Photos from Kentucky Fried Politics


- Malik Obama, the older half-brother of Montana Governor Barack "Rocky" McCain, out on the campaign trail during his brother's first bid for Governor in 2012. Obama has also been the spokesman for the Kenyan side of McCain's family since 2010.

- President Harland Sanders conversing with a member of his secret service detail backstage at the 1972 Republican National Convention prior to the Colonel's speech endorsing Vice President William Scranton.
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- Retiring Senator and Democratic Nominee for Vice President Kwame Raoul campaigning in his home state of Illinois in September of 2020.
I just thought of something. It has to do with Wikiboxes, because I absolutely love them…

More specifically, I was thinking about the ones for the Senate races. I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about - on the Wikipedia articles for Senate elections, there’s a Wikibox that contains the pertinent info regarding that election cycle (number of seats for each party before and after the election, Majority and Minority Leaders before and after the election, net gain in seats), as well as a map with the states color-coded according to who won and whether a seat changed party control (basically, it’s like this: light red = Republicans held seat, dark red = Republicans flipped seat, light blue = Democrats held seat, dark blue = Democrats flipped seat, medium gray = Independents held seat, dark gray = Independents flipped seat, light gray = there was no election in that state that year). In addition, if a state held an election for both seats that year (i.e. a special election alongside the regular one), then a small rectangle appears within that state, again with the appropriate color scheme.

Anyway, I wonder if any of you are up to the challenge of creating a series of Wikiboxes for all the Senate election cycles from 1962 to 2020, based on the info given in the main KFP timeline regarding who won each race in each state. I’d love to see them!

- Ashton Kutcher behind the scenes of David Jacobson's Manson and Jones, where he portrayed Charles Manson, the failed musician who was behind a failed assassination attempt on the Beatles in the 1960s.

- Bobby Cannavale wearing the facial prosthetics for his role in Manson and Jones, where he portrayed former civil rights activist turned leader of the People's Temple Cult, James Warren Jones.