Pop-culture in TL-191

*Darth Vader - Southern Style

*Light Saber Barbecue

*O. B. Wahn Ken-O-Bee

*Grits and Blue Milk!

*Luke and Leia might be cousins...?

*Blasters might look more like Webleys than Mauser C96s
I’m gonna act like @terranova210486 for today and ask you all, what will be the Tl191 version of Rambo be like? Because I watch basically all the movies besides last blood which I heard is a bad movie in some circles
I’m gonna act like @terranova210486 for today and ask you all, what will be the Tl191 version of Rambo be like? Because I watch basically all the movies besides last blood which I heard is a bad movie in some circles
In the book he dies after conflict with the sympathetic sheriff while Troutman, portrayed more as a psychopath given free reign to hunt people, seems to regret not being able to finish him off. Maybe here it's a WW2 vet of one side as the sheriff, a modern vet of the other side as a Rambo-quivalent, and a WW2 vet of Rambo's side as the crazy.

So I just watch the Extra Credit about the real life version of Guts, Gotz the iron hand a few weeks ago and they mentioned that he kinda like the Robin Hood with the peasants in Middle-Age Germany.

This is the only question for y'all! Would Gotz replace robin hood of being the heroic symbol of the peasants who defend them from Thugs bandits and Unhonor knights during the Middle Ages soon to be adopted from numerous films and literature normally by Disney or equivalent of them in TL191?
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What is the aftermath of Haitian culture after SGW? Can we speculate about this because it really interesting it take about, especially if the confederacy likely took a route of the Nazi treatment of Poland and destroy any remaining historical sites and cultural during the Freedomite occupation
Something I thought of after reading about Charles Holst, President of the United States, in After the End from 2025-2027.

In 2027, Charles Holst was removed from office following the Dixie Mafia Scandal. His removal and imprisonment were a sigh of relief for many Americans due to Holst's anti-Semitic rants, his talks about ending term limits, and his plans to take away wealth and property from anyone he called an "enemy of the people." However, some wonder what would have happened if Holst wasn't removed from office and if he ran for re-election in 2028.
In 2032 the tv series: "War for America" was released, depicting Holst never being removed from office and the North American Continent falling to war once more.

The point of divergence in the series is that no government agency learned of Holst's connections to the Dixie Mafia, and he was acquitted of all charges in his impeachment trial at a close margin. Eleanor Lehrer and James Davies both announced to run in 2028 to "save America from a Socialist Jake Featherston." Holst was defeated in the general election in a landslide, even in regions the Socialists historically performed well in.

Screenshot 2023-05-23 1.41.50 PM.png

2028 United States election

Blue- Democrat- Eleanor Lehrer
Light Red- Republican- James Davies
Dark Red- Socialist- Charles Holst

The Republicans took all of Canada, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.

Holst angrily denied the results of the election.

On Inauguration Day, something unimaginable happened. In various states, Holst loyalists stormed the state capitols. By the end of the day, only the Eastern United States and the Caribbean region were under the control of the Federal Government. The States under the control of Holst declared the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the United States of America. Texas invaded and annexed Houston until "the legitimate government was restored." Former Western Canada declared independence as the United Federation of Canada. Mexico invades Sonora, Chihuahua, and Baja California to "protect ourselves from a rouge American government." In his Inauguration Speech, Davies declared that his government would "defeat the Jake Featherston of the 21st century, no matter the cost." The Fifth War between the States has begun.


Map of the war
Red- Holst's forces
Blue- USA
Purple- Republic of Texas


Flag of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the United States of America


Flag of the United Federation of Canada.

In the show's first season, the CDS invaded the Pacific region, while Holst invaded Canada and Illinois. The first season ends with the Battle of Chicago, a battle paralleling the Battle of Pittsburgh, Holst's first loss in the war. The second season depicts the CDS and USA launching counter-attacks against Holst and invading Canada. The second season ends with Canada surrendering to the USA-CDS coalition and Holst's government being driven out of the Midwest. The third and final season depicts the Rocky Mountains and West Coast being liberated from Holst's government, Texas rejoining the USA due to its economy collapsing, and the idea of the USA having to use a Superbomb to stop Holst. In part one of a two-part finale, Holst and his government attempts an escape somewhere. However, his location, San Francisco, was discovered by US intelligence. With a heavy heart, Davies orders a superbomb to be dropped on San Francisco.

Scene of San Francisco being nuked in "The End Part 1."

The End Part 2 shows Conrad Koehler, Holst's Vice President, surrendering his forces to the USA and CDS, ending the War for America (as many called it). Mexico then withdraws from Sonora, Chihuahua, and Baja California. The State of Houston was re-established after a referendum was held. The series ends with James Davies delivering a State of the Union address calling to rebuild America from the ashes and reunification with the people of Holst's government.
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CARE Bears

As nuclear paranoia and angst engulf much of the world, this cautionary tale of holocaust and human cost was focused at teens and young adults. It involves the Committee for American REstoration, a sort of provisional government formed in southern West Virginia after a global nuclear war, and its 'agents' who are little more than unlucky participants in county lotteries or unpopular teenagers selected by their peers for the wrong reasons. Starting as a group of six, the leader of the group starts as a brute but soon emerges as a commander and later general in the style of George Patton. As they visit towns across Appalachia and later beyond, the come to be known as Bears as they fight like demons and refuse to back down. Different members of the group come and go, by the end of the series only General Sarah and her stay-at-home husband remain out of the original six. Sarah becomes a mother at nineteen, her dreams of studying medicine traded for the on-the-ground opportunity to keep her family safe. Ironically one of the greatest dangers in the region - a homemade drug using gasoline and poppy derivatives - results in Sarah having to burn her home town to the ground. While she has a very strict (and limited) code of ethics, the needs for survival have pushed most of humanity back to the late Renaissance or earlier. By the end of season 4 there is reason to be optimistic but the future is not guaranteed and starvation, biker/trucker gang raids, as well as lack of access to basic medications for most people, are still commonplace.

Often cited by Homeland and Educational Risk Control as 'mandatory', its viewing is now required in all but a few states.