President Forever and other 270soft games Megathread

2016 election game with a human Trump-Christie ticket, versus Sanders-Warren, and regular Libertarian/Green tickets. Bloomberg and McMullin also ran, and the former actually managed to make a slightly better dent than the Greens did. Was really surprised I managed to flip NYC and CA, was a bit odd I didn't manage to flip VA/PA with the lead I had in those states pre-election week.
Submitted for your approval

An idea similar to the one our plucky, mad hero has worked on before, and yet so very different and frightening...

You find yourself going to the polls in the United States on November Second, Nineteen Seventy Six. The volunteer confirms your identity and tells you which booth to go to.

And so you walk to it and step into...the Anxiety Zone


George W. Bush (R-TX)/Newt Gingrich (R-GA): 279 electoral votes - 39.2% - 53,047,588 votes
Bill Bradley (D-NJ)/Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH): 239 electoral votes - 40.9% - 55,275.494 votes
Donald Trump (RF-NY)/John McCain (R-AZ): 20 electoral votes - 15.4% - 20,779,856 votes
Ralph Nader (G-CT)/Winona LaDuke (G-MN): 0 electoral votes - 4.6% - 6,201,705 votes

Battleground States:
Ohio (Trump+0.5)
Washington (Bush+0.5)
Montana (Bradley+0.7)
Arkansas (Bush+1.3)
Vermont (Bradley+2.1)
Florida (Bush+4.0)
Nevada (Bush+4.1)
Michigan (Bush+4.6)
Oklahoma (Bush+4.7)
''The next month, vice presidential nominee Andre Marrou traveled to Texas and discussed the Paul campaign's prospects. He opined that the ticket could possibly win 2 to 12 million votes in the following year's election, and that Paul might win if Jesse Jackson and Pat Robertson were selected as the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees, respectively.''

2021 - XXXX: Fmr. Vice President Joe Biden (D-DE)/Businessman Andrew Yang (D-NY)
2020 def. President Donald Trump (R-NY) / Vice President Mike Pence (R-IN), Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI)/LNP Chairman Arvin Vohra (L-MD), Mr. Howie Hawkins (G-NY) / Mr. Ajamu Baraka (G-DC), Businessman Howard Schultz (I-WA) / Fmr. Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT)
An observation game as Stein. Trump received the Republican nomination with 1,312 delegates and chose Rubio as his running-mate. Rubio was running close behind at the time of the convention. The Democrats won in Illinois with only 3,000 votes. Oh and I'm playing PI 2.2.3.