Photos from World War Z


A Vauban style FOB of the French army in Mali, made with bastion walls.Such fortified camps were developed by many armed forces and groups, often isolated.

Chechen Fighters during the battle of Grozny (July 2015).

Important insurrectionary movements were involved during the war, such as the Chechen militiamen, the Narco groups in South America or the Kurdish Peshmerga. Often already well trained in guerrilla warfare, many of its movements flourished with the collapse of states.

Royal Thai M41 tank deployed in Bangkok streets during the initial outbreak.Thailand paid a very heavy price during the war, with part of its cities completely abandoned.

An utter suprise after the end of the Zombie war this Airfix kit became an international best seller among modellers building diorama's of destroyed settlements. The model sold so many copies it saved the Airfix company (plus its parent Hornby) and spawned a whole range of 'Post Z War' model kits.
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Danish Army soldiers in Jutland during the Great Panic, circa 2013.

A Brazilian Policeman with a Madsen Light Machine Gun in Rio De Janeiro during the Great Panic.

A group of bandits with SKS rifles in Albania outside of Berat, circa 2017. During the Great Panic in 2013, Albania would be the hardest hit nation in Europe as it's local Government collapsed with it's place being taken up the ensuing chaos and anarchy. Throughout the duration of WWZ, there would clashes between the Zeks and various factions ranging from Communists, Ultra-Nationalists, criminal gangs, bandits, anarchists, and warlords. It was not until 2026 when order was reestablished in the country by an EU expeditionary force which had eliminated both the Zeks and their opposing human factions.
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The Evacuation of Tokyo Metropolis, Spring 2013

Civilians running towards evacuation busses as JGSDF troops and a Type 89 IFV passes by (NHK World).

A policeman directing evacuees on a highway to the Kanagawa Prefecture (AP).

A soldier tries to maintain order as evacuees race to get on board any ship within the Port of Tokyo (Reuters).
Pics are taken from IMFDB entries of Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth and Godzilla Tokyo SOS.

Crowded vehicles converged and gathered in the portions of Southern Luzon Expressway, six days since the start of Solanum Outbreak in the Philippines. Source: ABS-CBN prior to Global War on Zombies.

NIAID director Anthony Fauci addresses to reporters during briefings on Solanum Vaccine as he raises and joins with experts in concerning with 'pretend to be Pandora Box' vaccine developed before the Great Panic, he calls Solanum development as "irresponsive reckless actions that led to harmful effects" prior to evacuation of Washington D.C. where Fauci and fellow officials within NIH were evacuated into safe location.

Anti-Zek vigilantes holding positions as they waited for incoming Zek attacks during the height of Global War on Zombies or Solanum Outbreak which led to misery actions that these famous people from Busan during the time have left no choice but to escape to chase away from the city through high-speed train.

A portrait picture of Misato Tanaka, an Japanese actress turned Anti-Zek JASDF commander of her unit after her family was horribly killed/turned by the Solanum virus during the Great Panic. (Godzilla vs. Megaguirus)

Polish soldiers next to a dead Zek outside Bialystok during the Great Panic, circa 2013.

Riots in Athens during the Great Panic that was taken by a local news journalist whose fate is unknown, circa 2013, photo recovered in 2021.

Lithuanian Soldiers fighting against zombies during the Battle of Vilnius, circa 2013.

One of the LEGO City Police themed sets bound for released in Summer 2013, which was ultimately never happened due to the Great Panic. Existing stocks for the 2013 sets remained in storage in an abandoned LEGO factory in Denmark. It would not be until 2023-24 when these sets were released for an insane amount of retail price since pre-WWZ items are highly sought after by collectors.
Google's Year in Search 2012: Year In Review, one of the last pre-World War Z "Year In Review" montage. While Google and YouTube still did function since they were located in the West Coast Safe Zone and continued doing Year in Search videos as part of a morale booster, this 2012 edition has drawn millions of netizens due to nostalgia of life before the Zombie War. A copy of the video has been placed in the World War Z museum in New York City and the Library of Congress.

Protesters clad in Imperial Japanese Army uniforms calling for the remilitarization of Japan, 2024. After World War Z, several believers of Japan's militarism have blamed the pacifist post-WWII constitution as the reason why Japan was badly affected by the Solanum Virus. They claim that had Japan would have had a better chance in combating the undead if the country was not pacifist.

Estonian Police responding to "a drug addict attacking people" in Tartu, circa August of 2012. This was one of the earliest recorded Zombie attack in the tiny Baltic nation.

A roadblock being set up Latvian Army troops in Riga shortly before the Great Panic, circa 2013.

Lithuanian Police cordoning off an area were the first zombie attack in the country occurred, which happened months before the Great Panic, circa 2012.