Pop Culture AHC: Prequel Apologists dominant on the Internet

Is it possible to have a scenario on the Internet where Star Wars Prequel Apologists are either dominant or run rampant and those who hate or dislike the prequels are forced into originaltrilogy.com, 4chan or the darker corners of the internet?

You know, something like "Twilight or Justin Bieber or any crappy teen/tween material today status"---it's bad, really bad but there are legions of fangirls/apologists that will kill anyone or humiliate anything that speaks out against it--basically a scenario where the Star Wars prequels get undeserved praise.

Bonus points if the haters actually manage to come back and bite the apologists in the ass a few years later and the prequels become more scruntinzed from

This is not new in pop culture. For instance, despite it's rep these days, when season 2 of the original Digimon aired in the US it was actually quite popular when it aired, in the beginning, the only thing that people hated was the epilogue, and mostly did so from the basis of shipping and hate dumb, through there were grumbles about the Dark Ocean not being adopted into a arc from time to time. It was only until very recently that there has been backlash against the show's plot holes and characterization along with general problems in the show.

This was also true with the reputation of Scrappy-Doo from Scooby-Doo People talk about Scrappy Doo as if he's this diabolical loathed thing, but people forget, the only reason Scooby Doo as a franchise survived was because of Scrappy Doo (and I'm being literal).

So, in your mind, Is it possible to have a scenario on the Internet where Star Wars Prequel Apologists, perhaps backed by some mainstream prequel apologists in the media run rampant and those who hate or dislike the prequels are forced into the darker corners of the internet and receive undeserve praise? If so, how could it be "cured"?

For me, what could have worked was that George Lucas removed some of the more glaring flaws of the PT but kept some of the bigger ones pointed by RLM, that ways the movies could be still considered "bad" but "watchable".

For Episode I, cut out Jar-Jar and the Midichlorians, and have a less whiney teenager portray Anakin, but the "no protagonist problem" pointed out by RLM still persists(this is about creating prequel apologists, not fixing the fundamental problems with the movie), for episode II, have better actors with chemistry portray Anakin and Padame, but keep the wooden dialogue/script, and episode III is written without "Noooooooo" and the broken heart crap. It would also help if there were no plot changes in the Special Editions---Han Still shoots first and Anakin's ghost is represented by Shaw instead of Hayden. This may also butterfly away the "People vs. George Lucas" movie. Also no chefelf.com, they were the most prominent prequel haters before RLM.

Also it would have helped if the new Clone Wars got pilot episodes on TV instead of a crappy movie, while there are prequel haters that like TCW(I have a friend who hates the prequels that loves TCW because it fixed Jar Jar and Anakin), the majority of it's haters are prequel haters and they tend to use the movie as their main point of argument in debates....butterfly away the TCW movie could actually help the Prequel era in that regard.

NOTE: I am not a prequel apologist
If they dominate then they won't be "apologists".

I'm going to look at a similar scenario - a lot of core unpopular horror films like Halloween III and Friday the 13th Part V were extremely unpopular ten years ago and earlier based on lacking the series' main villains. But these days, you'll mostly find comments on Horror boards claiming they're vastly underrated - by a huge margin, because these people have so many memories of the movies being unpopular in the past, they still feel they're on the losing side, even as the majority moves to their favor.

Have the prequels hated as vehemently as today, but immediately after the release of Episode I, and the apologists are in power by right now.
The best way would be, of course, to create better prequels. OR, to have them be made and released shortly after the original trilogy so that they have the haze of nostalgia over them and you don't have the buildup of anticipation over 16 years (this would also probably make them better, since CGI couldn't be substituted for compelling characters or a plot we care about).

I'm actually something of a "prequel apologist" myself, except for TPM, which is horrible. I'm probably looking at them through rose-tinted glasses however, since I haven't seen any of them in years.
There is a fair amount of liking for the Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, it's only Phantom Menace which is really universally panned.
I always liked TPM better than AOTC - part of it is my own childhood nostalgia, but I generally find excluding Kamino, AOTC is mostly boring until the Arena scenes and while I love murder mysteries, it's just not handled well. The action they do give you is great, but the rest of it's not so much. TPM opens well and only really hangs in the middle. Jar-Jar and midi-chlorians are their own arguments entirely.

ROTS is a fine film in it's own right, and everything that was wrong with it was mostly carried over from previous films and improved upon. The dialogue's a tad better, the plot's much better, the CGI has improved, and hell, Hayden Christensen even a little more believable. There's moments of melodrama here and there, of course, but it's not nearly as bad as in the previous two films, either.
One of the problems with the prequels are they are prequels. We know Anakin is going to turn evil and turn into Darth Vader. We also know Senator Palpatine is a Sith Lord who is going to turn into Emperor Palpatine. If the stories came out in the proper order, that is TPM comes out first and you go through the trilogy and it ends in ROTJ being made last it would have worked much better. Anakin turning evil would be somewhat of a plot twist, Senator Palpatine turning evil certainly would be. You would have no plot conflicts with Obi Wan not recognizing R2D2 and C3PO in ANH and other problems that were noticed.

That aside dump Jar Jar, keep Qui Gon alive until the last film and have both Anakins (both little kid and young adult) be played by better actors.