Proposals and War Aims That Didn't Happen Map Thread

And thus the great naval tradition of Switzerland began:


...or maybe it didn't.
The world with a combo of American annexation proposals, including the 1866 Annexation Bill, James K. Polk's proposal to take Northern Mexico, Yucatan and Cuba and William H. Seward's proposal to annex Greenland and Iceland.
The borders are anachronistic, but you know that.
What was it with Seward and cold places?
He probably just didn‘t want to have to worry about an attack from the north. Owning all of the north means no chance of invasion from at least one direction.

Proposed US states in Quarter-BAM. Includes: Lincoln, Jefferson, Deseret, Las Vegas, Baja Arizona, Absaroka, North Colorado, West Kansas, Texlahoma, Sequoyah, Superior, Forgottonia, Chicago, Transylvania, Westsylvania, Franklin, West Maryland, Delmarva, South Jersey, New York, Long Island, Aroostook, South Florida. Does not include: Proposals to add states outside the OTL US or in current territories, proposals to split California or Texas (they overlap too much).