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    In this scenario, Edward of Lancaster, son of the deposed King Henry VI, manages to either survive and live after the battle of Tewskbury. Or he remains in France while his mother leads the final Lancastrian attempt. When his mother is captured by Edward IV, he must either renounce his claim to the throne or promise never to invade England again during the live of Edward, in order to save to life of his mother. When Edward IV dies, Edward of Lancaster is still an exile in France. What happens next? Does Edward decide to invade England immediately or does he wait until Richard seizes the throne? What does this do to the claims of Henry Tudor?
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    Well, I don't think Edward IV is going to execute Margaret of Anjou - he didn't in OTL, the main reasons being she is a woman (how many of them get executed in this period ?), a member of the French royal family and a valuable ransom resource

    What seems intriguing is that you get perhaps something similar to the situation vis-a-vis Henry Tudor in Brittany in 1484 - England could put pressure on France to kick Edward out, with only doing a deal on sending Margaret home if they do so.

    Edward, for his part, is unlikely to be swayed by threats against his mother. Sure, I don't know much about the bloke personally, but he would have inherited a vision of destiny, not least FROM his mother, and would reckon she would be disappointed in him if he did anything weak

    Now, we would get an interesting situation in 1483, though, thats for sure. Edward would have some supporters, including Henry Tudor who would like the Earldom of Richmond back, but would the split in the Yorkists occur as per OTL ? With a VERY viable claimant overseas, would Richard and the Woodvilles be looking at each other with historically murderous intent, or might they bury the hatchet somewhere but in each other, at least until it is seen what Edward is going to do ?

    By this time, of course, Edward may well have an heir. Also worthy of note is that Richard would of course have married someone else (OTL he married his widow) and this fact may also have led to a different end-game with Clarence (a lot of their rancour was due to disputed succession to Warwick's estates through marrying his daughters)

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    What claims? He didn't have any 'claims'. He was descended from one of John of Gaunt's bastards. The leadership of the Lancastrians devolved on Henry Tudor more or less by default and, presumably to prevent embaressment, he claimed the throne from Richard III by right of conquest.

    If Edward of Westminster lives then you can put the kibosh on any chance of Henry Tudor becoming King, at least in the short term. As GW says, a lot would depend on whether Edward and Anne Neville have any sons and what happens with the Yorkists.