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In my personal rework of Legacy china

beiping government troops battling Nanjing government forces.
The collapse of the coalition government of the Republic started with the emergency election of sun fo in response to increasing crackdowns on the left and the assassination of wang Jingwei the league of Chinese syndicalist and the PAC-RCA from a government in beiping to represent their opposition to the federalist-reconstruction faction government. They raised the banner of the white sun blue sky and red earth in response like their rightist counterparts in chongqing in opposition to five colored flag in nanjing. nanjing was allied with the spiritual encouragement, society, and the China revival society nanjing loyalist general Sun Li-jen's was sent to battle the leftist Lin Biao and Du Yuming in the north the north east generals generally side with beiping there was a southern pocket of beiping loyalists in Fujian , yunnan side with chongqing
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CAC CA-23 a local Australasia jet fighter the entered enter service in 1953 as a local response to the Indonesian mig 21 and J 7 , Ki-400 it was also sold to the Philippines with 67 units sold to the Filipino Air Force

An F4AU-5 Corsair lands in the ARA Independencia after the raid of the Platense navy against the Brazilian navy base at Bahía, thus starting the Twelve Days War (March 7-14, 1958) between the two countries.
My one and indivisible fanfic

General Zhang Zhizhong was the leader of the left KMT remnant forces along with Xu Xiangqian , Su Yu ,Chen Geng and Nie Rongzhen with Zhou Enlai as chairman of the party they were divided into the NRA 18th group army, NRA 19th GA ,NRA 20th GA and theNRA 4th GA they uphold the ideologies of Chen Gongbo theory and Deng Yanda Thought and denounced the what they called defeatist Gandhism they were considered by Chicago and New York as margarine Syndicalist particularly by Mosley in Centroamerica and Browder of USSA,Browder in particular denounced the people war doctrine of Deng Yanda considering it a repeat of the Zapatista Mexico of course, ignoring the Marxist arguments of Chen Gongbo who pointed out unique Chinese material conditions for the ideological deviancy from Chicago’s perspective Meanwhile Mosley consider do use of peasants associations and revolutionary base areas to be inherent of the peasant, populism in the Asian agrarian Socialism of China and India to be extremely revisionist in nature to totalist thought of course, ignoring the totalist China revival society of the left KMT. And in India they were considered little More than violent agrarian totalist With the Zhongshan suit considered too militaristic to be fashionable among the agrarian and considered to agrarian to be popular among the syndicalist and totalist, even if the primary difference between The agrarian and left KMT was one of militancy and necessary for violence in land reform as well as the state/national capitalism for the economic model. Chen Gongbo held the position of general secretary of the party while Deng Yanda held the position of vice chairman of the party do the said position as the provisional action committee, and the Reorganised Comrades Association were able to to have peace within the party, which is brokered by Zhou Enlai after the defeat of the second northern expedition to Qing in 1947. Chen yun was head of the organization department of the party, which enabled him to reinforce the party unity between the two factions as well as reinforce the national revolutionary united front which includes the league of Chinese syndicalist with Liu Shaoqi serving as ambassador to the international in New York
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Soldiers of the German Legion supported by Malborough tanks of the 1st British Armoured Legion take a rest during the first stages of "Operation Shift", when Austria sent his para-military forces to help the British to depose the pseudo-Syndicalist regime in Bosnia in 1949.
Some stuff on my 'verse's version of Warhammer 40,000

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Idris Elba, renowned British actor and most recently star of the Brightlance 40,000 TV series Love Can Bloom (as Assassin), where he acts opposite Morena Baccarin as Farseer Taldeer. The series, one renowned even by those not fans of science-fiction, tells the story of an Assassin programmed by an anti-alien Imperial splinter group to kill an Eldar leader, thus to destroy the alliance between humanity and the aliens. The Assassin, however, falls in love with his target and sets out to protect her, fighting off both the Forces of Disorder and Assassin's former handlers. Both ultimately expose the conspiracy at the heart of the Imperium, and are joined in wedlock by the God-Empress of Mankind.


Isha, Mother-Goddess of the Eldar in the Brightlance 40,000 setting. Though captured by the Lord of Disorder Slaanesh at the moment of its birth, she was then rescued by the Lord of Order Tara - Slaanesh's polar opposite, created in reaction to the birth of Slaanesh. She led the remnants of her people to ally with the fledgling Imperium of Man, and now rules the Human-Eldar Empire as the Empress' co-ruler and adoptive sister. The background fluff for her is that she works tirelessly to reverse the claim that Slaanesh maintains on the souls of her people.


Sister-Captain Diana of the Silver Spears Legion of The Sisters Triumphant, star of the comic-book series All Alone in the Night. Diana has received positive feedback for being the first (canonically) LGBT character in the Brightlance setting, and her (possibly doomed) relationship with Seeker Mortia of the Embroidered Guard (the Empire's secret police) has been praised for its emotional depth and complexity.
This looks absolutely amazing. It makes me wonder just what the lore of this world would be like if it existed in OTL.

The Boeing XB-45. An attempt to turn the Boeing B-17 bomber into a heavy escort fighter. With four Allison V-170-111 engines (1,450 hp each), it was only slightly faster than the B-17G and the project was finally abandoned in 1944.

Korean liberation army soldiers in Seoul during Ji Cheong Cheon 1955 anti-extremist coup against Lee Beom-seok’s Ilminists and the workers party of Korea under Pak Hon Yong.Ji Cheong Cheon established the Supreme Council for National Reconstruction with the aid of Park Chung-hee faction of officers trained at the fengtian’s Northeast Army military Academy. Kim Wonbong with ties to the left KMT (PAC,RCA) and Kim Hong-Il with ties to the right KMT remain neutral throughout the coup

Major-General Park Chung-hee (front center) and soldiers tasked with effecting the coup

Mingan faction* troops at rust during the coup

*mingan faction is the informal name for the Korean national revolutionary party it is often associated with officers that served in Kim Wonbong’s Korean volunteer corps
The successors of Wang Jingwei
Zeng Zhongming favored by the residence faction
Deng Xiaoping Favored by RCA-radicals and the PAC protege of both zhou enlei and Chen Gongbo
Liu Shaoqi potential compromise candidate favored among the orthodox faction of CSP and RCA-moderates
Chiang Ching-kuo leader of the new politics association an organization formed by the remnants of the CRS
A self described marxist oriented maximaist
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Luis Taruc, the Huk leader
Hukbalahap or Hukbong Mapagpalaya ng Bayan, (HMB, . 'People's Liberation Army'), under the leadership of the syndicalist party of the Philippines partidong sindikalista ng Pilipinas PSP. The huk described their movement as anti-neocolonialists especially against Japanese Zaibatsu

Ma HanSan a former associate of the league of ten got caught in the anti-CRS purge went into exile in free India, and found the National Association of the Chinese Kuomintang in Calcutta the national Association was backed by Indian intelligence bureau. Officially national Association, espoused the ideologies of Three Principles of the People unofficially it acts as a mouthpiece for the current ideology of the ruling party of free India

After attacking the Syndicalist fortifications in Nice, a MB-282 of the Flotille 9F lands in the National French carrier Clemenceau.
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A Spanish heavy howitzer opens fire against Gibraltar. The British Special Force coup took Gibraltar back in May 1950, much to the changrin of the Spanish government, and thus starting the short AngloSpanish War.