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    For any and all fictional Presidential Timelines:

    My Fellow Americans
    A funny 1996 film:
    40: Ronald Reagan (R-CA)- 1981-1985
    -Vice President was George Bush (R-TX)
    -Declined to run for a second term
    41: Russell P. Kramer (R-OH) - 1985-1989
    -Known as the "education president"
    42: Matt Douglas (D-IN) - 1989-1993
    -Hit by a seedy, but ultimately innocent, scandal
    43: Bill Haney (R-TX) - 1993-1995
    -Resigned over controversy in the Olympia scandal
    44: Ted Matthews (R-DC) - 1995
    -Impeached and removed over connection to the Olympia scandal
    45: Newt Gingrich (R-GA) - 1995-1997
    -House Speaker who succeeded to the Presidency. Declined to run for re-election.
    46: Matt Douglas (I-IN) - 1997-
    -Ran as an independent with Kramer as his running mate and self-proclaimed "co-president."

    The Simpsons
    Ignoring the city of Springfield's perpetually ageless nature

    40: Ronald Reagan (R-CA) - 1981-1989
    -Had his face on the dollar by 2013
    41: George H. W. Bush (R-TX) - 1989-1993
    -Briefly moved to Springfield, NT to write his memoirs
    42: Bill Clinton (D-AR) - 1993-2001
    -Creative sentencing made him a mailman
    43: George W. Bush (R-TX) - 2001-2005
    -AKA "General Cuckoo Bananas"
    44: Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) - 2005-2010
    -Ordered destruction of Springfield, NT
    -Barely beat out Ralph Wiggum for Republican nomination in 2008
    -President during World War III 2009-2010, which offset election
    45: Ted Kennedy (D-MA) - 2010-2014
    -Vice President was working-class hero, Cletus Spuckler (D-NT)
    46: Patrick "John-John-John" Kennedy (D-MA) - 2014-2018
    -Ran on the John Kennedy image, succeeded his elderly father
    47: Chastity Bono (R-CA) - 2018-2022
    -Later ran for election in 2029
    48: Donald Trump (Ref.-NY) - 2022-2030
    -Despite popularity, spending habits drove the nation into a recession
    49: Lisa Simpson (D-NT) - 2030-
    -First straight female president

    Jack & Bobby
    43: George W. Bush (R-TX) - 2001-2009
    44: John McCain (R-AZ) - 2009-2013
    45: ''insufficient information'' - 2013-2017
    -First female President
    46: Spencer Harvey - 2017-2018
    -Resigned due to a corporate scandal
    47: Helman - 2018-2025
    -First African-American President
    -Visited Africa during the 2018 Plague
    48: ''insufficient information''
    49: Adler (R) - 2029-2037
    -President during the War of the Americas
    -Considered a war criminal, and arrested in Finland during the McCallister administration
    50: Eugene Lorio (D-NM) - 2037-2041
    -First Hispanic President
    51: Robert McCallister (I-MO) - 2041-
    -President during the nuclear strike on Chicago
    -Known as "The Great Believer"

    Tom Clancy universe, aka "Ryanverse"
    40: Ronald Reagan (R-CA) - 1981-1985
    -Won the Cold War
    -Retired after one term
    41: George Bush (R-TX) - 1985-1989
    -Lost second term primary
    42: Edward Bennett (R-AL) - 1989-1993
    -Re-election hopes were ruined by Jack Ryan's testimony before Congress
    43: J. Robert Fowler (D-OH) - 1993-1995
    -President during a nuclear strike on Denver
    -Resigned following an unwarranted nuclear attack on Qom, Iran
    44: Roger Durling (D-CA) - 1995-1996
    -Perished during a terrorist attack on the Capitol Building
    45: Jack Ryan (I-MD) - 1996-2000
    -Resigned after completing what he wished to accomplish
    46: Robby Jackson (I-AL) - 2000-2001
    -Assassinated by a member of the Ku Klux Klan during his re-election campaign
    47: Ed Kealty (D-MA) - 2001-
    -Known as "The Comeback Kid"
    -President during the terrorist attacks of 9/11
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    Cool timelines. I'm actually a fan of My Fellow Americans, The Simpsons, and Jack Ryan.

    One thing I would mention is Reagan being assassinated. In My Fellow Americans, doesn't Russel Kramer mention that his Constellation wristwatch was given to him by Gorbachev, and the only other person with one is Ronald Reagan? Oh, also...Bill Haney is from Texas rather than New York.

    Also, in the Tom Clancy book Executive Orders, I believe they mention something in the opening chapters about Reagan winning (or maybe presiding) over the Cold War.

    Also, about the Tom Clancy timeline: I think according to the Clancy timeline Fowler became president in 1993 (like Clinton OTL), and Durling became president in 1994. That would make Ryan become president in 1996 (because it's mentioned that the GOP and DNC primaries are only weeks away from beginning). Also, Jack, like his pal and vice president Robbie Jackson, is a registered Independent. You can find that in both Debt Of Honor and Executive Orders.

    Like I said, though, cool timelines. I'll keep an eye on this thread and see what develops.
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    Mar 13, 2007
    My fellow Americans, one of my favourite films....
    "Our dreams are like our Children"
    "I just have to ask Russell, when you dance with a panda, who leads".
    "Good job, I am not Gerald Ford or I would be lying at the bottom of the steps by now".
    I would agree with the comment about Reagan and Gorbachev, and Kramers watch.
    Also by the time of the events of the film, Nelson Mandella seems to be dead when Douglas says "Mandella was a great man" rather than "Mandella is a great man".
  4. Tim Thomason Monthly Donor

    Oct 18, 2008
    As am I, although I'm not as familiar with all of Clancy's works. The Simpsons timeline was mostly based on the episode "Bart to the Future," which featured President Simpson, and showed references to Presidents Ted Kennedy, Trump, and Bono. John-John-John Kennedy, a reference from "Lisa's Wedding" (as was WWIII) was thrown in when I came up a term short. I considered throwing in Lenny Leonard instead (from a dream of Homer's), but his other future appearances made that unlikely.

    Schwarzeneggar is from the movie, Cletus as VP from the episode "Future-Drama," and other references from other episodes. I'm sure I missed some post-2005 references to George W. Bush, and any future references to Obama which will totally throw this timeline off.

    Thanks for the correction. For some reason, I didn't think Haney's state was revealed and just threw in New York as a reference to Saturday Night Live. Matthews being from DC is a reference to John Heard's birthplace. I remember the reference to Gorbachev, but forgot about the Reagan reference. In my wish to place the events of the movie in 1995-1996 (when it was made and appears to be set), I had to have Kramer elected in '84, and Bush was referenced, so it seemed easy to make a POD at '81 (I swear I don't have a Reagan-assassination fetish). The reference to Bush though could have been to him as a top-Washington official and VP known to Margaret Kramer, and Reagan could've retired after one term, leaving the '84 Republican primary open for a little-known Ohio Senator to dark horse his way in.

    I based it mostly off of Wikipedia, which seems to have specific dates on these events. I originally had Ryan and Jackson as Dems only because they were in Democratic administrations (a John Tyler/Andrew Johnson situation), but I changed one without changing the other. I'll fix that. I assumed that Bush was mentioned as President at one point, so I did the easy assassination scenario, but I could be wrong about that.

    Cool, thanks.

    That just proves that My Fellow Americans exists in some upside-down world. Reagan is alive ("Reagan has one...") and Mandela is not. Of course when Douglas was President ('89-'93), Mandela would've been released from prison after 27 years and gain international recognition. So Kramer's Gorbachev remarks and Douglas's Mandela remarks perfectly fit the timeline.
  5. Tim Thomason Monthly Donor

    Oct 18, 2008
    Not necessarily "United States presidents," but here's some:

    Star Trek
    Canon and non-canon Federation Presidents:
    1: Thomas Vanderbilt (Earth) - 2161-2164
    2: Haroun al-Rashid (Earth) - 2165-2172
    3: T'Maran (Vulcan) - 2173-2176
    4: Avaranthi sh'Rothress (Andoria) - 2177-2184
    5: Jonathan Archer (Earth) - 2185-2192
    6: Gralless (Tellar Prime) - 2193-2196
    7: Sardix (Vulcan) - 2197-2200
    8: Thortathanal (Andoria) - 2201-2204
    9: Barbara Einicrox (Earth) - 2205-2208
    10: Suessor (Vulcan) - 2209-2212
    11: Todahlahr (Andoria) - 2213-2216
    12: Richard Morvehl (Centauri VII) - 2217-2224
    13: Janissa Kurvannis (Earth) - 2225-2228
    14: Greshlahrigm (Tellar Prime) - 2229-2232
    15: Madza Bral (Trill) - 2233-2240
    16: Paula Christenson (Earth) - 2241-2244
    17: Samuel Solomon Qasr (Earth) - 2245-2248
    18: Jacob Varis (Arcturus IV) - 2249-2252
    19: Sanara Dadari (Earth) - 2253-2256
    20: Claton Mintaine (Earth) - 2257-2260
    21: Sarboran (Vulcan) - 2261-2264
    22: Kenneth Wescott (Earth) - 2265-2268
    23: Lorne McLaren (Earth) - 2269-2272
    24: Thomas Oromon (Izar) - 2273-2276
    25: Gregory Salamorn (Earth) - 2277-2280
    26: Alohk Ixan (Deneva) - 2281-2284
    27: Hiram Roth (Earth) - 2285-2288
    28: Ra-ghoratreii (Efros) - 2289-2300
    29: Adam Zagrin (Deneva) - 2301-2308
    30: Gan Laikan (Centauri VII) - 2309-2320
    31: Thelianareth th'Vorothishria (Andoria) - 2321-2328
    32: Hikaru Walter Sulu (Earth) - 2329-2340
    33: T'Pragh (Vulcan) - 2341-2364
    34: Amitra (Pandril) - 2365-2368
    35: Jaresh-Inyo (Grazer) - 2369-2373
    36: Min Zife (Bolarus IX) - 2373-2379
    37: Nanietta Bacco (Cestus III) - 2379-

    Deaths: 1 (Roth)
    Resignations: 1 (Zife)
    -Earth: 14 (37.8%)
    -Vulcan: 5 (13.5%)
    -Andoria: 4 (10.8%)
    -2 (5.4%):
    --Centauri VII
    --Tellar Prime
    -1 (2.7%):
    --Arcturus IV
    --Bolarus IX
    --Cestus III

    Battlestar Galactica, modern
    President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol; numbering is post-Cylon holocaust
    0: Richard Adar (Caprica)
    1: Laura Roslin (Caprica)
    2: Gaius Baltar (Caprica)
    3: Tom Zarek (Sagitarron)
    4: Laura Roslin (Caprica)
    -Acting: Lee Adama (Caprica)

    Vice President
    1: Gaius Baltar (Caprica) - Roslin Administration
    2: Tom Zarek (Sagitarron) - Baltar Administration
    3: Laura Roslin (Caprica) - Zarek Administration
    4: Tom Zarek (Sagitarron) - Roslin Administration
    currently vacant

    Real-life Potential Presidents by Name
    Someone once asked about all possible "Kennedy v. Bush" configurations, so in a similar vein, I've made this list.

    Only "Presidential names" included:

    President Washington
    -George Washington : President (1789-1797); Candidate (1796)

    President Adams
    -John Adams : Vice President (1789-1797); President (1797-1801); Candidate (1800)
    -Samuel Adams : Candidate (1796)
    -John Quincy Adams : Candidate (1820; 1828); President (1825-1829)
    -Charles Francis Adams, Sr. : VP Candidate (1848; 1872)
    -John Quincy Adams II : Candidate (1868)
    -Alva B. Adams : VP Candidate (1940)

    President Jefferson
    -Thomas Jefferson : Candidate (1792); Vice President (1797-1801); President (1801-1809)

    President Madison
    -James Madison : President (1809-1817)

    President Monroe
    -James Monroe : Candidate (1808); President (1817-1825)

    President Jackson
    -Andrew Jackson : Candidate (1824); President (1829-1837)
    -Henry M. Jackson : Candidate (1972; 1976)
    -Jesse Jackson : Candidate (1984; 1988)

    President Van Buren
    -Martin Van Buren : Vice President (1833-1837); President (1837-1841); Candidate (1840; 1844; 1848)

    President Harrison
    -Robert H. Harrison : Candidate (1789)
    -William Henry Harrison : Candidate (1836); President (1841)
    -Benjamin Harrison : President (1889-1893); Candidate (1892)
    -Pat Harrison : Candidate (1924)

    President Tyler
    -John Tyler : Vice President (1841); President (1841-1845); Candidate (1844)

    President Polk
    -James K. Polk : VP Candidate (1840); President (1845-1849)

    President Taylor
    -Zachary Taylor : President (1849-1850)
    -John H. Taylor : VP Candidate (1928)
    -Morry Taylor : Candidate (1996)

    President Fillmore
    -Millard Fillmore : Vice President (1849-1850); President (1850-1853); Candidate (1856)

    President Pierce
    -Franklin Pierce : President (1853-1857); Candidate (1856)

    President Buchanan
    -James Buchanan : Candidate (1852); President (1857-1861)
    -Pat Buchanan : Candidate (1992; 1996; 2000)

    President Lincoln
    -Benjamin Lincoln : Candidate (1789)
    -Abraham Lincoln : VP Candidate (1856); President (1861-1865)
    -Robert Todd Lincoln : Candidate (1884; 1892)

    President Johnson
    -Richard Mentor Johnson : VP Candidate (1832); Vice President (1837-1841)
    -Andrew Johnson : Candidate (1860; 1868); Vice President (1865); President (1865-1869)
    -John Albert Johnson : Candidate (1908)
    -Hiram Johnson : Candidate (1920; 1924); VP Candidate (1920)
    -Louis A. Johnson : VP Candidate (1940)
    -Lyndon B. Johnson : Candidate (1956; 1960; 1968); VP Candidate (1956); Vice President (1961-1963); President (1963-1969)
    -Sonia Johnson : Candidate (1984)
    -Jesse Johnson : Candidate (2008)

    President Grant
    -Ulysses S. Grant : President (1869-1877); Candidate (1880)

    President Hayes
    -Rutherford B. Hayes : President (1877-1881)

    President Garfield
    -James A. Garfield : President (1881)

    President Arthur
    -Chester A. Arthur : Vice President (1881); President (1881-1885); Candidate (1884)

    President Cleveland
    -Grover Cleveland : President (1885-1889; 1893-1897); Candidate (1888)

    President McKinley
    -William McKinley : Candidate (1892); President (1897-1901)

    President Roosevelt
    -Theodore Roosevelt : Vice President (1901); President (1901-1909); Candidate (1912; 1916)
    -Franklin D. Roosevelt : VP Candidate (1920); President (1933-1945)
    -Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.: Candidate (1936)

    President Taft
    -William Howard Taft : President (1909-1913); Candidate (1912; 1916)
    -Robert Taft : Candidate (1940; 1944; 1948; 1952)

    President Wilson
    -Henry Wilson : VP Candidate (1856; 1868); Vice President (1873-1875)
    -Woodrow Wilson : President (1913-1921)
    -Pete Wilson : Candidate (1996)

    President Harding
    -Warren G. Harding : Candidate (1916); President (1921-1923)

    President Coolidge
    -Calvin Coolidge : Candidate (1920; 1932); Vice President (1921-1923); President (1923-1929)

    President Hoover
    -Herbert Hoover : Candidate (1920; 1932; 1936; 1940); President (1929-1933)

    President Truman
    -Harry S. Truman : Vice President (1945); President (1945-1953); Candidate (1952)

    President Eisenhower
    -Dwight D. Eisenhower : President (1953-1961)

    President Kennedy
    -John F. Kennedy : VP Candidate (1956); President (1961-1963)
    -Robert F. Kennedy : Candidate (1964; 1968)
    -Ted Kennedy : Candidate (1964; 1968; 1972; 1976; 1980; 1984; 1988); VP Candidate (1968)
    -Alyson Kennedy : VP Candidate (2008)
    -Donnie Kennedy : Candidate (2008)

    President Nixon
    -Richard Nixon : Vice President (1953-1961); Candidate (1960); President (1969-1974)

    President Ford
    -Thomas Ford : VP Candidate (1856)
    -Henry Ford : Candidate (1916)
    -James W. Ford : VP Candidate (1932; 1936; 1940)
    -Gerald Ford : Vice President (1973-1974); President (1974-1977); Candidate (1976)

    President Carter
    -Jimmy Carter : President (1977-1981); Candidate (1980)

    President Reagan
    -Ronald Reagan : Candidate (1968; 1976); VP Candidate (1976); President (1981-1989)

    President Bush
    -George H. W. Bush : VP Candidate (1976); Candidate (1980; 1992); Vice President (1981-1989); President (1989-1993)
    -George W. Bush : President (2001-2009)

    President Clinton
    -George Clinton : Candidate (1789; 1792; 1796; 1808); Vice President (1805-1812)
    -DeWitt Clinton : Candidate (1812)
    -Bill Clinton : President (1993-2001)
    -Hillary Clinton : Candidate (2008)

    President Obama
    -Barack Obama : President (2009- )

    Or by Election. The most "Presidential names" is six shared by 1856, 1940, and 1976, all of which have a potential President Ford (Thomas, James, Gerald):












    -Van Buren

    -Van Buren

    -Van Buren

    -Van Buren

    -Van Buren








































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    Jun 8, 2005
    Lost in what might have been
    This thread should be stickied.
  7. Tim Thomason Monthly Donor

    Oct 18, 2008
    For all the Comics fans out there:

    DC Comics
    37. Richard Nixon (R-CA) - 1969-1973
    38. Prez Rickard (D-MA) - 1973-1977
    - Withdrew from public after the assassination of his girlfriend. Died of a brain tumor in seclusion in 1991.
    39. Jimmy Carter (D-GA) - 1977-1981
    40. Ronald Reagan (R-CA) - 1981-1989
    41. George H.W. Bush (R-TX) - 1989-1993
    42. Bill Clinton (D-AR) - 1993-2001
    43. Lex Luthor (T-NY) - 2001-2004
    - Impeached and removed from office following the Imperiex scandal
    44. Pete Ross (T-KS) - 2004
    - Resigned after failure to control natural disasters
    45. Jonathan Horne (R-TX) - 2004-2005
    46. Henry Knight (R-NJ) - 2005
    - Removed from office following discovery that he was actually an evil android replacement
    47. Jonathan Horne (R-TX) - 2005-2009
    48. ??? - 2009
    - Not Horne, but as of July 2008, the top candidates seemed to be Davis Brewster (D), Kate McClellan (R), Robert Ridgeway (R), and Martin Suarez (D).

    Marvel Comics
    Coincidentally, given all its mutant, superhero, alien, and magical issues, same as our universe, although Stephen Colbert (I-SC) wins the popular vote in the 2008 election, but loses the electoral count to Barack Obama (D-IL).

    According to Joe Quesada, the State of Florida (and its 27 electoral votes) was the reason why Obama won and not McCain or Colbert.

    Same Actor, Different President
    Now, if these Presidents met each other, the universe would implode:

    John Anderson
    -Abraham Lincoln (The Lincoln Conspiracy)
    -Franklin D. Roosevelt (Backstairs at the White House

    Stanley Anderson
    -a President (The Rock)
    -presumably another President (Armageddon)

    Dan Aykroyd
    -Richard Nixon (Saturday Night Live)
    -Jimmy Carter (Saturday Night Live)
    -Bill Haney (My Fellow Americans)

    Robert Beatty
    -Ronald Reagan (Breakthrough at Reykjavik)
    -another President (Superman IV: The Quest for Peace)

    Beau Bridges
    -Paul Hollister (10.5)
    -Hank Landry (Stargate SG-1)

    Frank Caliendo
    -Bill Clinton (Frank TV)
    -George W. Bush (Madtv; Frank TV)

    Ronny Cox
    -Tom Kimball (Captain America)
    -Jack Neil (Murder at 1600)
    -Robert Kinsey (Stargate SG-1)

    James Cromwell
    -George H. W. Bush (W.)
    -Robert Fowler (The Sum of All Fears)
    -D. Wire Newman (The West Wing)

    William Devane
    -John F. Kennedy (The Missiles of October)
    -Henry Hayes (Stargate SG-1)

    Ed Flanders
    -Calvin Coolidge (Backstairs at the White House)
    -Harry S. Truman (MacArthur)

    Henry Fonda
    -Abraham Lincoln (Young Mr. Lincoln)
    -another President (Fail-Safe)
    -presumably, even another President (Meteor)

    Harrison Ford
    -James Marshall (Air Force One)
    -Ford (Scary Movie 3)

    Bruce Greenwood
    -John F. Kennedy (Thirteen Days)
    -another President (National Treasure: Book of Secrets)

    Gene Hackman
    -Alan Richmond (Absolute Power)
    -Monroe Cole (Welcome to Mooseport)

    Darrell Hammond
    -Bill Clinton (Saturday Night Live)
    -George W. Bush (Saturday Night Live)

    Phil Hartman
    -Ronald Reagan (Saturday Night Live)
    -Bill Clinton (Saturday Night Live)
    -Dillard (The Second Civil War)

    Edward Hermann
    -Franklin D. Roosevelt (Eleanor and Franklin; Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years: Annie)
    -Arthur Fellwick (Atomic Train)

    Hal Holbrook
    -Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln; The Blue and the Gray; North and South; North and South: Book II)
    -Adam Scott (The Kidnapping of the President)
    -Maxwell Monroe (Under Siege)

    Anthony Hopkins
    -John Quincy Adams (Amistad)
    -Richard Nixon (Nixon)

    Walter Huston
    -Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln)
    -Judd Hammond (Gabriel Over the White House)

    Brian Keith
    -William McKinley (Rough Riders)
    -Theodore Roosevelt (The Wind and the Lion)

    Kevin Kline
    -Ulysses S. Grant (Wild Wild West)
    -Bill Mitchell (Dave)
    --Interestingly, Kline's main role in those two films was as a Presidential impersonator

    Alexander Knox
    -Woodrow Wilson (Wilson)
    -Hughes (Crack in the Mirror)

    E.G. Marshall
    -Harry S. Truman (Collision Course: Truman vs. MacArthur)
    -another President (Superman II)

    Donald Moffat
    -Lyndon B. Johnson (The Right Stuff)
    -Edward Bennett (Clear and Present Danger)

    Joe Piscopo
    -John F. Kennedy (Saturday Night Live)
    -Jimmy Carter (Saturday Night Live)
    -Ronald Reagan (Saturday Night Live)

    Randy Quaid
    -Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ: The Early Years)
    -Ronald Reagan (Saturday Night Live)
    -A. Thornton Osgood II (Mail to the Chief)

    Ford Rainey
    -Abraham Lincoln (The Time Tunnel)
    -another President (Lost in Space)

    Jason Robards
    -Abraham Lincoln (The Perfect Tribute)
    -Ulysses S. Grant (The Legend of the Lone Ranger)
    -Franklin D. Roosevelt (F.D.R.: The Last Year)
    -Richard Monckton (Washington: Behind Closed Doors)

    Cliff Robertson
    -John F. Kennedy (PT 109)
    -Jack Cahill (Escape from L.A.)

    Will Sasso
    -Bill Clinton (Madtv)
    -George W. Bush (Madtv)

    Roy Scheider
    -Carlson (Executive Target)
    -Robert Baker (The Peacekeeper)
    -presumably another President (Chain of Command)

    Martin Sheen
    -John F. Kennedy (Kennedy)
    -Josiah Bartlet (The West Wing)

    Sam Waterston
    -Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln)
    -William Foster (The Enemy Within)
    -Edward Manchester (Shadow Conspiracy)

    Robin Williams
    -Theodore Roosevelt (Night at the Museum; Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian)
    -Tom Dobbs (Man of the Year; technically just elected)

    Ian Wolfe
    -James K. Polk (California)
    -Calvin Coolidge (The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell)
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    Roy Scheider played Cahill in “Chain of command”
    Jimmy Smits, as Matt Santos in West Wing.
    Jeff Bridges, as Jackson Evans in the “Contender”.
    James Garner as Matt Douglas in “My Fellow Americans” .
    Jack Lemmon as Russell Kramer in “My Fellow Americans”.
    Tony Goldwyn as Fitzgerald Grant in “Scandal”.
    Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood in “House of Cards”.
    Jamie Foxx as President Sawyer in “White House Down”.
    Andy Griffith as Esker Scott Anderson in “Washington Behind Closed Doors”.
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