Pop-culture of the Kaiserreich

Here's a challenge:

What kind of Halloween movies/TV specials would you in find in a modern day:

Pacific States
New England
German Empire (?)
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What's the plot?
Der Ring der Nibelungen is core or German Mythology (even Tolkien borrow some stuff from it)

Believed happen around 500AD its tale of the Burgundian kings at river Rhine
Told in several stories, one of famous is Saga of Siegfried and Brünhild.
The tragic story of rise and fall Hero Siegfried, how he slay dragon, gain hand of lovely Brünhild and be betray and murder by Hogni.
Were his widow make deal with Attila the Hun to destroy the Burgundians, were few survivors escape to France...

This is abstract short version of highly complex saga from middle ages
For more complex overview check wiki

Most famous is Richard Wagners Opera cycle Der Ring der Nibelungen

Fritz Lang made in 1924 a 4 hour movie Die Nibelungen
best thing it has no copyright do age of 98 years

Dragon Raja / Long Zu
A letter from Cassell College broke the calm life of the young man. The unexpected admission notice, the frightening interview, the surprise rescue under the full view of the public, and the Day of Liberty to display their heroic spirit. When Lu Mingfei decided to choose the hidden option, the ordinary boy embarked on the legendary road of fighting against the dragon race.
Dragon Raja is a Chinese donghua series produced by Tencent and animated by Studio GARDEN. It is based on the novel series of the same name written by Jiang Nan. The first three episodes were released on August 19, 2022 on the QQ VIP streaming service.

The show was announced with an animated concept preview in August 8, 2020. A second preview was released on August 8, 2021 followed by weekly image posts of character designs, behind-the-scenes videos, clips and commemorative illustrations as well as a third teaser.

A main trailer was released on June 29 along with the official release date, fans were invited to participate for the possibility of attending an early premiere on July 17.

Cassell College (卡塞尔学院) is a university located in the outskirts of Chicago, in the Great Lakes district of Illinois, States of Great Lakes
The school was founded by the Secret Party, a European hybrid organization dedicated to the eradication of all dragons.
For a student to be admitted, they need to pass a 3E exam, which assesses their blood purity by evaluating their reaction to the Draconic Language. After passing the exam, they will be ranked, the S-rank is the highest and rarest, with the A-Rank usually considered to represent the elite.

Students also receive credit cards with differing limits. An S-Rank student can spend as much as $100,000 NE(new England) dollars.
Do you think the Halo games would be any different in KR?
Basic premise would be changed in that the UNSC would probably be renamed to the "International Space Command", a more syndicalist version of the UNSC. The Covenant would likely be the exact same, and I am not sure if John would still be a child soldier or be an adult volunteer.

As for the wider narrative, a plenty would change. Maybe the whole Interplanetary War thing that led to the UNSC's creation would exist, but the factions would be changed to a libertarian capitalist one and a natpop one. The UEG would exist before the Interplanetary War as a more centralised, socialist federation. Insurrectionists would be different, there could be natpop, libertarian capitalist or even totalist ones.
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Dubai - a 2021 PSA action movie filmed entirely in the United Arab League city of the same name. Tanya (Jessica Alba) and Tobias Smith (Zac Efron) are two married Pacific States Intelligence agents whose marriage is on the rocks, but must set their issues aside for a mission in the city of Dubai, in order to stop a neo-Totalist cell from getting their hands a new bioweapon.

The movie was huge blockbuster hit, reaching the No.1 spot in the PSA for three weeks straight and was voted the best film of 2021 in the Asia-Pacific Co-Prosperity Sphere. While some critics did complain that the movie was just a glorified tourist commercial for Dubai, many agree that the action sequences were excellent, the story compelling and the chemistry between Efron and Alba was perfectly natural.

Currently, two sequels are being written for back-to-back filming, one set in the city Moscow and the other in Sao Paulo. Both Alba and Efron have already signed up to appear in both sequels.

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nRDCOmP4UI

Black Friday - a 2021 horror comedy from the Combined Syndicates of America. Set in St Louis during a strange shopping tradition set shortly after Thanksgiving, a throwback to the nation's capitalist past known as 'Black Friday', the film follows an eclectic cast of misfits at a worker's owned shopping center as the fight off an attack from alien parasites/zombies known as 'Shoppers'.

Bruce Campbell steals the show as cowardly but lovable Union leader Johnathen Wexler as he tries to lead his fellow workers to safety, while becoming the leader he was meant to be. Several sub-plots throughout the film include newcomer Chris (Ryan Lee) overcoming his social awkwardness to become a pro-active team player, Ken (Devon Sawa) and Marnie (Ivana Baquero) moving forward with their age-gap romance and Archie (Michael Jai White) coming to terms with his Patagonia Conflict PTSD to help save his friends.

The movie was a runaway hit since it's premier at the Chicago Film Festival and has become a cult classic in syndicalist nations across the globe. Nearly all retail unions across the International have voted as their top pick for 2021 and 2022.
I'll get back to you on how Marvel's doing...


Released in 1995, Iron Man singlehandedly saved Marvel from financial ruin and revitalized the superhero genre

The Marvel cinematic universe has struggled to compete with the DC Cinematic Universe. This comes as a great irony to many people given that Marvel effectively created the modern superhero genre with the 1995 release of Iron Man. The movie saved Marvel from imminent bankruptcy and movie studios rushed to buy the rights to as many Marvel characters as they could. In 1997, Sony purchased the entire Marvel library (minus the X-Men) at the bargain price of 25 million Pacific Dollars at the same time Iron Man Reloaded hit theaters.


Iron Man Reloaded grossed 500 million in the summer of 1997. Forbes called Sony’s purchase of Marvel the deal of the century.

Yet with all these advantages, Marvel has consistently struggled to make films of the same quality and profit margins of their DC counterparts, with the Spiderman films being the notable exception. There has been much debate and speculation as to why this is. Some speculate it is because of Sony’s top-heavy management. Others believe Sony executives are deliberately favoring Spiderman at the expense of other marvel characters. Whist others still argue their failure is due to the lack of strong leadership as Sony constantly changes directors and producers creating situations where films become rushed, unfocused, inconsistent, or stuck in development hell as is famously the case with The Invincible Iron Man. The truth is likely some combination of all factors.


The Avengers released in the summer of 2016 competing with DC’s Power Girl. With a budget of nearly $300 million, it grossed a measly $79 million making The Avengers the most expensive film and the biggest flop of the decade.


Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings released in 2012 was a massive success in the Chinese and East Asian market.

Even with these challenges, Marvel has been able to tout some successes. The Spiderman films have consistently been box office hits and Shang Chi has been a massive success in the East Asian market. More promising still, Kevin Feige, a previous producer who was fired after the disappointing reception of Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), has gotten himself back in Sony’s good graces with a brilliant new direction for the franchise…


Coming this summer 2020. Surely they'll won't be some cataclysmic event that will grind the world economy to a halt in this alternate history........right?

Happy Thanksgiving!
Magic the gathering is like the Rubic cube. A individual person creates a unique idea cause of another idea. MTG would not exist if Dungeons & Dragons had not been created.
Okay then
Challenge, what will sitcoms be like based on who wins the 2ACW:
CAR (Constitutional American Republic)
New England
BBR(Black Belt Republic)
Note: you don't have to do one for each just how many you like(you can use kaiserreich or kaiserredux lore BBR and CAR are optional)
Powerthirst is a brand of energy drink that is very popular in the Pacific States of America. Powerthirst is renown for its viral marketing campaigns as well as it's humorous ads.


Powerthirst Lable

Powerthirst Flavors:
Juice Springsteen
Women *
Godberry (King of the Juice)