Photos from The Man in the High Castle


Panzerkampfwagen E-100 in Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, American Reich.

Mohammed Reza Pahlavi is the second Shah of the Pahlavi dynasty.
If his father is remembered as a British puppet, then Mohammed was guided by the Third Reich for most of his reign. Moreover, even during the period of crisis and decline, the influence of Germany reproduced many elements characteristic of the Nazi dictatorship. Starting from the organization of the Rastakhhiz party, ending with the hunt for Jews.

Viet Minh soldiers fighting against IJA occupation forces in Hanoi, during the 1946-8 insurgency.
By early 1960s, the Viet Minh insurgency largely took control of the jungle and forced the Japanese occupier to mobilize numerous divisions and carry out destruction missions.

"Politruk" Alexey Yeremenko (Resurgent Soviet Army) leads his men into combat, armed with a Tokarev TT-33. He was killed minutes after this photo was taken. Ekaterinburg July 1951.

After the downfall of America, Las Vegas only got rich. The Pacific States, in addition to sales markets, also offered the Empire a tourist industry - fortunately, local laws were more lenient. Especially in Las Vegas. The city of casinos and the mafia turned out to be a tourist mecca for the wealthy Japanese. And also became one of the centers of illegal human trafficking - sending Latins and whites to the West, in exchange for Chinese and Korean women.

Heckler and Kock MP5, the standard-issue SMG to the Heer and the SS. Captured guns from fallen German troops have made their ways into the Resistance cells in the Neutral Zone. This SMG is considered a prized possession by the resistance and sells extremely high at the black market.



Hosato Takei, leader of the Japanese Pacific States

Former Obengrupenfuhrer William Luther Pierce on March, 11, 1979. Pierce would be killed by rebels in New York City.

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Map of the British Empire in "The Grasshopper Lies Heavy" timeline where Great Britain wins the American-British Cold War after World War II.
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Margaret Thatcher, one of the most prominent figures of the Nationalistic State of Britain, who rules under the supervision of Germania as a puppet of the Great German Reich