Photos of the New Order


The US-manned Keflavík Air Base in 1982. The United States maintained a military presence in Iceland throughout the OFN-Einheitpakt crysis

A Revolutionary New Youth (Chinese: 革命新青年) rally near Shanghai, 1981. The Chinese Communist movement and its remnants enjoyed some brief popularity, particularly among urban and rural youth, after China's victory in the Great Asian War, but it would be outpaced by more moderate left-wing parties and is today remembered as a brief political anomaly in the post-Treaty of Tokyo Republic's history.

Arthur Jinping, one of modern China's most infamous and most charismatic triad lords, is seen here as he is escorted from a courthouse in his powerbase/hometown of Macao.
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Poster for Captain America: The First Avenger, one of the movies that launched Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe. Controversial amongst comic book fans and political activists on the left alike, this film was initially to closely follow the original Captain America comic books with Cap fighting the Nazis in WWII. At the urging of Disney, however, the film was changed so that the Nazis are not the final villains in order to appeal to the massive European market. Instead, while the Red Skull and HYDRA initially work with the Nazis they ultimately betray Hitler, and the climax sees Cap working with Wehrmacht soldiers to foil HYDRA's plans for world destruction- a not so subtle reference to Heinrich Himmler's defunct state of Burgundy. The film was a financial hit both in America and the Zollverein, but was met with harsh condemnation for its betrayal of the character's origins and apologism for National Socialism; famed leftist comic artist Frank Miller, for instance, called it "Disgusting, cowardly, and an insult to everything Captain America is supposed to be." No matter what criticisms are leveled against this film and other Hollywood movies, they continue to make money, and hence will continue to be made in a way that does not offend Nazi Germany's Orpo censors.
I want to see someone write out the novelization of this but combined with Avenger Goddess.
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