Photos from World War Z

Wonder Woman #18 and Wolverine #305 from March 2013 became part of the 'last runs' for Marvel and DC comics as the Great Panic overran publishers and printers alike in Spring 2013. While storyboarding, art and scripts for the April and beyond releases was done, none saw print. Prices for the March issues rocketed after the end of WWZ as so many books, comics, and magazines had been burnt, flooded, or otherwise destoryed in the 10 year war.

Many corporate buyouts, IP claim jumping, and court shenanigans later, both DC and Marvel did resume comic production post war- both with full relaunches of their universes, but post-war most work is released digitally, with Milestone specials coming out in printed form only occasionally like Amazing Spider-Man #800.

A photo of One World Trade Center AKA the Freedom Tower in February 2013, a few months before the Fall of New York. The fall caused the almost complete tower to be unfinished and abandoned along with the rest of the World Trade Center Site. It would finally be completed in 2029 after fixing damages and neglect brought on during the outbreak.

As a result of TV and entertainment having a set-back because of World War Z, kid's cartoon channels based on the West Coast such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel, and Kids' WB reran classic cartoons and live-action kid's shows from the 1990s and 2000s to serve as entertainment and morale boosters for younger viewers.
Extremists during WWZ

A militant from the White Supremacist and Neo-Nazi organization, the National Alliance, aiming down the sights of his AR15 at a Zombie in Tennessee, circa 2014. During WWZ, White Supremacist and Neo-Nazi groups like the KKK, National Alliance, and many others would view the crisis of WWZ* as an opportunity to secede from the Union to from their own Ethnostates and would come into conflict with Government Troops, bands of survivors, bandits, and with the Zek Hordes. They would also engage in various horrid atrocities against non-whites, Jewish people, captured Government troops, and other people they didn't agree with. During the Road to New York Campaign, the US Armed Forces would be engaged in a brutal conflict with these groups, though they fought a long hard conflict, the US Military would ultimately defeat these groups by 2024.
* = These groups would view the Solanum Virus and either part of "A plot by the International Jew" or a "Deadly consequence of Multiculturalism and Altruism."

Serbian Ultranationalists battling with NATO forces near Foca, Bosnia, circa 2022. As the Great Panic plunged the world into chaos, one of the badly areas was the Balkans where the chaos and the subsequent Zombie Conflict reignited tensions in the region which had been around since the last war there in 2001. During WWZ, large scale warfare between the various ethnic factions would occur there as well them fighting the local Zek hordes. Since the early 2020s, NATO had been engaged in activities there in an attempt bring law and order back to the region, though they would have limited success in doing so as of 2028.

An armed band of Marxist Revolutionaries in Colombia, date unknown. WWZ would bring severe instability in Latin America, thus making a perfect recipe for Neo-Marxist Revolutionaries in the region to rise up and attempt to take control of the local governments. These groups would view the Zombie War as the "Great Collapse of the Capitalist World Order" and the people of the world would soon follow to bring about "A Worldwide Communist Revolution." As the late 2020s, these conflicts between the governments and these Communist Revolutionary Groups is still ongoing. These groups would also come into conflict with hordes of Zeks within Central and South America.
(Credits to IMFDB on their page about Invasion USA (1983).

(Note: I do not condone or support any of the groups mentioned in this post or their ideologies.)
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Taiwanese President Ma Jing-yeo declaring a state-of-emergency during the beginning of the Fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis, November 3, 2012. The subsequent declaration saw the massive mobilization of the ROC Armed Forces, the call-up of all reservists, and the enactment of Taiwanese civil defense plans in the even of a conflict with the People's Republic of China. In actuality, this mobilization was to coincide with the preparation to combat the undead once the Solanum Virus reached Taiwan's shores. This early mobilization is the reason why Taiwan faired the outbreak best compared to its neighbors, with only losing 10% of its population and territory from the zombies.

The MS Nordic Empress (Photographed in March 2004 anchored off the Cayman Islands), the ship was discovered off the coast of Senegal by a Chinese Submarine, the ship was found full of Zombies.

A photograph of a rare unreleased model of the PlayStation 4, originally planned for release in late 2013, but was unreleased due to the outbreak in Japan.
in 2023, a warehouse near Osaka was found to contain over 40,000 units. Since then the PlayStation 4 units have became a collectors item, with its price point being over $100,000.

The Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea (Circa 2012), The building was planned to open by 2013, which that never happened. At some point, the building
was briefly used for refuge at the buildings second half, as sleeping bags, small gardens, and electric generators where discovered near the top of the building.
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Newly-elected Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) holds hands with former president Hu Jintao at the National People's Congress (NPC) in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on March 14, 2013. China's parliament named Xi as president, four months after he took charge of the Communist Party with pledges of reform that have raised hopes but so far yielded little change (Yahoo News File Photo). This transition of power came at a time when China was preparing for an invasion of Taiwan for the past four months as to divert international attention as the CCP dealt with local outbreaks by covering it up as a mass round-up of political dissidents.

Portland's Zek-proof bunker was built during the early days of Global War on Zombies which allowed evacuees from other states together with bands of soldiers to seek shelter as some states without organization fallen quickly at the hands of Zek hordes. Used and owned by U.S. government used if in case a resurgence in zombie outbreak will follow.

After hearing on Fauci's concerns on Solanum vaccine and journalist exposure during the early start, the federal government issued mandatory evacuation as unforseen reports of multiple outbreaks of Solanum virus in the entirety of New York City where the remaining population who haven't been evacuated have fled to mountains or fallen quickly into the hands of Zek hordes where the most populace including Manhattan have been evacuated to undisclosed locations.
Video of the meteor that hit near the town of Chelyabinsk on February 15, 2013 which injured 1,000 people. Many Doomsday prophets and conspiracy theorists claim that the Chelyabinsk meteor brought the Solanum Virus to Earth. All these theories were soon proven false by the scientific and the intelligence community as the virus was already present in China since mid-2012. Nonetheless, various forums and message boards link the Chelyabinsk meteor to World War Z.

A New York City apartment building ablaze during the first hours of the Great Panic, which was set ablaze when it's panicked residents tried to fight an undead in there.