Plausibility Check: Supreme Napoleon Victory

I think Napoleon became too obsessed with controlling German lands. It would've been better if he actually prioritize pushing for the Rhine frontier instead of going beyond that. Not to mention his client states sucked. Instead of propping them up to at least a credible force he just set them up as recruitment centers; he might as well annex them if that's the case.

Sorry but this is wrong.

Napoleon did not need pushing for the Rhine frontier before France had already conquered it before Napoleon came to power. Revolutionary France conquered the so-called Rhine frontier in 1794.

Napoleon did annex the North Sea coast german territories only to make sure that the the continental blockade was better enforced. So he would most probably not have kept these territories on the east bank of the Rhine when he reaches a peace settlement with Britain. He would not either keep Illyria which he had already proposed to hand back to Austria in exchange for austrian galicia to be given to Poland.
Ideas from here, if Napoleon kept on his approach of establishing revolutionary sister republics to France, instead of necessarily outright installing his relatives on every throne.

* Ireland becomes yet another sister republic thanks to an expedition by Lazare Hoche under more favorable weather- AH discussion thread here.

* Egypt becomes a vassal by Napoleon appointing Menou (which wouldn't work, the guy was incompetent and deluded), or IDK, bribing the Albanians to fight the Mamluks and Ottomans a few years ahead of schedule and then Muhammad Ali rises up early as a French ally.

* Poland becomes a full-fledged kingdom, rather than just a duchy.

Well, Napoleon could institute a policy of funding nationalist rebels in the countries that oppose him. Finns, Baltic peoples, indigenous peoples in Novorossiya for Russia, Hungarians, Bohemians, Croats, Slovenians for Austria.

If Napoleon seizes Egypt, he would have control over British supply routes to India, facilitating possible French expansion into Asia.

Napoleon pushes forward in 1797 (no Campo Formio) and establishes an Austrian republic.

Same thing with Hungary, Bohemia, Prussia and Scandinavia some years later.

If Esterházy expresses interest in being a Napoleonic puppet, which he did not do in OTL, you could see a Hungarian client state.

Maybe something in the Indian Ocean building off of this?–11

It occurs to me that a not-so-strong dose of Jacobinism, followed by some Bonapartism, a good cure for the problems of India.

The French and some of the Indian Kingdoms, who have been fighting the same enemy at different corners of the world, made good allies. It therefore surprises me that so little military and political cooperation occurred between the two. Had there been a more stable alliance forged between Indian kingdoms and Revolutionary/Napoleonic France, there would be a better chance that the Indian minds gets influenced by the French.

A République marathe perhaps.