Post Civil War American Flag

Scenarios where the south breaks free of the USA are common here, and I was thinking about what the flag of the United States would look like.

Here's one thought, and I'd be interested in others:

The USA never accepted the succession of the rebels, and maintains the original flag, modified. Each star representing a southern state is either black, or black bordered in white (to make it more visible.) Each stripe representing a rebelling one of the original 13 is black, or black bordered. The black represents the tragedy of parts of the United States being occupied by a tyrannical regime. Alternatively, the stripes for the southern states are replaced with a solid block of black.

When the south adds another state, the United States also adds a star, black or black bordered in white, to represent the additional area under Richmond's tyranny.

Obviously, this is for a timeline where reconciliation is not in the cards any time soon.

Also, I can see a flag like this adopted by organizations that are opposed to any reconciliation, even if the USA doesn't.