Photos from World War Z


A bust of General Raj Singh in Shimla.
Damn, every time I hear his story again it gives me goosebumps, a legend for all generations to come.

Local police and IDF personnel during a clash with Orthodox insurgents in Bat Yam during the Israeli Civil War, one of the few conflicts between human factions during the Z war.

Photos from Metro Manila, ghost town after mandatory evacuation by government at the onset of


New York City in the aftermath of liberation of city from groups of Zombies during the liberation campaign

Philadelphia during the initial Outbreak.


British and Gurkas soldiers during " Zombie cleaning " -Operation " Sea Fox" , Queensland 2023.


French Army Personnels inspect a wounded -During the Reclamation of Paris , one the worst battles of WWZ .

Russian Special Forces during the Battle of Orel, Russia was badly affected by the zombie outbreak. Owing to the country's size, the Russians were forced to contend with roaming zombie hordes from Eastern Europe, China, and the countries of Central Asia. The Russian military, despite being a significant military power in the world, fared little better than the U.S. and Chinese militaries, and eventually it erupted into rebellion, in response to which the Ministry of Defense instituted a policy of Decimation. The Russian military retreated to a Safe Zone in Siberia, abandoning their territory west of the Ural Mountains, which due to its high population was heavily infected (combined with bordering the zombie hordes from other populous countries in Western Europe). The only real advantage Russia had was the mountains of weapons and ammunition left over from the Soviet Union. While this meant that the Russian military could continue to function even after most of their industrial base for producing new weapons was overwhelmed, it also meant that many units were sent into battle with nothing but WWII-vintage Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifles . Such primitive weapons and the sheer size of Russian territory made it impossible to use the tactics employed in many other parts of the world, particularly luring zombie hordes toward reinforced squares. Instead, the fighting was characterized as a close-quarters brawl with massive casualties. Russia did have a second "advantage" of a sort in its old ally "General Winter": even the massive zombie hordes pressing north from China would be slowed by the colder temperatures of Siberia

USMC Soldier with M25 ( derivated from the M14), this 1950s American select rifle was widely used by US, Israel and Australia during the early phases of Z War, before the developpement of SIR (Standard Infantry Rifle).

Members of the Philippine Army's Civilian Armed Forces Geographic Unit (CAFGU), a paramilitary reserve, patrolling the rural portions of Zamboanga for zombie stragglers. Armed with battle tested M1 Garand, these were issued en masse to many forces to converse ammo and make every shot count. Pre-war, it was estimated there were over 66,000 units of M1 Garand rifles still awaiting to be returned back to the United States, along with millions of rounds of .30-.06 springfield ammmunition.

Cold War-era M16A1 assault rifles being turned over in favor for M-14s and M4A1 Carbines as the the older rifles were known to jam. The M-14 and M1 Garand was much preferred as soldiers tend to fire full auto with their M4s when panicked.