Pin the Zion on the Eurasia

here the game, using any POD you'd like come up the most creative hub for world Judaism (it doesn't have to be in Eurasia and it can be a nation like Israel, or an area like NYC) here's what you need:

Head of State:
head of Government:
form of government:
date of Independence: (or when it become a Jewish hub)
a history of the nation:
Contemporary issues:
military and Foreign relations:
Demographics :

any one have a map for us to use?
Name: Jewish Soviet Socialist Republic
Capital: Kaganovich (formerly Koenigsberg)
Head of State: Anatoly Borisovich Shcharansky
head of Government: Anatoly Borisovich Shcharansky
form of government: Communism; part of the USSR
when it became a Jewish hub: 1949-53
Area: 15,100 km2 (5,830.1 sq mi)
Population: 4, 560, 000
a history of the nation: In World War II, Hitler's troops killed over 70,000 Jews, and another 100,000 died of starvation, disease, and neglect before or shortly after the war. The Soviet Union, which annexed the region - formerly part of East Prussia - replaced the German inhabitants with their victims, many of the Jews of Eastern Europe. Later in Stalin's reign, most JEws of the USSR were forcibly relocated to the SSR, which has one of the densest populations on Earth.
Contemporary issues: Older residents decry the decline of Yiddish in favor of Russian. Radicals, such as Evet Lieberman, continue to push for free immigration to Western countries and Israel.
military and Foreign relations: As part of the USSR, residents of the Jewish SSR serve in disproportionate numbers in the ongoing Ussuri war.
Demographics : 85% Jewish, 8% Great Russian, 3% Belorussian, 2% Lithuanian, 1% Polish, 1% Ukrainian, Other.
Name: kwaJudea (post-1962), State of Judea (1953-1962)

Capital: New Jerusalem/eThekwini (formerly Durban)

Head of State: Benjamin Fleischhauer

Head of Government: Cyrus Senzangakhona

Form of Government: Parlimentary Democracy, with semi-autonomous "kingdom"

Date of Independence: (or when it become a Jewish hub): Importation to kwaJudea started as early as 1943. Independence was granted following the Third Boer War at the Treaty of Pietermaritzburg, on March 16, 1953.

Area: Undefined, claims control of "disputed territories", borders disputed with ZAR. About 92,100 km2 (36,000 sq.m)

Population: 12,400,000 (excluding "disputed territories"), around 20,000,000 (including "disputed territories")

A History of the Nation: A major platform of the Nazi Party was the removal of all "undesirables" or untermenschen from German land. And while there were those that wished to these individuals, including the Jews of Europe, exterminated, the idea was ultimately vetoed at the Potsdam Conference, and plans were made to remove the Jewish population from Europe, and send them to a more desirable location.

With Portugal's entrance into the Axis in 1943, combined with the Ossewabrandwag and related insurgency in South Africa, the German government's Ministerium der Neuansiedlung (Ministry of Resettlement) voted to exile the Jewish population to Southern Africa. While exasperated by the fall of the United Kingdom in 1948 and the Third Boer War from 1947-1953, the state of Judea was officially established from the former city of Durban and the province of Natal, officially punishing the resurgent "Kingdom of Zululand" for it's support of the Cape Government, despite the new Cape Kingdom's continued control over most of the African territories.

However, Judea's placement led to horrific tensions between the native Zulu peoples and the new Jewish settlers. While Judea "restored" a Zulu Kingdom, the state remained little more than a breeding ground for corruption and African nationalist organizations, like the Umkhonto we Sizwe, or MK. Judea continued to be backed by the ZAR government (and indirectly, and ironically, the Ribbentrop government in Germany), until the Second Mfecane, which led to a two-year struggle which ended in 1962 with the Zulu Kingdom being formally annexed into Judea. In order to keep the peace, citizen rights were extended to the native African population, kwaZulu became an official language alongside Yiddish, English, and German.

Contemporary Issues: kwaJudea continues to deal with African nationalist organizations, mainly the MK organization, which operates from Madagascar and has enacted terrorist operations all across southern Africa. Likewise, proper recognition for the Swazi peoples has caused similar dilemas.

Military and Foreign Relations: The kwaJudean military is mostly limited to Army forces, armed mainly with leftover Axis weaponry. The Navy is limited to a coast guard, with most naval and aerial operations being undertaking by either the ZAR or Portuguese forces.

kwaJudea maintains relations with Germany, and all of the "Reich-sphere". kwaJudea is unique however as it maintains relations with the United Dominions (Canada, Cape/Africa, and Australia) and the USSR.

Demographics : 55% Jewish (European descent+converts), 35% Zulu, 6% Swazi, 4% Other (Venda, Pedi, Cape Coloured, Indian, etc.)