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    Lets do a plot twist!
    Muammar Al Gaddafi was a secessionist advocate for Fezzan, in Tripolantia. He advocated a decentralized Jamahariya system. Fezzan was largely looted, and a very poor part of the nation. Eventually, a revolt occurred, and he said "the peasants of Fezzan have had enough! Allahu Akbar!" The revolt was crushed within a few months, and gangs from Misrata captured and killed him.
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    Interior of an HKH in San Francisco, PSA
    Considered the largest restaurant chain in the world, HKH (Himmlers Köstliches Huhn, “Himmler’s Delicious Chicken”) has changed a lot since its beginnings. Founded in 1949 by Heinrich Himmler, a German tycoon who fled to Südwestafrika after the Fall of Germany and was known for his “Chicken Master Race”, it was originally just a couple of restaurants created in an attempt to diversify his poultry farming business. As time passed and his establishments grew more and more popular he started to take the restaurant business seriously. Himmler opened new restaurants in several of the main cities of Mittelafrika, including the capital Dar-es-Salaam, and imitated the strategies of other restaurant chains (like McDonald&Kroc’s in the Pacific States), effectively turning HKH into a fast food company, with low prices, quick service and good food. This also meant that he needed to forget some of his principles in order to succeed, like allowing blacks to eat and work in the same condition as their fellow Germans in his establishments, though he remained a white supremacist all his life [1].

    At the time of Himmler’s death in 1965 HKH had restaurants all across Mittelafrika, and soon began to expand to other African countries like South Africa, Kongo or Somalia. Its expansion outside of German-aligned Africa didn’t commence until the late 80’s (due to few hopes of success internationally and the 1977 Oil Crisis) but once the first smiling chickens of HKH logo started to appear in Australasia and South America it grew wildly, especially in the Co-Prosperity Sphere’s countries, where it rivalled MD&K’S in popularity. Since the end of the Cold War the company has also opened new establishments in Syndicalist countries, though like all the foreign companies it has been forced to adapt its franchises to a mutualist system.

    HKH has become one of the symbols of the modern world, with its restaurants being present everywhere from the frozen streets of Vladivostok to the suburbs of Cape Town, truly framing the new, globalized world.

    [1]Though Himmler learned to present a cheery and tolerant image and to keep his opinions to himself, documents like his diary and letters to friends and familiars show his virulent racism, antisemitism and ultranationalism, calling blacks “sub-humans” and Jews “hideous weaklings” and proclaiming the necessity of “reclaiming the Fatherland from the red hordes”. HKH has always tried to escape from the shadow of its founder’s ideology, financing anti-racism campaigns and projects and maintaining a strict code of conduct to avoid discrimination of any kind.
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    A cross over from my Let’s Make A Kaiserreich Superhero universe and definitely not a excuse to get a badly needed plug;)

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    Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti, controversial iraqi writer, particurly notorious for his pan-arabist views and controversial position regarding kurds and other minorities.

    His rise to fame started in 1978 when he published his first novel "The Fortified Castle" , an adventure romance novel set during the Ottoman-Axis war, based on his personal experience during the conflict.

    The book was harshly criticised for its depiction of the kurds as loyal servants of the ottoman sultane, even if they were first ones to rebel against him, and for his exaltation of the egyptian and iraqi fronts while ignoring the contribute of Persia and Rashidi Arabia.

    In 1982 he officially embraced the cause of Pan-Arabism, publishing "The Kabul journals", a sci-fi novel describing a distopian future where Russia, Persia , Turkey and Greece teamed up to destroy Egypt and divided the arab world between each other ( with Iraq directly integrated into Persia)
    The book was promply censored in Kurdistan for his description of Kurds as "fake muslims and loyal servants of the west" and forced the iraqi royal government to reaffirm its loyalty to its persian ally.

    In 1985 he moved to the sultanate of Egypt, citing "persecution" by the iraqi government as reason.

    He has been at the center of another scandal in 2002 when he was accused of having exagerated his military service during the Ottoman-Axis war
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    Soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army charge Chinese positions near Tsingtao, 1941. The Chinese theatre of the Second Weltkrieg was one of the most brutal of the war, with the IJA inflicting horrific brutalities on Chinese civilians and POWs. Although Japan would overrun Beijing, their failure to take Nanjing in 1942 all but ensured that superior Chinese manpower would win the day, as it did by 1945.

    Imperial Chinese Army troops preparing for the Second Battle of Beijing, 1944. By 1944 the Qing army had gone from being a mess of corruption and mismanagement to a truly modern army; it had been trained by three years of brutal combat, equipped by German tanks and guns that matched pound for pound anything the Japanese could throw at them, and led by Generals every bit as competent as their Japanese counterparts. During Operation Sun Tzu this new army would prove its mettle, pushing up from the Yangtze all the way to the Yalu river, and utterly crushing the Kwangtung army under the treads of Donnerschlag-4 tanks. The Second Weltkrieg saw the destruction of Germany's main Asian rival, the Japanese Empire- and yet, in time, the reborn Qing Empire the Germans set up as a counterweight to the Japanese would come to be a greater threat than the Empire of the Rising Sun ever was, and, indeed, the Empire that would finally bring an end to Germany's dominance of the east in the 1960s.

    The Xuantong Emperor meets with officers of the American People's Liberation Army to coordinate the war against Japan. Puyi entered the Asian phase of the Second Weltkrieg a figurehead despised by half his people; by the end, he was a national icon cheered by the masses as he rode at the head of the Imperial army parade through the newly liberated Beijing. Historian Rana Mitter declared that "The Germans might have given Puyi back his throne, but the Japanese gave him back his people"; there is a great deal of truth in this argument. During the Second Weltkrieg the Chinese people were united in a mutual war of resistance against the Japanese invader, in a way that they hadn't been since 1911. Puyi's role as a symbol of resistance, combined with the Republicans in Fengtien's collaboration with the Japanese, rehabilitated the monarchy in the eyes of most Chinese; the Qing had regained the Mandate of Heaven, and hold it to this day.
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    Footage of Denver following Operation: Ragnorok in 1948

    Operation: Ragnorok was apart of the largescale Winter Offensive commited by US Forces during the latter half of the 2nd American Civil war with the objective of "liberating the west from Japanese Imperialists and Pacific upstarts who spit on the face of our founding fathers and the american way of life" following the fall of both the AUS and CSA McArthur transferred his troops westward toward PSA held territory which captured most aread west of the Missouri and Red Rivers prior to the offensive MacArrhur's regime was well reconized by most of the world and received a enormous amount of supplies and volunteers from Mittleuropa and Wrangel's reborn Russian Empire MacArthur commited a total of 4.1 million troops (including Pro-MacArrhur Milita's and foreign volunteers) 3,500 tanks, 32,000 arrillery guns (imcluding howitzers and rocket artillery) and 8,000 aircraft while the PSA has much less to work with only having 1.5 million men (not including APCPS Volunteers) 900 tanks 13,000 artillery and 3,200 aircraft the offensive went completely in MacArthurs favor pushing the PSA back to the Rockies and Peros river during the time US Forces indiscriminately firebombed Denver in order to cripple the PSA's war industry and remove there ability to counterattack the bombing included incendiary bombs and napalm which devastated the urban areas the bombing resultes in a total of 155,000 civilian deaths and untold devastation that would effect the PSA's psyche to this very day even though the offensive ended mostly in a military victory for the US it was a major political and propoganda victory for the PSA as MacArthur was widely condemed by most of the world and resulted in Mittleuropa to withdraw it's support for the US that and the Entente and APCPS decision to intervene in the war on behalf of the PSA doomed MacArthur's ambitions to reunify America and with Canadian and New English troops knocking on D.C's doorstep MacArthur decided to call a truce which resulted in the Rocky Mountain Ceasefire and the Treaty of New York thus ending the 2nd American Civil War all together which resulted in the US-PSA border being stationed along the Rockies and the US was forced to give up NYC, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and half of Ohio to New England, while Canada gained Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, and Northern Illinois along with massive war reparations to the US which further crippled the US economy even to the point of near collapse 5 years after the war MacArthur was overthrown by Dwight Eisenhower and begins his attempts to modernize america, restore relations with the PSA, pay off the war reparations, and most of all atone for MacArthur's sins
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    Minor issue, Saddam was an infant during the period where he supposedly fought.
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    This version of the Ottoman-Axis war started in 1956
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    It is with heavy heart that to inform you that famed Swiss actor, Bruno Ganz died, after a long battle with cancer. While having a long and prosperous career his best known role was portraying the last days of Boris Sanikov in the film "Bunkerny" (the bunker in Russian). The performance captured both the humanity and insanity of the infamous Russian dictator. The portrayal was praised by many critics as one of the greatest of all time. The famous Sanikov meltdown scene became a popular internet meme, with even now several videos have been made as tribute to Mr Ganz. He'll be dearly missed. downfall parody.jpg
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    Pan Am Flight 701 (L-1011) and Flight 702 (B-747) at Sky Park International Airport, Pyongyang, Korea
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    German actor Heinz Rühman as Adolf Hitler in Lenie Riefenstahls master piece "Mein Kampf" (1937).
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    Is the chicken Halal?
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    President of the South Carolinian Republic
    Black rioters in the Autonomous Community of Baltimore, 2011

    Rioters flee a burning police car in Chicago, Late 2011

    Black Shirts come out in force against rioters in St. Louis, early 2012
    The American Spring protests from mid-2011 to late 2012 were a series of peaceful protests and riots against the discriminatory policies of President Duke, Fourth President of the New American Commonwealth. After months of peaceful demonstrations President Duke came out of the White House, for the first time in six months, to give the protesters an ultimatum. Return to their homes before June 2nd, 2011 and all would be forgiven but if they did not then the heavy hand of the state will come down on them. Protesters remembered the purges after the Hippie Protests in San Diego in the late 70s and as such did not disperse as ordered to. Instead many of the up to that time peaceful protests and sit-ins became violent as many long dormant tensions suddenly and violently exploded to the surface. Firebombs, hidden caches of weapons and organizations many thought were wiped out (The Red Front, Black Panthers, MacArthurs Men) suddenly appeared on the streets along with thousands of protesters as the deadline loomed. President Duke saw this as a challenge by his enemies in the Government and reacted harshly. Fearing that he would go the way of Savinkov's State did, instead of trusting the Army to suppress the growing rebellion he instead turned to the Black Shirts. Formed in the aftermath of Dudley's death and the fracturing of the Silver Shirts the then newly formed Black Shirts took over the role of paramilitary arm of the State. Fanatical in their dedication to the Legion and the Commonwealth when their President called on them to defend what they loved they stepped up. Chapters across the nation took to the streets to reimpose order and stability.

    The resulting clashes across the nation killed over 200, injured hundreds more and causing millions in damage the Black Shirts were decisively defeated by the protesters. Black Shirt chapters in many major cities were chased out and fled to the countryside to regroup and across the nation people began to prepare for a Third Civil War. Tensions remained high as the Commonwealth stood on the edge of destruction when finally, it rained on the powder keg. President Duke was assassinated by his own Presidential Protection Service in a rather bloodless coup. The leader of the Coup remained nameless yet released a statement on the citizens news site Commonwealth Times. The account was a dummy account set up through numerous dummy email accounts leaving it largely untraceable for most of the public. The announcement was short and to the point: "The mad dog Duke has been put down for the good of our nation. His body will be cremated and dumped into a ditch as befit a criminal such as him and his goons. His supporters in the capital are being arrested as you read this to await trial. The Council for National Protection will lead the nation until proper elections can be held". While protesters remained in the streets until free elections were finally held three weeks later which were won by the Unitary Party, for a large part the American Spring was over. Now with its second elections coming soon the world waits with baited breath as to if democracy can truly survive after such a traumatic event.
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    Pics rom the US-propganda cartoon "Donald Duck in Mosley-land".
    The short was produced after the fall of the Commune, but before the defeate of the SRI, so Mussolini is still shown, besides Mosley and the japanese emporer Hirihito.
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    Now only if someone could Photoshop this by replacing Hirohito with Deat or Valios
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    It's been a while since I've posted anything here, so I figured I would post this; a map of the world on Thursday, January 1st, 1948.

    This map is based on both the Kalterkrieg mod and my own head-canon of the Kaiserreich world. Some minor things may be subject to change.

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    The factions of the world in the above map are as follows;


    German Empire*
    Kingdom of Poland
    Kingdom of Ukraine
    Kingdom of Belorussia
    Kingdom of Lithuania
    Kingdom of Finland
    Kingdom of the Netherlands
    Kingdom of Belgium
    Republic of Latvia
    Republic of Estonia
    Kingdom of France

    Quintuple Entente

    Dominion of Canada*
    Republic of France
    Kingdom of Italy [1]
    Kingdom of Spain [2]
    Kingdom of Portugal
    Dominion of Australasia
    Dominion of India
    Caribbean Federation
    Kingdom of Nepal

    Russian Alliance

    Russian State*

    Danube-Adriatic Alliance

    Danubian Federation*
    Republic of Albania

    Belgrade Pact

    Kingdom of Serbia*
    Kingdom of Greece
    Kingdom of Romania

    Scandinavian Union

    Kingdom of Sweden*
    Kingdom of Norway
    Kingdom of Denmark

    American Alliance

    United States of America*
    Republic of Cuba
    Republic of Haiti
    Republic of Costa Rica
    Republic of Panama

    Arabian Axis

    Sultanate of Egypt*
    Republic of Syria
    Kingdom of Rashidi Arabia
    Kingdom of Tripolitania
    Kingdom of Yemen
    Kingdom of Oman

    Eastern Syndicalist Alliance

    Bharatiya Commune*
    Union of Burma
    Socialist State of Siam
    Indochinese Federation
    Commune of Bhutan

    Major Neutral Nations

    Qing Empire of China
    Republic of Iran
    Empire of Brazil
    Argentine Republic
    Republic of South Africa
    Syndicalist Republic of Chile
    Ethiopian Empire

    Minor Neutral Nations

    Republic of Italy
    Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
    Swiss Confederation
    Republic of Ireland
    Tsardom of Bulgaria
    Republic of Turkey
    Republic of Kurdistan
    Kingdom of Japan
    Kingdom of Korea
    Republic of the Philippines
    Kingdom of Mysore
    Kingdom of Travancore
    Republic of Madras
    Kingdom of Afghanistan
    Central American Republic
    Republic of Colombia
    Socialist Republic of Venezuela
    Republic of Ecuador
    Syndicalist Republic of Peru
    Republic of Bolivia
    Oriental Republic of Uruguay
    Republic of Liberia


    * = Leader of the Faction
    [1] Formerly the Kingdom of Sardinia.
    [2] AKA Carlist Spain.
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    What program did you use to create this map?