Photos from World War Z

President Powell addressing the American public after being sworn in.
An American SAW Gunner during the Battle of Yonkers.
US Army Infantry man Todd Wainio would go on to become the leader of a squad, which was previously under the command of Sergeant Avalon best know for The Battle of The Five colleges.
Durring the reclamation of Chicago, US Infantry man Todd Wainio was shot by a member of a gang based in the Sears Tower. He survived, but this resulted in the return of hard covers and body armour.


French Special Forces CCTFS (compagnie de commandement et de transmissions des forces spéciales) during an Operation in Calais.

A mushroom cloud rises over Tehran, Iran as a result of the accidental nuclear exchange with Pakistan. Taken by an IRIAF jet that had taken off just minutes before the missile hit.
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A massive firestorm consumes a portion of Buenos Aires during the during the infamous fall of the city to the undead.

A crate of PPSh-41 submachine guns being opened from a Cold War storage facility in Russia.

German MG-42s and an RPD Machine Gun from a recently opened weapons crate.

SVT-40 rifles recently opened during Russia's retreat east of the Urals.

PLA Z-9 helicopter on patrol for Infected during the lockdown of Shanghai.

U.S. Consulate Personnel and DSS agents attempt to evacuate Shanghai but are stuck in a People's Armed Police and People's Liberation Army blockade. Photo released by the State Department in 2023. Eventual fate of the consulate staff and security team revealed to have escaped to the USS Essex by way of motorboat.

A special forces paratrooper landing in the Cythania Kentucky safe zone to help train the locals in anti zombie tacatics. Numerous missions like this were undertaken in the lead up to the Road to New York campaign. As one pilot said of the character of those who participated in these operations: "a lot of heart, all of them".

Stanley MacDonald of the Third Battalion of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. Seen on the left, under evaluation after a drug interdiction operation in Kyrgyzstan.

South Afrikaner Paul Redeker circa 1984, around the completion of "Orange Eighty Four" his revised version of Plan Orange, the apartheid government doomsday scenario for the white minority. Although never initially used, Orange Eighty Four would later be reworked by Redeker himself, into what was dubbed by the public "The Redeker Plan".

The JS Izumo(DDH 183), flagship of the UN Pacific fleet, and the JS Kaga(DDH 184) on maneuvers near Okinawa, circa 2032. Helicopter carriers such as these are much better suited for the needs of the post war world then the American super carriers of old.
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