Photos of the Kaiserreich

Operation Jäger was the German push to liberate Brussels. The operation began on the 2nd of April with a German air attack on the French positions. The air attack was followed with a short artillery barrage and a combined arms assault.

Ha-137s flying over the Ardennes during operation Jäger.

The first objective of the attack was the clearing of Liège followed by a tank advance towards Brussels. The siege of Brussels was lifted on the 10th and all enemy forces had been cleared from the city on the 15th.


Donnersclag tanks advance near Leuven

After the Liberation of Brussels, the forces were split into two groups. One was tasked with liberating Northern Flanders-Wallonia and the other was to liberate Dunquerque.


German infantry near the outskirts of Antwerpen, taking cover behind a PaK gun.

But the German advance was not unopposed. The French launched a counter attack with the aim of cutting off the advancing German forces. Due to the limited amount of air support and German airstrikes the French had to stop in Charleroi to wait for more air support to be allocated from the Lorraine front. Germans seized the opportunity to attack the French in the biggest tank battle so far with over a 1000 tanks participating all together. The result was a German victory but both sides lost many tanks and fighting stagnated during summer.

French tanks advance with the support of infantry during the first day of the battle.

The logo of the DKR or the Imperial German Space Agency

German Army's Main Battle Tank Kpz-2

Kaiserliche Luftkreitskräftes Taifun fighter, pictured here on a air superiority mission over the Levant

German troops during Operation Moskau. They are equipped with the StG 44, which may suggest that these troops are part of a elite assault squad.

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Aldren Ehreneich as the much younger Han Solo in the popular Star Rebels spinoff/prequal Solo: A Star Rebels Story*. After escaping from his poverty stricken homeplanet of Corellia three years earlier, but becoming separated from his childhood sweetheart Qi'ra, Han finds himself with the opportunity of a lifetime by accepting a freelance job from the Crimson Dawn corporation. One that would make him wealthy for the rest of his life. Yet despite his cynical claims of only looking out for himself, his more heroic side quickly shows, especially after befriending his future loyal first mate, Chewbacca.

Qi'ra (Emilia Clarke) , Han's childhood friend and former love, now a 'personal assistant' employed by Crimson Dawn's CEO. Han is slightly taken aback by her much colder and calculating nature, and how she seems to fit in the cutthroat world of corporate politics. However, this all proved to be an act, as she only joined Crimson Dawn to rescue her female Twi'lek lover Nerys Syndulla** from the Galactic Consortium and provide intel for the fledgling Resistance.

Paul Bettany as Crimson Dawn's CEO Dryden Voss. A ruthless and power-hungry businessman, Dryden will stop at nothing to increase his already considerable fortune and climb through the ranks of the Consortium, hoping to gain the favor of Supreme Executive Sheev Palapatine. To achieve his ends, he is willing murder millions and destroy entire worlds if need be. With his own army of battle droids and organic mercenaries at his call, he quickly proves to a formidable enemy to be taken seriously. It's also been hinted that he may also be a secret member of the Sith Cult.***

*In a TL where the Reds won the 2ACW, a budding young film maker in 1970s named George Lucus created one of the most popular science fiction series in the history of the Internationale: Star Rebels (ironically, it's considered as a guilty pleasure in non-Syndicalist nations such as Germany or Qing China). In a galaxy far, far away, the United Republic and it's noble Jedi protectors were defeated by an alliance of megacorporations and their battle droid armies known as the Galactic Consortium. Without the Jedi to protect them, the known Galaxy became practically enslaved by the ruthless corporations that only cared for profit. But that all changes when a young farm boy named Luke Skywalker joins the Resistance and unlocks his Jedi heritage...

**The characters of Qi'ra and Nerys became so popular with Star Rebel fans that Lucusfilm Union has promised that they will appear in the upcoming Solo sequels, alongside fan favorites such as Tobias Beckett and Lando Calrissian. The streaming service channel DisneyUnion+ has also announced a spin-off series called Qi'ra and Nerys: A Star Rebels Series will be released in late 2020.

***Yes, the Force exists, and while the Dark Lords of the Sith do worship the Dark Side, they've found it easier the use greed to manipulate people (think the Phantom Menace on steroids').

so much i like that logo for DKRA
it more likely be called:

Reichsministerium für Weltraumfahrt und Luftfahrt

in short: ReWeLu
The DKRA is the agency that plans and executes missions, but it answers directly under the Reichskanzler so there is no need for a ministry.
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Some India photos from my KR India timeline.

Syndicalist poster depicting Britain (Canada) as a warmongering,brutish nation.This was from Nehru's Industrialist faction.

Entente poster from the Indian Civil War

Another Syndicalist poster,this time from Bose's Totalist faction

Bhagat Singh,a leader of the Radical Socialists in the Bharatiya Commune.He was born in Punjab in the northwest,but as an 19-year old,after the formal establishment of the Bharatiya Commune,arrived in the Commune.He became a prominent RadSoc leader,and assembled an army to fight in the Indian Civil War.He died on the battlefield in 1942.
Some more Radsoc leaders-

Surya Sen

Batukeshwar Dutt

Shivaram Rajguru

Sukhdev Thapar

Chandra Shekhar Azad
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Algiers, Alger Department, France

The city is the capital of the Alger department, one of the 3 departments in Algeria which makes it an integral part of France. After the French government's evacuation from the Metropole. During their time in exile, Algeria's infrastructure was developed and various industries were built which helped create jobs for the locals. After the reclamation of mainland France, the French government clung on to the place despite terrorist bombings by Algerian nationalists. Today, Algiers is the largest city outside of metropolitan France.
The type 52 automatic rifle The replacement for the type 45 semi automatic rifle(sks copy ) along with the type 45 automatic rifle (ak copy) and the Direct predecessor to the Type 70 assault rifle as the National revolutionary army standard issue rifle

The type 70
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Memebers of the Kaiserliche Heers elite anti-terrorist unit KSK on training in a secret facility

Members of the KSK on a mission in the Sinai Desert

A G36 used frequently by the KSK


Members of the Kaiseliche Heers 3. Panzergrenadierdivision, stationed near Münich in the Erwin Rommel Army Base