Photos from World War Z


The last Sinulog Invasion free EDM show and rave party held at Baseline Restaurant's parking lot, Cebu City, Philippines during the annual Sinulog festival on January 20, 2013, just four months before the Great Panic.
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Castelldefels castle, near Barcelona. To avoid the hordes, a small group of survivors walled the outskirks of the castle, barricated it, and created a small safe zone against the zombies
The spanish region of Galicia was one of the safest. and ironically, more affected zones by the undead

Hospital do Meixoeiro, Vigo. One of the safest, and dangerous at the same time places in the region

Cuartel de Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, Ferrol. One of the Safe Zones of Galicia, held by the Spanish Army and civilians that managed to escape the worst infected places

Lugo city walls. They were built between 263 and 276 A.D. to defend the Roman town of Lucus Augusti (present-day Lugo) against local tribesmen and Germanic invaders. The walls formed part of a complex of fortifications which also included a moat and an intervallum (the clearing between the walls and the city). The entire length of the walls is around 2,120 metres (6,960 ft), enclosing an area of 34.4 hectares. Not all of the town was enclosed by walls: much of the southeastern part of the town remained unprotected, while in other places unused areas were enclosed by walls.

The width of the walls is around 4.2 metres (14 ft) and their height varies between 8 metres (26 ft) and 12 metres (39 ft). The walls consist of internal and external stone facing with a core of earth mixed with gravel, pebbles and worked Roman stone recycled from demolished buildings, cemented with water.

The survivors of Lugo created a moat along the hill where the city lies, surrounded by the rivers Minho, Rato and Chanca. The difference in altitude between the city centre and the river banks is considerable: the former being at an altitude of 465 meters above sea level, whilst the Miño River Walk is at an altitude of only 364 metres. Thanks to that, the city was a good fortress agains the undead

Lugo's walls are impressive- though there are some narrow bits a Zed could jump across (or try) and a lot of gates need blocking up. But quite doable.

Thule Air Base of the United States Air Force in Greenland. Due to it's relative isolation in the Arctic, Thule Air Base survived intact. However, the base's occupants were soon forced to evacuate to the Canada as supplies from the United States ceased to arrive. Operations at Thule resumed after the Road to New York campaign.

The French Overseas Territory of Saint Pierre and Miquelon post-war. Although the territory survived the initial outbreaks during the Great Panic, it was soon overrun by refugees coming from nearby Newfoundland and thus the surviving populace had to be evacuated to Greenland. It would not be until 2023 when repopulation would occur.

Holy Russian Empire soldiers with gas masks about to crush an anti-Holy Russian Empire uprising by Belarussian nationalists after the stronghold of these Belarussian nationalists had been gassed.