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L58 Presidential Election Tl from 1968 to 20XX

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President Lyndon B. Johnson (D-TX)/ Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey (D-MN)
Governor George Romney (R-MI)/ US Representative George HW Bush (R-TX)
Former Governor George C. Wallace (AIP-AL)/ Former Governor Albert B. Chandler (AIP-KY)

The results of the 1968 Presidential election only added more fuel to the flames of the nation's crisis. All three of the main parties, plus millions of other Americans never agreed on what exactly went right or wrong that night. Congress would have its work cut out for it in the coming months...

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Local 58, a new station near Colchester, Illinois, notably changed their broadcasting of the state results in the 1968 election several times over two days and three nights. The station and its odd broadcasts may have gone unnoticed if it weren't for significant technical issues with broadcasters in Springfield and Chicago, rioting in those and other larger cities, and that candidates other than those on the ballot were said to have won before being immediately corrected.
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Does anyone have any of the fanmade scenarios from the first version of President Forever?
Not President Forever + Primaries but the original 2004 version.


Gravel 08: A Stone Cold Victory


Gravel/Feingold (DEM) vs Huckabee/Crist (REP)

I was going to pick Obama as he finished second but he wasn't on the list
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It's not a landslide, but yeah, it is interesting
It's one of those things about U.S. presidential elections that margins of a few thousand votes in a small number of states can lead to a pretty comfortable electoral vote margin for one candidate. OTL examples include 2016, 1968, 1960, 1948 etc.
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>Ross Perot victory
>none of the nominees have ever held elected office
>no majority in the EC, a contingent election gets called after the House can't decide who to make president
>the person with the highest EV total finishes THIRD in the popular vote
>Pat Fucking Buchanan wins the popular vote