Photos from World War Z


A UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter flies above a parked A-29 Super Tucano attack aircraft at Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan.

Developed for purposes of anti-guerrilla warfare, the Super Tucano became during the WWZ a useful auxiliary for many armies and supra-national organizations. Its cost of maintenance relatively inexpensive compared to planes unsuitable for the war against the zeks, made it very useful for reconnaissance and support missions and even to maintain links between different outposts. Still deployed in many air forces, the Tucano should be modernized in the decade 2020-2030 in order to receive new anti-zeks tracking and elimination tools.

Chicago gangsters pose for a group photo, date unknown.

As Chicago was overrun with zombies, neighborhoods (term "hoods") were gangsters resided were turned into "islands in the sea of Zack" since refugees did not dare venture into these dangerous areas. Gangsters often provided safety and security for other refugees, but demanded some form of payment usually in the form of trade or for sex. These "hoods" either cooperated with other gangs or fought them in a three-way battle with Zeds caught in the middle. It is also notable some gangsters also helped the United States military during the reclamation of Chicago, especially during the battle to capture the Willis Tower which was held by a powerful gangster.

BORTAC operators clearing for zombies in the U.S.-Mexico border before the Great Panic. In conjunction with the JSOC's Operation Midnight Talon which saw the Alpha Teams, the U.S. Border Patrol - under the directives of the Department of Homeland Security - had to combat zombies that were occasionally popping up in the southern border. Most of these zombies came from unscreened refugees that entered the wilderness to avoid detection.
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Public Notice Poster on a bus stop in Glasgow, Scotland posted shortly after the Public Health Emergency declaration.
These posters remind me of the Green Flu from Left 4 Dead. Unless the poster was meant to be a cover-up that Solanum isn't a flu but actually a novel virus that reanimates those it kills. A mask would do jackshit against the dead except if it is protecting the face from zombie fluid.

A C-130 of the RSAF in Mactan Air Base, Cebu, Philippines, c. 2023. This is part of the multinational team in the clearing of the archipelago from left-over zombies.

A recently declassified photo of the Zaslon, the SVR's Spetsnaz, during the evacuation of the Russian Embassy in Damascus during the Great Panic. The Zaslon were also alleged to have taken part in Russia's own "Alpha Teams" mission in the elimination of zombies while the military was being prepared to be mobilized in preparation for the hordes of Zack.

A lone survivor checks out an abandoned checkpoint littered with bodies of the infected. Despite the amount of firepower and an armored vehicle, the barricade was ultimately breached. Location unknown.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamanei calling for a general mobilization of the Iranian military and Revolutionary Guard Corps agains the zombies. Khamanei accused the Solanum Virus as a "ploy by American imperialists to overthrow the Islamic Republic" and called on Iranians to fight the "minions of the Lesser and Great Satan."

An Old Guard continues his duty at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, Virginia despite the Great Panic. Commonly known as Tomb Sentinels, soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Regiment continued to guard the sacred area until it was finally ordered by the President to evacuate for their own safety.