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Here is something that could create a mess. Starting in 1956, Charlton Comics was investigated for links to organized crime:

Well Ditko won't be able to bail when he sours of Marvel so I guess he goes straight to DC. Also hardly surprising after all the mob was heavily in publishing at that time and quite a few golden age editors or publishers had dodgy backgrounds.
I've recently been thinking about having the revived version of Alternate History of Animated Films be a collaborative project, with other people chipping in to provide suggestions and ideas (especially since I'm not entirely proud of some elements in the original version). Anyone interested?
I'm interested. I have a few ideas, particularly about Disney during the 1930s-1950s.
What are your predictions in this scenario of mine?


The Penisula Ablaze!

Year is 1982. Here's my take on a more "influential" Italy during the Cold War (after a 2nd Civil War).

The Italians (Christian Democracy) helped Somalia against the attempted 1969 coup by Siad Barre and even during TTL Ogaden War (Italian Social Movement) helping also the Eritrean Independence Movements , also the "unification" of "Greater" Syrian Arab Republic might had some help from a certain "prince". The Italians also help the Kingdom of Greece in Exile (TTL Kuomintang China/ Taiwan) ; the USSR meanwhile is slightly more involved in the MENA region thanks to the Beria Plan so you have an Armenia SSR that nearly has all of its historical territory but has to bear the border with those who partecipated in their slaughter just more than half a century ago, then a victorious South Yemen. So far no one has bothered either Afghanistan or Iran.
So far the Federation of Arab Republics (Sudan, Lybia and Egypt) are now more leaning towars the USA while going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge since Sadat barely survived the attempted assassination by the (Egyptian) Muslim Brotherhood, who are also trying to overthrow Hafez Al Assad but will suffer the same fate of their bretheren in the F.A.R. ; Kurdistan meanwhile is struggling so far because of its size and the recent expulsion of Syrian Kurds, not to mention that both their neighbors don't enjoy having a border with them, with Turkey having to deal with a Grey Wolf insurgency.
The USSR meanwhile is fine and stable, not good but could be worse, after having only 2 premiers in 29 years, with their successor (?) seemingly interested into continuing Krhuschevism and Kosyginism apparently good track record, with Armenians having recoreved miracolously above their Medz Yeghern and now number above 3,500,000 , maybe caused by the avengement of their genocide and the more availabity of land and space, maybe even the Khruschev and Kosygin thaws are responsable and the oil demand boom might be responsable, there are talks of even European businesses (Italian, Spanish and Portuguese) opening up, after Kosygin sucessor is talking about a new wave of thaws, aready being called Gorbachevism, a new brand of Communism perhaps?

  1. Marxism-Leninsm
  2. Stalinist "Marxism-Leninsm"
  3. Khruschevism
  4. Kosyginism
  5. Castrism
  6. (Romanian) National Communism
  7. Democratic Socialist Syndicalist (aka Berlinguerism)

  1. Social Nationalism (Italian Social Movement)
  2. Italian Third Positionism (New Order maybe?)
  3. Lopesismo ( Portugal accepted the Marshall money, Salazar kicked the bucket in 1951)
  4. Thai Third Positionism (long story short : Thailand greatly won in the 1940s Franco-Thai War taking away Laos and Cambodia and Phibun wasn't overthrown, governing until his death)
  5. Canada in general (the British West Indies plus the Falklands were handed over to them nearly 60 years ago)
  6. Falangism
  7. Francoism
  8. Monarchism is still more than a thing

Additional info :
  • Thanks to Leo Amery, UK's Carribean territories are handed over to Canada (plus Bahamas, Falklands but no Guyana), Rhodesia joins the Union of South Africa [AKA a joke taken seriously and accepted]
  • KMT victory in the Chinese Civil War, but the USSR keeps Manchuria, East Turkestan is a buffer/puppet state just as Mongolia, Tibet is free.
  • Korean War actually won by the south which unifies it
  • French Civil War , Italy keeps Corsica and the other lands conquered from France, still looses Istria and others
  • Palmiro Togliatti Assassinated, retaliation against other "Fathers of the (Italian) Republic!
  • Communist insurrection ➡ Second Italian Civil War ➡ Commies get annihilated
  • FDR partition of Germany
  • Thai victory in the Franco-Thai War , snatching Laos and Cambodia
  • Portugal accepts Marshall money, Salazar dies early and his successor keeps the colonies to this day
  • Eisenhower helps Katanga, Katanga Republic still present
  • Union of the two Congos into a Socialist republic
  • East African Federation Formed
  • 1964 US sponsored Italian invasion of Malta after they threatened to have a Soviet base
  • No Vietnam War
  • No Watergate scandal
  • Italian Yugoslav War in 1972 : partition of the country into the Republic of Slovenia-Croatia and Serbia (Italians take back the Terra Irridenta and Ljubiana)
  • USA elections : the White House belongs uninterruptedly to :
From 1933 to 1962 Democrats
From 1962 to 1990s Republicans
  • Italian elections : Rome belongs to :
From 1947 to 1972 Christian Democracy
From 1972 to 1987 (Death of Giorgio Almirante) Italian Social Movement - National Blocs Coalition governments
After 1987/1990s maybe Italian Socialist Party headed by Craxi (maybe)
My Comic Book Alternate History attempt


So... Uhh... How do I start to explain this?

I love vultan's story "The Power and the Glitter!" so I decided start my own version of a 90s Watchmen. At the beginning, maybe some of you can say I took ideas of vultan, but I explained at the end.

P.D: I'm always open to listen ideas and other posts.
I found this interesting article on Carol Kalish, and I think her untimely death being averted would have a lot of interesting repurcussions on Marvel comics and the industry as a whole, whether as a timeline in its own right or if it is butterflied away in another.