Photos from World War Z

Tourists and refugees hiking the rural parts of Oahu after it was deemed safe to explore by the federal and state government, 2017. Prior to that, an order to shelter-in-place was given since 2013, the year when Yonkers happened.

(OOC: I just read Hawaii will have a problem in terms of food as 90% relies on import from the mainland. How do they pull this off in World War Z?)

T-62 belonging to one of the various armed groups that emerge after the total collapse of Syrian and Iraqi govs during the WWZ; it's an acknowledge fact that Kurdish state (Northern Iraq and Southern Syria) and Druze state are the most powerfull organised factions alongside Israel in Post-WWZ Middle East.

Leaked photo of Druze soldiers and mercenaries into IDF during WWZ. as Israel have trained and equipped most part of Druze Army, both nations have excellent relations and are currently working together one a new highway project.

Bill Gates - CEO of Microsoft - notable for donating a large sum of his wealth for reconstruction of the West Coast Safezone and post-war America.

Benelux Troops in patrol in a recently cleared airfield around Brussels. The war saw the Benelux countries become closer then before and under leadership of the Netherlands solidified the organization to have a better change in the post WWZ world

Marine provides security at the United States Embassy complex in Baghdad. Despite the collapse and the following overrun of Iraqi Capital, a small group of USMC, Iraqi armed forces manage to hold the Embassy Quarters for two months against the Baghdad Swarm.

Canadian Anti-Zeks unit soldiers climb on the wreckage of a plane, roughly a thousand miles south of the North Pole, to scout the area during an Arctic operation.

Various mercenary and private military contractors after the war providing security to refugee camps and aiding UN expeditions into the White Zones.
(First pic - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Second pic - Zero Dark Thirty, Third pic - Angel Has Fallen. All taken from IMFDB)

Gruesome image of a victim being mauled by zombies. The victim appears to be calling for help but the photographer is unable to do anything. The photographer, feeling guilty, then committed suicide afterwards.