Photos from World War Z

Proposed anti-zombie vehicle known as the Slug Gunner which is inspired from SNK's Metal Slug franchise. The machine is to be piloted by a single person while encased inside the armor, completely impervious zombie bites, scratches, and fluids. Armaments include an M134 7.62 x 51 mm Minigun on its left arm, a 180 mm cannon, and a pile bunker for CQC combat. Estimates it will be available by the 2030s will be operated by the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Taiwan, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, and Australia.
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As the War against Zed cotinued, meuseums were raiding for any ideas that could help. Here a man models armour based off designs wore during WW1. Cheaper than kevlar, the plates and the heavy, thick jacket helped ward off bites.

A WWI era British Tank that was restored by the British Army for anti-Zek operations outside of London, circa 2019.

A Ukrainian Army Soldier manning a DShK during the Battle of Kharkov, circa 2015.

A Holy Russian Army BRDM-2 taking part in a Anti-Zek Sweep near Khabarovsk, circa 2017.
Yonkers, New York 2013 a Comanche attack helicopter flies overhead about to open fire on zombie hordes with Hellfire Missiles and its rotary cannon.

Image is credited to Performance Gun Works.
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Basra, Iraq 2013 British forces engage zombie herds with an FN Minimi Machine Gun and L85 Assault Rifles. Coalition forces in Iraq were hard pressed to contain outbreaks in Iraq and among their own ranks in country. It was not until Coalition, NATO, and UN forces consolidated under the Redeker Plan did things improve.

Image credited to imfdb Doctor Who New Series.
London, England 2013 British Army troops attached to the UNDSS and UN DPO engage zombie hordes armed with G36 Assault Rifles.

Image credited to imfdb Doctor Who New Series.
Welsh PMCs armed with Olympic Arms K23B Tactical Carbines clear out zombies in the Orion Electric Ltd and Kenfig Industrial Estate in Margam, Port Talbot West, Glamorgan, Wales 2013.

Image credited to imfdb Doctor Who.
A black and white photograph of militia volunteers as they engage zombies somewhere in the Paris Metro tunnels during the French Reclamation Campaign, exact date unknown. Gas masks were essential due to the awful smell of various decomposing materials and build up of mold in un maintained tunnels. They were but one of the many hazards that faced those who took up the task of clearing out the underground areas of the country. Massive casualties would mount in the push clean out these difficult but vital areas.

Image credited to imfdb THEM.
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The Castle is an artist's oil rendition of Fort Independence, Boston during the Massachusetts Reclamation Campaign. Fort Independence was occupied by survivors from the city where it was turned into a settlement. The fort withstood multiple direct sieges from hostile rioters, raiders, marauders, and zombies. The US Army later garrisoned the fort where they used it as a forward operating base during its push to retake the Boston area.

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Exact date unknown, Dublin, California Gordon Ramsay qualifies with a SIG Sauer pistol after finished completed basic training to be a civilian volunteer. Gordon would serve as a mess hall and field cook then later see active combat for sweep and clean operations.
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Image credited to YouTube.
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A Welsh PMC uses a Stinger Missile Launcher in the direct fire role against zombies at the Orion Electric Ltd and Kenfig Industrial Estate in Margam, Port Talbot West, Glamorgan, Wales 2013.

Image credited to imfdb Doctor Who New Series.

An unknown military organization gunning down hordes of zombies somewhere in southern California using unknown weaponry. To this day, no one knows who they really are or who's funding them, though some conspiracy theorists say their weaponry was reverse-engineered from alien technology.
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I avoided mentioning them by name and the laser gun part. They had a good look and I used them as a stand in for PMCs/security guards. The Doctor part was meant to be an urban legend type thing during the war and a little meta seeing how Peter Capaldi was in the movie.