Photos from World War Z


French Foreign Legion Outpost lost in the Guiana jungle after the fall of Kourou.

Crowds celebrate in the streets of Sulaymaniyah after the Republic of Kurdistan formally declared independence from the crumbling Iraqi state, circa 2016.
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Aerial view of Windsor Castle, the place where Queen Elizabeth II and thousands of British held up for almost the duration of the war.

Artist's redention of the Fall of Kuala Lumpur, where the Malaysian Armed Forces suffered a similar Yonkers. This was before the rest of the Malaysian government and military retreated to Penang.

ROCS Hai Hung in the Taiwan Strait during the Fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis (2012-2013).

ROC-N Kang-Ding-class frigate and the an S-70 ASW helicopter patrolling the Taiwan Strait after the PLA-N massively deployed warships and ballistic missiles to the area. Fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis. (2012-2013).

A recently released picture by the United Federation of China shows former PRC Ministry of Health authorities disposing an Infected during the "mass round-ups of political dissidents" prior to the Great Panic. (c. early 2012).

The Pope of the Catholic Church in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Armory of the Swiss Guard in the Pontifical Mission of the Holy See to the Republic of Ireland. Only a few weapons could be salvaged at the time when it was determined the Vatican had to be evacuated.

Members of the Presidential Security Group evacuate key cabinet members from the Malacanang Palace, Manila, Philippines. 2013.

PSG operatives defending the Malacanang Palace right before leaving in a motorboat in the Pasig River.

JS Hyuga (DDH-181), flagship of the JMSDF, leading the evacuation of Japan to the Kamchatka Peninsula of the Russian Far East. JS Kirishima (DDG-174) seen in the background. Other ships involved were the sister ship Ise (DDH-182), and the destroyers Kongo (DDG-173), Myoko (DDG-175), and Atago (DDG-177), and two Soryu-class submarines along with various civilian merchant ships and cruise liners.
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