Proposals and War Aims That Didn't Happen Map Thread

Yes, if somehow that went through (assume 1869-1870) I would imagine it would supercharge the confederation process in British North America and we MIGHT have seen Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland join sooner than they did in OTL.
That may well happen. On the other hand, Greenland was really still a ways away, especially in that era. The areas of Canada closest to Greenland were either HBC or unclaimed.
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In 1867, not long after the purchase of Alaska from Russia, Secretary of State William H. Seward considered the possibility of annexing both Greenland and Iceland, which he called an idea "worthy of serious consideration". Seward commissioned a report, called, creatively, A Report on the Resources of Iceland and Greenland, but ultimately made no offer to Denmark.
"What if we did the Alaska purchase, but like, again"
-William H. Seward 1867
Proposed state boundaries in South Africa after the end of Apartheid
It looks like (a) Bosbokrand to Mpamalanga, (c) Groblersdal to Northern Province, (e) Umzimkulu to KwaZulu/Natal were the ones that actually happened.

I'm a little surprised that the border for (h) doesn't use the Orange River, which was the historic border between British Cape Colony and British Bechuanaland, but I suppose that it probably takes into account towns that have grown up along the river.

TIL that Spanish colonial authorities in Quito (Ecuador) once claimed territory going all the way to the Atlantic through the Amazon
Interesting how so much of Lusatia was still majority Sorb even in the 40's. I assume the proportion of Sorbs fell so much after the war is that expelled Germans from the east were being settled there