Photos from World War Z


A leaked photo showing a civilian pilot in a biological protection suit after landing at Lagos International Airport during the so called "African Rabies" Outbreak.

Holy Russia Special Forces frogmen on a mission in the Barents Sea. due to low temperatures, a large part of Barents Sea Zeks are still intact and still represents a danger for reconstruction efforts in Siberia and Scandinavia.

2 Greek soldiers armed with HK G3s in support of the border guards against the coming Zeks -Kastanies border gate,Greek-Turkish border-

South American Neo-Marxist Rebels group, somewhere in Ecuador (?). The post WWZ South America see various insurgencies take place in what remains of remote locations of Peru, Ecuador and Chile. (Credits: IMFDB, Espace from LA).

Polish JWK operator shooting a carbine Mosin in Sharana, Afghanistan. due to WWZ, some NATO troops remained stranded in Afghanistan, fighting both rebels and Zeks.
(Source: Reddit).

A Polish female Conscript being inspected at a Military Base outside of Gdynia, circa 2014.

Polish Army Conscripts shooting at Zeks during the Battle of Poznan, circa 2015. (Note that these Conscripts are using Communist era steel helmets and AKMs)

Polish Army soldiers with their Beryl rifles during the Reclamation of Warsaw, circa 2018.
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Refugees lining up for water refilling in Honolulu, Hawaii. The islands only accepted 10,000 refugees from the mainland due to limited resources as a strict state-wide rationing system was enacted.

Members from the "Folgore", Italian Army paratroopers brigade, performing roadblocks in order to help Polizia and Carabinieri during the initial oubtreaks of Genoa, Roma and Naples.