Pop-culture of the Kaiserreich

Type 52 form the popular Mobile game girls Frontline (少女前线) By the Chinese developer MICA Team where players control echelons of android characters, known in-universe as T-Dolls, each carrying a distinctive real-world firearm.[1][2] The game was released in China on 20 May 2016,[3] and in Korea on 30 June 2017.[4] The global English version was released on 8 May 2018, while the Japanese version was released on 1 August 2018 under the title Dolls Frontline (ドールズフロントライン) due to the Girls' Frontline trademark in Japan already being held by another registrant.[5]

Genshin Impact (原神) is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo.[1][2] The game features a fantasy-based open world environment and action based battle system, using elemental magic, character switching and uses gachagame monetization for players to obtain rare characters, weapons, and other resources.[3][4]A multiplayer mode currently allows up to four players to play together in the world and also tackle certain dungeons within the game.[5] It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android and iOS on September 28, 2020.[6] The game will be available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 on an unannounced date.[7][8]

Genshin Impact takes place on the fictional world of Teyvat, which is home to several nations. Each nation is associated with an element and worships a god associated with that element. A pair of twins arrive on Teyvat in the distant past, but are barred from leaving by an unknown god. After trapping one, she seals the other for some time. After the sealed twin, who is referred to as 'Traveler,' awakens, they travel across Teyvat with their newfound companion, Paimon, in a search for the other twin.

The game received fairly positive reception at release, with journalists praising the open world direction and the combat; however, criticisms were raised at its monetization. The game grossed over $100 million in twelve days, recouping its development and marketing budget of around $100 million. The game's largest markets are China, Japan, Korea, and the Pacific states . Is banned in the United States
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