President Herman Cain

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In tribute to the passing of Herman Cain, I present this story of how Herman Cain might have become America's 1st Black President.

POD: Herman Cain is persuaded to run for Senate in Nebraska in 1996.

1995: Herman Cain announces his candidacy for U.S. Senate in Nebraska.

1996: Cain narrowly wins the Republican senate primary over Chuck Hagel. Cain goes on to defeat Democrat Governor Ben Nelson by nearly ten points in the general election.


1999: Cain announces his candidacy for President in the Republican primaries. Steve Forbes announces that he will NOT run and instead endorses Cain.

Cain finishes a surprising second in the Ames Straw Poll narrowly beating Elizabeth Dole.

2000: Cain wins the Alaska Caucus while narrowly losing the Iowa Caucus to George W. Bush. Cain drops out right before South Carolina and endorses Bush.

Shortly before the Republican Convention, Bush announces Cain as his running mate. Cain delivers are a brilliant speech at the Republican National Convention and will go on to win the VP debate over Joe Lieberman.

Bush/Cain win the 2000 election, with the decisive state being Florida, which the GOP wins by just 9,568 votes.

2001-2005: Cain is a loyal VP to Bush and is re-elected with him in 2004.

President Bush and White House Chief of Staff Dick Cheney.

May 10, 2005: President Bush and Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili are killed in a hand grenade attack by Vladimir Arutyunian. Herman Cain is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States later that day.

End of Part 1. I look forward to your comments.
Not open for further replies.