Photos from World War Z


A Republic of Singapore Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon attached to the USAF's 425th Fighter Squadron at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona. Partnered with the USAF since the 1992, the RSAF maintains a handful of jets within the United States due to Singapore's limited space to house more aircraft. In 2012, the two countries celebrated the 20 years of this partnership. During the Great Panic, these RSAF F-16s assisted in destroying the mountain passes within the Rocky Mountains to secure the West Coast safe-zone. They were unable to return to Singapore so they contributed to defense of the West Coast. Eventually, their planes would be grounded in an effort to save fuel. It took until 2023 for the pilots and their technicians to return to Singapore once the city-state was cleared of zombies.

Poster for Life Dance: Wicked Summer, an EDM event that was supposed to be held at the Boardwalk, Mandaue City, on May 25, 2013.

Life Dance is an annual EDM festival held in Cebu twice a year (one in January for Sinulog and one for summer). The EDM festival for Sinulog 2013 occurred successfully since Solanum wasn't known yet.

Wicked Summer was soon cancelled due to the Great Panic.

The cover of the first volume of the ongoing manga series, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, written by Hideo Kojima and illustrated by Yoji Shinkawa. Set in between Peace Walker and Metal Gear, the manga follows Big Boss, as he tracks down those who destroyed MSF as well as transform into what he would become later on the game series. The manga initially began its life as the next mainline Metal Gear game in 2012, but production was put on hold indefinitely due to the Great Panic the following year, the game would see a second life as a manga series in 2023. So far the manga has received widespread acclaim. Kojima and other surviving Konami and Kojima Productions members would not long after establish Phoenix Productions, and announced development on remakes of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake as well as new entries for the Silent Hill and Castlevania series of games.
Kojima himself stated that his last Metal Gear game will be a prequel focusing on The Boss and the Cobra Unit during the Second World War.
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A Pre-Great Panic promo for the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe, it was planned to air in November 2013, but due to the Great Panic
and the Battle of Yonkers, the show would never see the light of day as production on the first six episodes of the series would come to
an indefinite halt. The series would fall into obscurity for the duration of the war until in 2024, when series creator Rebecca Sugar
announced a reboot for the show that would air on Adult Swim before finally airing the following year. The show would receive praise for
its design, music, voice acting, characterization and its prominence of LGBTQ themes. But it would also receive praise for its dark, philosophical
and psychological themes and undertones, such as topics of genocide, supremacism, nihilism, grief, existentialism, and nature. These dark themes
were added in the reboot by Sugar as a response to her experiences during the war, including losing friends and relatives as well as fear the possibility
of human extinction.
Tattered flag of the former Hong Kong SAR at a UN refugee camp in Bangladesh:


Homemade secessionist flag seized from a "LaMOE" statelet by the U.S. Army during its reclamation of Oregon:

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US Special Forces land at Houston Port years after East Texas was declared a White Zone.

Their primary goal was the retrieve vital industrial equipment for the West Coast. The chaos of the Great Panic meant that the US lost the capability to construct and repair the most complex manufacturing tools. In order to keep logistics functioning teams had to be sent across the US to literally dismantle equipment from under the jaws of the undead and bring them home.

Their secondary objective was to make contact with any survivors and investigate the possibility of re-establishing a ‘Blue Zone’ in industrially important parts of Houston.

Both objectives met with success.


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