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Two plainclothes detectives making an arrest of two Royalist sympathizers. Manchester, Union of Britain. C.1938

Vietnamese national army ( Vietnamesische Nationalarmee VNA/ Quân đội Quốc gia Việt Nam) troops in the Huế coup against emperor Bảo Đại . Huế coup was organized by the Vietnam revolutionary league or Việt Cách Led by Trương Đình Tri they first infiltrated the VNA to the point where they had effective control over the 1st and 2nd infantry divisions around hue and Had effectively controlled military region 2. The coup effectively expelled German influence from the state of Vietnam . the coup established of The provisional revolutionary council of the state of Vietnam as the provisional government until political tutelage ends

flag of the Vietnamese revolutionary league
the Vietnam revolutionary league or Việt Cách was established by The revolutionary right wing of the Vietnamese independence movement as a alternative to the Viet Minh with the help of the new Guangxi Clique in yunnan by the time that Li Zongren reunified china in 1947 he was already funneling support to the vet cach with the goal of expelling German influence from Indochina. li also courtnd the Pacific states to support him which was he able to do despite ironically being a military leader in control of Government via the national government military committee from what he controlled the National government committee The Pacific states Press called him the generalissimo or generalissimo Li Zongren
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Nguyễn Văn Tâm the prime Minister of the state of Vietnam post Hue coup he was a member of the TVNQDD or Tân Việt Nam Quốc dân Đảng made from the right wing of the viet Quoc Led by Vũ Hồng Khanh chairman of the Central committee of the TVNQDD while Trương Đình Tri was Vice chairman and later head of the provisional revolutionary council with Nguyễn Văn Tâm being both a Central committee member and Vice chairman of the provisional revolutionary council while serving as Prime Minister of the state of the Vietnam. Tâm first act as the new Prime Minister was to cell for a referendum on The monarchy well also calling for a new round of National assembly elections. Ngô Đình Diệm criticized The need for political tutelage in the country and cell the TVNQDD and The right KMT crypto-Syndicalist while Ngô Đình Cẩn Diem's Younger brother effectively controlled Military Region 3 with its large Catholic population and threaten to revolt against the new government if they did not make the assembly elections fair meanwhile Military Region 1 was under general Nguyễn Khánh command and the declared neutrality. Diệm also had his private political party the Cần Lao Party controlled by his brother Đình Nhu it was later found that macArthur privately backed the Cần Lao Party as a way of gaining influence in Asia
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María Félix (María de los Ángeles Félix Güereña) - - famous Mexican actress of the "Golden Era". By origin - mestizo in the first generation (on the father - Yaqui, on the mother - Spaniard Basque). Also known as a singer and model. The beginning of its activity is associated with the period of leadership of Plutarco "Maximato" Calles, and with the subsequent period of "softening". Unlike the "conscious" Dolores del Rio, Maria Felix rose to prominence as a femme fatale, and among the artists she had an image of tough and high-minded. However, her scandalous image did not stop her from filming in France and Italy.