Empire.
    39. Basque Patagonia. Q-BAM.
    40. Bulgarian borders. San Stefano for Bulgaria. Treaty of San Stefano.
    41. Chilean Patagonia.
    42. United States of Europe.
    43. Portuguese Pink Map. Q-BAM.
    44. Austro-Hungarian claims. Q-BAM.
    45. Proposals for the Prairie provinces.
    46. Proposed states of Brazil.
    47. Belgian colonial ambitions.
    48. Republic of independent Guyana.
    49. 24 states of Australia and other proposals. WorlDA. 2010 New states of Australia. Thompson's proposal for Australian states.
    50. German plans to invade the US.
    51. British claims in Venezuela.
    52. Spanish plans to invade the US in 1898.
    1. If the US lost WW2.
    2. New Zealand inside Australia.
    3. German Confederation.
    4. Proposals during the Russo-Japanese war. Japanese war goals.
    5. Republic of New Afrika. Other map. WorlDA.
    6. United States of Greater Austria. With autonomous exclaves. WorlDA.
    7. 1911 proposal to enlarge Manhattan.
    8. Balkan claims. WorlDA.
    9. Trialism.
    10. Europe in peace for 1920.
    11. Pre-WW1 Russian ambitions.
    12. Ferdinand I's Bulgariawank.
    13. Some kind of Pan-European state. Q-BAM.
    14. Partition of France prior to WW1.
    15. French proposal to divide Germany along religious lines. A similar proposal. Another one. Reverse thing. WorlDA of the first proposal.
    16. Anglo-German partition of Portuguese colonies. 1913 proposal patch. Q-BAM.
    17. Expansion of German East Africa into Mozambique.
    18. Ethnographic Poland.
    19. Alleged German-Austro-Hungarian conspiracy.
    20. Proposed borders of Tibet at the Simla Conference.
    21. German Septemberprogramm.
    22. Ottoman war goals. Patch.
    23. Bulgarian territorial ambitions.
    24. German war goals in the west.
    25. More WW1 German Propaganda.
    26. Hungarian WW1 propaganda. WorlDA.
    27. German war goals in WW1. Claims in 1915. Exaggerated claims. Claims in Africa. Africa V2. The world.
    28. French war goals in 1915. Other map.
    29. Areas given to Bulgaria in 1915.
    30. Treaty of London (1915).
    31. Italy in Dalmatia.
    32. 1916 French plans.
    33. The Kaiser's war plans.
    34. German propaganda about an Anglo-Japanese partition of the US.
    35. Greater Finland.
    36. Republic of the Pontus.
    37. Cantonalised Hungary. Q-BAM.
    38. Louis Bénézet's Europe as it should be. WorlDA. Another WorlDA.
    39. Treaty of Bucharest (1918). Further info.
    40. Palestine according to the Sykes-Picot agreement.
    41. War goals of the Entente according to the Germans. WorlDA.
    42. Russian war goals in WW1.
    43. Central Powers Victory. Central Powers victory claims. WorlDA.
    44. Reorganisation of Germany in 1919.
    45. Karel Kramar's view of post-war Europe.
    46. Mittelafrika.
    47. Trianon treaties in other countries. WorlDA patch. Other Trianon.
    48. Greater Ukraine.
    49. Czech Corridor.
    50. Czech proposals for annexaion of Kladsko.
    51. Post WW1 Assyria.
    52. Transcaucasian Federative Republic.
    53. Poland's proposal at the Paris peace conference. WorlDA. A similar case.
    54. Armenian claims at the Paris peace conference. Other proposal. Maximum claims. Armeniawank.
    55. Proposed partition of Anatolia. Further partition.
    56. Proposed partition of the Middle East.
    57. Partition of Albania.
    58. Azerbaijani claims after WW1.
    59. Republic of the Pindus.
    60. German Austria.
    61. Northern Epirus.
    62. Belarus-Lithuania.
    63. Lawrence's post-war Arabia.
    64. Arab Federation.
    65. Ataturks' Turkey and Sevres. Review of National Assembly Turkey. Q-BAM. Other map.
    66. Megali idea, Italy in Turkey and Ukrainian Republic.
    67. King-Crane commision. WorlDA.
    68. Kurdistan according to Sévres.
    69. Polish corridor in the Memel.
    70. Solving the Irish trouble. WorlDA. Q-BAM.
    71. Turkey having a border with Azerbaijan.
    72. Claimed borders of the Kingdom of Syria.
    73. State of Banat.
    74. Inquiry's idea for Polish borders.
    75. Ephemeral states of the Russian Civil War.
    76. Claims by Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan during the Russian Civil War. More on the topic.
    77. Stalin's claims against Turkey. Other map. Q-BAM.
    78. Intermarium. Variations of the Intermarium. United States of the Orient. Patch.
    79. New state in New South Wales.
    80. Romanian-Hungarian Union.
    81. Project to dam the North Sea.
    82. Proposed states of Australia.
    83. Atlantropa Project. Country claims.
    84. Swiss corridor.
    85. Azores as part of the US.
    86. Irgun claims.
    87. Hoare-Laval Pact.
    88. North American Technate. WorlDA.
    89. State of Absaroka. M-BAM.
    90. North Atlantic Union.
    1. Poland-Lithuania in 1939.
    2. Molotov-Ribbentorp Pact.
    3. Finno-Soviet border disputes. Soviet Finland.
    4. Franco-British Union.
    5. Mosley's plan for a pan-European nation.
    6. Italian war goals in WW2. Ambitions in 1936. Neo-Roman Empire.
    7. Syria's natural borders.
    8. Latin Axis. WorlDA.
    9. Barbarossa in the US. WorlDA patch.
    10. 1941 Jefferson state proposal.
    11. German plan to split up the USSR.
    12. English-speaking world.
    13. Japanese railway in WW2.
    14. Finlandwank during the Continuation war. WorlDA.
    15. Yugoslavia planned by the Chetniks.
    16. Greco-Yugoslav Confederation.
    17. Nedic's proposal for a new Serbia. Another map.
    18. Thailand's claims on Burma during WW2.
    19. 1943 partition proposal for Sudan.
    20. Routes to Berlin.
    21. Gomberg's New world order map. 2K-BAM.
    22. Sicily annexed into the US.
    23. Potential nuclear targets in Japan.
    24. Nazi National Redoubt.
    25. Japanese war goals in WW2.
    26. Spanish, Italian and Finnish war goals.
    27. Turkish, Iranian and South African war goals.
    28. Axis America.
    29. Nazi war goals in Africa.
    30. Vichy France war goals.
    31. Axis victory in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
    32. Madagascar Plan. Other map.
    33. Nazi occupation of Britain.
    34. Allied depiction of German aims in South America.
    35. Kaufman's plan to destroy Germany.
    36. Nazi war goals. In Europe.
    37. Occupation zones of Japan. WorlDA. The same.
    38. Roosevelt and Morgenthau plans. Morgenthau plan patch. Morgenthau WorlDA. Roosevelt WorlDA. Roosevelt plan again. And again. WorlDAs.
    39. Churchill's plan for Germany. Version 2. WorlDA. Q-BAM.
    40. Bakker-Schut plan. WorlDA.
    41. No Germany map. Q-BAM.
    42. Proposed borders of Poland after WW2.
    43. Polish claims after WW2.
    44. Austrian South Tyrol.
    45. Border disputes in Kaliningrad between Poles and Soviets.
    46. Prediction of post-WW2 borders.
    47. Proposals for the Eastern German border.
    48. Basque and Catalan proposal to divide Spain after WW2. WorlDA.
    49. Vasconia.
    50. US purchase of Greenland.
    51. Post WW2 partition of France.
    52. State of East Indonesia.
    53. Proposal for a UN site.
    54. Fertile Crescent Plan.
    55. Greater Switzerland claims. Q-BAM.
    56. Tito's Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia with Albania.
    57. Balkan Federation.
    58. Every Israel location. More Israel locations.
    59. UN plan for Palestine.
    60. Muslim states in modern India.
    61. Partition of Bengal.
    62. Khalistan and other Indian maps.
    63. Jewish Kimberley.
    64. Greater Israel. Israelwank. WorlDA.
    65. Kuomintang plans for China and the Soviet Union.
    66. Soviet invasion of Turkey.
    67. Soviet irrigation plans. Weirder plans. Siberia-Aral canal.
    68. 1951 proposal to re-divide China.
    69. Chuvash SSR.
    70. American irrigation schemes.
    71. Greater Morocco.
    72. Ben Gurion's plan to divide the Middle East.
    73. United States of Africa.
    74. Qattara Sea.
    75. Proposal to reduce San Francisco Bay.
    76. Proposal to redo Chinese subdivisions. 8K-BAM.
    77. French proposal to divide Algeria. More plans.
    78. Nasser's Pan-Arab nation.
    79. Allon Plan. M-BAM.
    80. Ethnic Europe.
    81. Jan Smut's South Africa.
    82. King Hussein's planned Arab Kingdom.
    83. United States of Latin Africa.
    84. East African Federation.
    85. Enosis.
    86. Pinochet's plan to exchange territory with Bolivia.
    87. Seven days to the Rhine.
    88. Nuclear targets in WW3.
    89. Iraqi war goals in the Iran-Iraq war.
    90. Arab liberation of Ahwaz.
    91. Volkstaat proposals. WorlDA.
    92. Federal Republic of Mindanao.
    93. Proposed Yugoslavia in 1991.
    94. Federation of North Caucasus.
    95. Carrington-Cutillero plan.
    96. Union of Sovereign States.
    97. American Expansionist Party. Other Americawank.
    98. State of Balkania. WorlDA / Q-BAM.
    99. Balkanisation of Canada after the Quebec referendum.
    100. Russia as a future superpower. Q-BAM. Other map. Other WorlDA.
    101. NATO invasion of Russia.
    102. Igor Panarin's view of a collapsed US. WorlDA.
    103. Partitions of Iraq.
    104. Dissolution of Switzerland by Gadaffi.
    105. Greater Macedonia.
    106. Cancelled Vodka ad.
    107. Cascadia.
    108. Northwest Territorial Imperative.
    109. Infamous Middle East balkanisation map.
    110. ISIS claims.
    111. Division of California.
    112. The American Redoubt.
    113. Rob Wright's proposal for the Middle East and Libya. WorlDA.
    114. Eurabia.
    115. Vladimir Zhirinovsky's plan to divide Ukraine.
    116. Federal France.
    117. Reduction of German States. Reorganisation of German States.
    118. Smaller Hungary.
    119. State of Superior.
    120. Whole Azerbaijan. Q-BAM.
    121. Italian Macro-regions.
    122. Federal Israel.
    123. Bernard-Lewis plan for the Middle East. WorlDA.
    124. Shattered US.
    125. Occiberia.
    126. The New German Empire.
    127. Intra-Spanish irredentism.
    128. Proposal for South American claims in Antarctica.
    129. Shattered countries proposals.
    130. Multipolar world.
    131. Territorial acquisitions for Canada. Patch. Patch 2.
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    Oh wow, that's cool. Must've taken ages to put that all together.

    Personally I'd organize them by format (Worlda, QBAM etc) or by smaller chunks of time but I am certainly not complaining.
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    After the end of World War II, Austria laid claim to the Italian province of South Tyrol, which was historically part of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire and retained a large population of ethnic Germans. This especially in light of Mussolini's attempt at fully Italianizing the region, which saw most German-Speaking South Tyroleans exiled to Nazi Germany, though most returned after the war. There were hopes that the end of the war would help guarantee that Austria and South Tyrol could be reunited, but the allies were worried that taking too much land from Italy (much of which had already been given to Yugoslavia, France, and the new Free Territory of Trieste) would increase the popularity of the communist party in the country. As such, the allies didn't agree to an immediate turnover nor a referendum, though the promise was made that Italy would grant the region greater self-governance.

    While these were put in place, dissatisfaction with their situation and the influx of ethnic Italians lead many in South Tyrol to start a separatist movement by whatever means necessary. Befreiungsausschuss Südtirol (The Committee for the Liberation of South Tyrol) or BAS began a series of bombing campaigns in the 1950's, initially only targeting relics of the fascist government and trying to avoid loss of life. However, things changed after June 12th, 1961- the Night of Fire- when the BAS blew up 37 pylons in an attempt to knock out power for the Bolzano industrial zone. Their goal was to bring South Tyrolean independence to global attention, which it did, but also resulted in many members being arrested and military and police presence in South Tyrol increasing.

    This was what began the more violent phase of the separatist movement, which was unfortunately exacerbated by German and Austrian neo-nazis who infiltrated the BAS. Assassinations and ambushes were made throughout the 1960's, the most infamous of which were the Cima Vallona attacks on June 25, 1967. In all, the BAS terror campaign cost 21 lives, including 15 members of Italian security forces, two civilians, and four of their own members. They also did more to harm South Tyrol's chances for independence than anything. The question of self-determination vs. independence was discussed by the United Nations in 1961, but the terrorist attacks ultimately ensured it would be unsuccessful. The issue was finally settled in 1971 with a new Austro-Italian treaty that guaranteed a greater form of self-governance as an autonomous province, with the additional promise that Austria would not meddle in South Tyrol's affairs. This was deemed satisfactory by many and the BAS ultimately faded away.

    Austria relinquished its claim to South Tyrol in 1992.
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    The South Tyrol is basically German, the signs are in German, the Newspapers are in German, the people speak German!
    Why it is part of Italy is understandably confusing?
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    It's because of the First World War and the fact that there is a notable Italian minority that lives there.
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    South Tyrol has better defensive terrain than Trentino, IIRC.
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    Not quite a proposal, just a Vodka ad (which got cancelled)

  11. Umbric Man Umbric Manned

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    I remember thinking this was that weird ad where both sides were right. I mean, on the one hand, honestly, who likes seeing their country cut up? Come on, be honest. OTOH it was also an uproar that went way bigger than it ever ought have.

    Also it annoys me Mexico managed to snag chunks of Oregon, Idaho, and Wyoming it never held during Spanish or independent times in this map, so at least be accurate in your attempts to cause historical controversy. :p
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    Spain claimed land all the way up to Alaska, though. :winkytongue:
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    Looks like the Adams-Onís Treaty line to me, or at least close enough. Sure, there's a case to be made that a lot of that territory wasn't effectively controlled, but it's what the US and Spain agreed was the border.
  16. Luminous Headwing Consulting

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    I believe @Umbric Man meant that the northern border of the map shown is a little far north, even for the Adams-Onis Treaty line. And I have to agree, just by eyeballing it.
  17. Umbric Man Umbric Manned

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    Yep, my bad, everyone. I definitely could've worded it better since Luminous sums up what I was actually thinking of - effective control so most of Spanish claims to Oregon and Alaska weren't even in my mind, and both the formal Adams-Onis borders and the de-facto Upper California watershed boundary Spain had before 1819.
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    Qbam version of proposed Austrian colonies.
  19. Red Arturoist Napoleon II. - Marxist-Arturoist-Trałkaist Donor

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    Not really a proposal and certainly not a war aim but it still fits best here: