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Entries for WFC 275
This was the challenge:
Flag Challenge 275: United Crowns đź‘‘

This challenge is inspired by having seen the Royal Standards of the late HM Queen Elizabeth and HM King Charles so many times over the last 10 days, first the standard in Scotland and then the different standard used in England.

Create two or more royal standards for the monarch of two or more countries which have just been united in personal union, one for each of the countries ruled over by the monarch. The countries can be OTL or AH. The royal standard for each country before union can also be OTL or AH.

Submissions close in a week's time: Monday 26th September 2022, 9:00pm GMT.

Please remember to review the rules, especially concerning flag size. For each image in a multiple-flag entry, the shortest side must be 400 pixels or less and the longest side must be 600 pixels or less.

Entry 1 said:
Royal Standard of the Franco-British Union

Royal Standard (Fr).png

The Royal Standard used in the territories which were joined in 1940. (fmr. French Third Republic)​

The second and third quadrants represent France and contain the Gallic rooster on a red background. The first and fourth quadrants represent the British Isles and contain the saltires of St Andrew and St Patrick and the lion on a blue background, respectively.​

Royal Standard (Br).png

The Royal Standard used in the other territories.
The first, third and fourth quadrants represent the British Isles. The first and fourth quadrants contain the lion on a red background and the third quadrant contain the saltires of Saint Andrew and Saint Patrick. The second quadrant contain the Gallic rooster on a blue background.​
As you can see, one flag can easily be turned into another by simply rotating it 90 degrees.​

Entry 2 said:
Flags are new (I had the Coat of Arms idea only recently actually) but from stuff I did before (with two quotes for extra context).

Royal Standards of the Sovereign of the United Commonealth:

Royal Standard in the English Crown (and the Commonwealth at large):
English Crown of United Commonwealth.png

Royal Standard in the Polish Crown:
Polish Crown of United Commonwealth.png

Royal Standard of the Lusitanian Crown not included as it is an OTL flag (flag of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves)

Entry 3 said:
Franco-Polish-Lithuanian Union
Franco-Polish-Lithuanian Union.png

(In France)
Polish-Lithiuanio-France Union.png

(In Poland-Lithuania)

After the long reign of Henri III (the POD), he died childless causing the extinction of the House of Valois-AngoulĂŞme. Just before his death and after years of pressure, Henri IV finally converted Catholicism to prevent a succession crisis. Also because of his conversion, he had a large chance to be elected king of Poland-Lithuania. Henri III was a very popular king in Poland. So, when it came time to elect a new one Henri IV of France one easily. The election of Henri IV as king of Poland-Lithuania began the trend of Poland-Lithuania electing Bourbon kings that lasted until the late 1700s.

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