Photos from The Man in the High Castle

Richard Milhous Nixon - Second President of the Pacific States of America. During the Pacific War, he served in the US Navy, nevertheless, after the surrender, he began to cooperate with the occupation administration - in particular, he actively participated in the persecution of the Communists and American nationalists. Since 1960 he headed the government. Like his predecessor, he pursued the "Racial Harmony" policy while actively pursuing black activists. During his term, there was an aggravation of relations between the Third Reich and the Japanese Empire, which prompted him to persecute American fascists and purge the ruling Pacific Party.

Catholic hierarchs and the leadership of the NSDAP

StuG III B and SdKfz 250 carrying troops patrol the main streets of Glascow looking for any remaining resistance, 1945.

A resistance fighter engages a German soldier in hand-to-hand combat. The camera was placed over the shoulder of the POV of the wielder of the MP-40.

Above: A ragged band of guerillas—their ranks including impressed women and children—brazenly parade a motley panopoly of captured and stolen Axis small arms, somewhere on the Africa Orientale Italiana frontier, circa 1949.

Above: Groß-Simbabwewerke Chemiefabrik, 1960.

Covering an area of over thirteen hundred square kilometers, Groß-Simbabwewerke is truly a shining jewel of German colonial-industrial efforts in Africa, and a magnificent step forward in the field of chemical production, processing vast amounts of useless organic waste and biomass into feedstock for modern synthetic plastics. In fact, a large percentage of the bodies of the all-synthetic Opel Der Schnelle Spuk (D.S.S.) coupe are cast exclusively from the rendered products of Groß-Simbabwewerke's outflow.

Above: The '58 Opel D.S.S. "Der Geist des Geparden!"

Communist Chinese resistance fighters armed with the Kalashnikov assault rifle conduct a raid on Japanese positions in Hainan Island, 1965.

An Italian M13/40 tank belonging to the Ariete Armoured Division in Palestine, ca 1943. Palestine was occupied by a joint Italian-German force, before being puppetized by Germans under the Free Arab state led by Mohammed Amin al-Husseini (1895-1974).

Pre-war photo of Hassan El Banna, Muslim Brotherhood founder. Hostile to Foreign occupation of Egypt, Hassan group received some support from German Intelligence services untill 1941. As opposed to a German occupation of Suez Canal, Hassan El Banna led some various uprisings against germans garrisons and King Farouk's troops.

Eleazar López Contreras, President of the Republic of Venezuela in 1936, and Dictator of the Fascist Venezuela until 1969, after his assasination by a GNR sniper in Carabobo.

Behind the scenes, he was one of the greatest supporters of the Latin American resistance, giving them weapons, supplies, and information on strategic Nazi locations in South America. He was the creator of the GNB (Venezuelan National Guard), and of the CICPC, the most powerful intelligence agency in force in South America.

Soldiers from the 2nd Infantry Division of the U.S. Army manning an M1919 Browning machine gun against the Imperial Japanese Army and SNLF outside Seattle, January 10, 1946.