Photos from The Man in the High Castle

The Jews of Afghanistan

Within the Central Asian Neutral Zone, Afghanistan has become a popular hiding spot for Jews fleeing persecution from the Nazis, with the Afghan royal family being their most prominent protectors in the post-1947 world. Afghanistan has always been a place of refuge for Jews, dating back to the 7th Century. Many of Afghanistan's tribes, including the royal family itself, claim descent from the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Herat, in particular, boasts a large Jewish community and Kabul has maintained a Jewish Quarter since the Middle Ages. While Judaism has effectively been exterminated in the rest of the world, it still thrives in the Central Asian Neutral Zone, despite some minor tensions with the Islamic majority in the area.


Afghan Jewish couple, 1948


A synagogue in Herat, 1960s


A Jewish couple having dinner.​

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After the downfall of America, Las Vegas only got rich. The Pacific States, in addition to sales markets, also offered the Empire a tourist industry - fortunately, local laws were more lenient. Especially in Las Vegas. The city of casinos and the mafia turned out to be a tourist mecca for the wealthy Japanese. And also became one of the centers of illegal human trafficking - sending Latins and whites to the West, in exchange for Chinese and Korean women.

Heckler and Kock MP5, the standard-issue SMG to the Heer and the SS. Captured guns from fallen German troops have made their ways into the Resistance cells in the Neutral Zone. This SMG is considered a prized possession by the resistance and sells extremely high at the black market.



Hosato Takei, leader of the Japanese Pacific States

Former Obengrupenfuhrer William Luther Pierce on March, 11, 1979. Pierce would be killed by rebels in New York City.

Margaret Thatcher, one of the most prominent figures of the Nationalistic State of Britain, who rules under the supervision of Germania as a puppet of the Great German Reich

Edmund Gerald "Pat" Brown

Pacific politician who started his career in the old United States. Initially a Republican, he later became a prominent figure in the "Union of Progress and Prosperity" - a group within the Pacific Party, which stands on reformist and centralist positions.

John Smith and his family attending his son's funeral and eulogy. The late Thomas Smith was praised by the Reich for self-reporting his own terminal disease in an attempt to create a "pure" society.

Captured Viet Cong weapons by SS agents that infiltrated the Vietnam War. To their surprise, the agents reported that the "primitive savages" utilized Reich weapons such as the Kar98K, MP-40, MG-34, and the Flak-88.

Waffen-SS machine gun team with an MG 34 in it's anti-aircraft configuration, this photo was supposed taken in 1944 during campaign of England, when SS and Heer infantry units have to engage some small aircrafts (such as DeHavilland 60 Moth) used by local militias and standed British armed forces members from local and improvised airfields.
Can you please tell us more about this TL?
It's an in-universe timeline in the original novel where the Allies win WWII but slightly different from our timeline. Hitler is tried instead of committing suicide. What follows next is an Anglo-American Cold War, in which Britain is implied to have ultimately dominated.