Potential "Libertarian" Republican canidate in 1976 after two terms of Henry "Scoop" Jackson?

My scenario is following: Nixon wins 1960 election and initiates a full-scale invasion of Cuba in 1961 after a Tonkin-like provocation instead of IRL Bay of Pigs. Soviets still errect the Berlin Wall, but utilize it as a convinient response to the American invasion. The lack of Cuban Missile Crisis prevents Khruschev from being ousted and he rules until his death in 1971.

Nixon wins reelection in 1964 with good economy and Cuban success (and to make it granted, let's say that Oswald also tries to kill him like JFK, but Dick survives the attempt). He decides not to send US troops to Vietnam, seeing it as strategically unimportant for the US and Saigon falls in 1967. On home front he wants to not rock the boat too much and doesn't implement the CRA (or implements a weaker one compared to OTL). The dems, being frustrated by the 16 of losing elections, nominate Henry "Scoop" Jackson in 1968. His campaign includes calls for the expansion of Civil Rights, move to a more New Deal economy and hawkish foreign policy ( he uses the 1967 fall of Saigon and Cambodian civil war as a proof for the "Domino theory"). In 1968 he is elected president and in 1969-1970 he sends US troops to Cambodia.

In 1972 Jackson is reelected, but the Cambodian War turns out to be quagmire and Republicans decide to combine their opposition towards Jackson's Big Government with anti-war sentiment. Who would they nominate in such case (somebody favoring Laissez-Faire and non-intervensionism abroad)?
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In Fear, Loathing, and Gumbo, Drew used two really interesting libertarian Republicans - Jack Williams of Arizona and Barry Goldwater Jr., who he made Governor of California.