Pop-culture in TL-191

I'm wondering who the big 5 equivalent would be in TL 191's Worldwar series. Obviously it would probably be more than 5. Part of me can see Russia ITTL being conquered by the Race due to it most likely not being as developed as OTL's USSR was, but the Race would probably give it up due to being too unsuitable for the Race's biology.
Even if 191-Russia isn’t as advanced as the USSR, I can’t see The Race conquering Russia. They’d probably wear them down enough that by the time a peace treaty comes around, The Race can claim the the periphery oblasts of the Russian Empire as part of their own.

I always thought a Anti-Featherston coup would depose him in a Race/ TL-191 crossover when he refused to stop persecuting the war against the US, which leads to a North American Union. And a super rickety Union of US, CS, and Canada being free of the Race.
Nathan Bedford Forrest III’s Bunker plot succeeds, maybe? The CSA would probably lose Texas and it’s western states. I can’t see the CSA or the US entertains into any formal alliance beyond an informal détente as there’s too much bad blood between Richmond and Philadelphia even without Featherston in charge.

Wonder if Canadian rebels could pull a Poland and make the great white north a protectate colony of the Race.