Playboy Vixens

This came up in a Disney Oswald Rabbit thread.
That being said, if one wanted to, the natural replacement would be foxes. They still have a sexual connotation. And the tail and ears aren't a huge change to TTL's version of OTL's bunny outfit. One possible knock on effect would be a possible subtle change in preference for a more gamine physical type suited to a slender vixen than OTL's busty bunnies.
It's an interesting idea and foxes and rabbits have some crossover.
Many types, though it'd be easier to show with fox tails and ears than rabbit ones. Red, Artic, Kit, etc.
Smart tricksters though I doubt it comes up in the server role it might influence how they're seen.
Magic foxes like Kitsunes, some cultures fox stories even have them turning into beautiful women. That might give more international appeal in the right places.

If vixens are chosen instead of bunnies will it make any changes to Playboy or pop culture in general?
Foxes are seen as cunning, predatory and tear the shit out of henhouses if they get into them. I don't think this is how people in the 50s and 60s want to visualize pretty young women.