Photos of the Kaiserreich


In the penal units of the Papal armies, the light mortars used a rather unconventional mount.

A wall mural depeciting the mascots (called the “Little Men”) for the Chinese fast food restaruant Wok'n'Go. As part of an effort for the Republic of China (formerly the Feingtian Clique) to expand its soft power globally, the government invested in international chains and franchises starting in the late 2000’s. Wok’n’Go locations can be found not only across China, but also in Korea, the American Union State, the Canadian Republic, and even as far as the slowly economically liberalizing Union of Britain. Little Men merchandise is popular amongst American youth as part of a recent social media fad.

Ma Quanbin, a Chinese NRA officer reports to his command after a battle against maximaist Indian forces in the Burmese war

The making of a legend: the first prototype of the Spartan/Boeing B-25 medium bomber. Originally designed by Spartan Aircraft for the Huey Long's CSA, barely a few dozen bombers entered service before the collapse of Long's regime.

However, during its brief servíce proved to be an outstanding bird, and first the USAAC and then the USAAF pressed the plane into service, with Boeing churning out B-25s by the hundreds.
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a Chinese NRA soldier from the Burmese war 1978-1980
in the Burmese war Chinese troops operated under The national volunteer army designation to avoid official war between East India and china

IJA Rangers in Burma
Japanese involvement was primarily via the 18th Area Army in Thailand and SNLF brigades as well as the Air Force contingents in The region
Chinese and Japanese involvement was initiated by a prewar secret treaties that Burma had with both powers. with the both powers coming to Bermas aid in the Maximist Indian invasion
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Chinese recoilless rifle crew setting up an ambush for East Indian tanks in the Burmese war
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The Mummy - a 1999 Pacific States action/adventure blockbuster.

A cult-classic adventure movie set in Egypt during the 1920s, Brendan Fraser stars as Canadian adventurer Rick O'Connell, as he leads German adventuress Eva von Schüler (Rachel Weisz) and her cowardly but lovable brother Jonah (John Hannah) to the lost city of Hamunaptra, the fabled resting place of unimaginable riches. But it turns out they're not the only ones looking for Hamunaptra; rivals include an arrogant Egyptologist from Boston (Tom Selleck), a playboy treasure hunter from the Ottoman Empire (Nurettin Sonmez) and British femme fatale and Syndicalist spy (Milla Jovovich).

However, all of these rivalries suddenly become insignificant when they accidently awaken an ancient evil beneath the sands...the undead sorcerer Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo).


Maximist Indian forces during the Burmese war
East Indian forces during the Burmese war were primarily comprised of forces from its Eastern Command primarily being III Corps, IV Corps
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New Orleans after the Siege of New Orleans in November 1938
Described by President Roosevelt as "a most terrible and hellish scene", the city was bombed from afar by US forces under General Bradley's command, it is unknown if it was this or Longist sabotage that caused the flooding that destroyed much of the city.

A Nakajima Ki 90 Type 5. Originally designed as a land-based fighter, it was used by the Imperial Navy as a fast torpedo bomber in its Taiyo-class aircraft carriers.

The FMA IA-55 was the most succesful design of the Argentine aircraft Industry. It was widely used by the Argentine Air Force and sold to many countries, like Syria and Egypt.


A Syrian FMA IA-55

Statue of President Floyd Olson in Washington DC. Olson is credited with negotiating with the SPA to end the American General Strike of 1937 during the Chicago Conference.

Miguel Osborne (b. Toledo, 1967) is one of the biggest music stars of Spain. Too well known for his eccentricies and his tendency to fall into bad habits ("there was a time in my life when it was easier to find me drunk than sobber", he confessed in his autobiography), he is a living legend of the Spanis music, bigger than Julio Iglesias (or so he said). He became famous in 1988 when, after just hitting gold with his first song, he was accused of being "Juan el Navaja", a serial killer which had murdered eight prostitutes in Madrid. After the police declared that Osborne was not even in the list of suspects, the singer had a quite tense relation with the press. It is hardly surprising, keeping in mind Osborne's sense of humour, that his second album was named "I am Jack".

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