Photos from The Thousand Week Reich

Might I please ask if there have been any illustrations of troops from the US-sponsored Russian Republic? (I’ve been trying to puzzle out exactly what combination of Soviet Surplus & US supplies might define this particular faction and it’s been quite an amusing exercise - for one thing, would they wear US derived insignia on Russian should boards? Or US combat uniforms with Soviet helmets?).

Okinawan national guard resting in iwo jima after training, 2018



United States Holocaust Memorial in Washington, D.C. The memorial contains all recorded victims and atrocities the German Reich committed in Europe. Highlights include the victims, namely the Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, and the LGBTQ+ community.

U.S. Merchant Marine ships arrived in the Arctic Circle region of the Soviet Union to supply the Red Army with arms and food for their continuing struggle against the Reich, 1951.
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(Unfortunately i forgot who is the artist so forgive me)
A leaked concept of the announced remake of the 2006 hit game Brat (made by Kaluga Games which is now Rockstar Vladivostok) which was set in the russian republic during the 90s that follows the story of Ivan Reznov who is a member of the vladivostok russian mafia who after a deal went wrong got entangled in between a rival family in novisibirsk,a corrupt police commisioner in irkutsk and a crooked businessman. The game was an instant hit both in russia and beyond as it combines many aspect from popular games such as gta and max payne while also incorporating element from games such as the yakuza series and mafia the city of lost heaven, the game received a sequel in 2012 after Kaluga was bought by Rockstar which was also praised and feature more location even going to places outside of russia (mongolia and los angeles), a third game is reportedly being produced and set to be released in 2023.

Anti-Reich propaganda poster distributed by the Atlantic Union. Even if some of these countries no longer existed by the 1960s, their flags were included to inspire rebellion against the Reich in occupied territories.