President Forever and other 270soft games Megathread


The US Presidential election of 1916:

Incumbent President Woodrow Wilson (D-NJ)/ Vice President Thomas Marshall (D-IN)


Former President Theodore Roosevelt (R-NY)/ Former Congressman Theodore Burton (R-OH)

While President Wilson was easily nominated once more, former President Roosevelt had gladly accepted a draft during a dead-locked convention and threw himself into the ring. The vice presidential nomination had been offered to Roosevelt's 1912 running mate Senator Johnson, however he had refused and faced opposition from conservative republicans anyway and so Roosevelt's "opponent" and former representative Theodore Burton was chosen.

The election was extremely close with Roosevelt and Wilson constantly jumping up and down in the polls. Wilson attacked Roosevelt on his cries for intervening in the war while Roosevelt slammed Wilson leaving the nation unprepared and allowing German submarines to target American ships without a counter. Unfortunately for Roosevelt, the former president began experiencing heart issues and exhaustion (no doubt from related to his South American illness and injuries exacerbated by his hard campaigning) and was briefly hospitalized. Hearst newspaper reporters/ "muckrakers" uncovered this face and the revelations were leaked, causing concern in the public over Roosevelt's health.

With all the trouble aside, the election was closer than anticipated: Wilson took a majority of the electoral vote while Roosevelt narrowly won a majority of the popular vote. There were some substantiated reports of voter fraud and intimidation in many states, including: West Virginia, Missouri, and Ohio. Both parties denied accusations and many historians would point to two of Ohio's most popular politicians as factors. Former Governor Jim Cox (D) had vigorously campaigned for Wilson while also winning reelection to the Governor's mansion; while Senator Warren Harding (R) made a spectacle of himself after becoming ill due to alcohol poisoning.

Not related to above, but after a little over two days, constant saves, and it is.

I played as TR in the Republican primaries and as Bull Moose TR. Eventually TR A lost against Taft and endorsed TR Bull Moose and I fundraised, barnstormed, and rallied to this.

Has anyone else had any trouble with the game breaking down or freezing near the end of the campaign?

Damn you Wilson....

I'll freely admit there was some editing/ cheating done, but only to simulate a successful 1912 Progressive party campaign and a less than renowned third Theodore Roosevelt term. Oh and its a sequel to the last post I made here.