Photos of the New Order


Laotian guerrillas haul supplies by elephant and foot to Vietnamese resistance troops in southern Indochina, 1963.

Vice Admiral Miklós Horthy de Nagybánya, Regent of Hungary, and his wife Magdolna Purgly, leave the Cathedral of St Elisabeth (Dóm svätej Alžbety) in Košice (Kassa, Kaschau), Hungary-occupied part of Slovakia, November 1945

Spanish (former Iberian) leader Generalissimo Francisco Franco Bahamonde together with his grandchildren and aides at the Azor, his own personal yatch, 1965.

General Vlasov and soldiers of the ROA, in Samara, before talking on a speech of the Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia to conmemorate the foundation of the party, 1950

Barricades erected in Bordeaux, France, in May 1969, during the protest between the pro-Speerite (some resistance cells helped by Henri Curiel
and few pro-monarchists) and the more radical groups lead by the more loyalist members of the Parti Nationale, under Pierre Poujade
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A caricature of Franco and Salazar drawn in 1953, after the creation of the Iberian Union, by the spanish caricaturist Joaquín de Alba, who lived on the United States since 1943

General Nguyen Cao Ky giving a speech in Saigon in 1968. Nguyen Cao Ky, a prominent general in the military of the Empire of Vietnam, was infamous for his admiration of German dictator Adolf Hitler, once infamously stating Vietnam needed five Hitlers to maintain discipline. He was also notorious for his anti-Semitic views and advice to Prime Minister Diem and Emperor Bao Dai to emulate the policies of German National Socialism, including arguing the Vietnamese people formed a "master race" meant to rule over "inferior" Chams and Montegnards, mastering all of Southeast Asia in the future, and for Diem to become the Vietnamese "Fuhrer".

OTL Note: Ky's statement that Hitler was his only hero and that Vietnam "needed five Hitlers to maintain discipline" were actual views he expressed IOTL.
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Russian Peoples March.jpg

The Russian People's Army marching in Sverdlovsk, on June 20th 1973. The 20th anniversary of the West Russian War that happened from 1953 to 1955 that ended with the Pyrrhic Einheitspakt victory. Under Pavel Batov the Russian Peoples Union was a Military Junta that ruled with both the Military and the People in mind. It is said that Pavel Batov does not wanted war with Germany to avoid causing the whole warlord era to start again.

Red Terrorism.jpg

The Red Army Faction in Munich, 1972. As Führer Martin Bormann health starts to fall apart due to his diagnosis with terminal lung cancer. The Red Army Factions start its terror in Germany. By 1973 Germany was in crisis as the Russian People's Union armies starts to build up for protection against the Germanic Reich in case of war.
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István Horthy de Nagybánya, the leader of Hungary after the death of his father, and who was on Hungary during Operation Barbarrosa, where he led an expedition after the first stages

Ettore Muti and Italo Balbo rest after inspection in the Libyan Colony. Former colleagues, later became associates in the Kvadiumvirate, and then political opponents.