Plausibility Check: Microwave replaces the Atomic Bomb


Thank you very much for the reply!
...and I ran out of ideas again >.>

Just looking at your previous replies; don't be disheartened as a new member on here. If there's one thing that can be guaranteed on these boards, it's that for whichever topic/theme you pick, there will always be other members who know far more than you, and will happily dispense that knowledge. Every day is a school day! :)
What is it exactly that you're trying to do? A city-scale less-lethal weapon?
Pretty much
I wanted to set up a scenario during/post WWII where one of the powers have these so I could see what people would think that would happen in conflicts such as the pacific and korean war with WMD-equivalents that dont have the radioactive insta-genocide factor that leads to MAD.
I know I can still do something like that on the ASB forum, but my preference was doing it here since the alt-technology might attract more attention than " *puff* the US/USSR has harmless nukes now", not because I have any issue with ASBs but because I think people would assume I'm just doing a magic wank
Just looking at your previous replies; don't be disheartened as a new member on here
It's fine! Thank you very much for your kindness
Not gonna lie that I'm very disappointed my ideas didnt work, but I dont blame the other members for that and I'm very happy with the replies, I had a lot of fun learning from them
I mean, it works
Not what I had in mind and certainly more lethal, but I guess it meets the requirements of no blast & nuclear fallout over the city, though the water would still get poisoned
Thanks anyway fellow Ale