Photos from Kentucky Fried Politics


- Hank Hill (Mike Judge) having a discussion with his friends Jeff Boomhauer (Judge), Dale Gribble (Daniel Stern), and Bill Fontaine (Stephen Root) on a 1999 episode of King of the Hill (1998-2015).

- Actor and political activist Kirk Cameron speaking at a 2016 campaign fundraiser for former Vice President Bob Ross. [1]

[1] Kirk Cameron was about 17 years old when he converted to Christianity. Given that ITTL, he would have been a teenager while the Lukens hush money scandal was going, and likely seen and heard how religious conservatives continued to support Denton, I feel like it's possible Cameron (and probably a lot of people in similar positions to him) would probably turn away from Christianity after seeing figures in the religious right essentially support a pedophile and a man that enabled him.
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It's already mentioned in the timeline. High High only combines Daria (which isn't actually a Mike Judge show IOTL) with Beavis and Butt-Head.

- Still from the series Glitch Techs (2021-present).

(NOTE: Yet another show that deserved a better fate than what Nick would give it.)

- Promo poster for the Netfilms original series Harvey Street Kids (2015-2020). Left to right: brainy Dot, tomboy Audrey, and lovable Lotta.

- A Chuck E. Cheese animatronic on a Studio CEC stage at the final Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant in 2017, weeks before its closure.

- A prototype for the second-generation Mitzi Mozzarella animatronic for The Rock-afire Explosion built by Creative Engineering in the 1980s. The new Mitzi was completed in 1987 and was the first of the second-generation characters to be completed. By 2000, all characters' second-generation upgrades were finished, including a Dook that can play a full set of drums, and a Beach Bear that can stand up off his surfboard.

- SpongeBob, the eponymous mascot of SpongeBob's Undersea Cuisine, posing for a picture with Monty, the mascot for the Traverse City Pit Spitters, to advertise a new location opening in Traverse City, Michigan.
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Some more wikiboxes:


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In both the 2013 and 2017 NYC Mayoral elections, voter turnout continued the historic trend of being below 33%.


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Huh. Not to bring up current politics, but McAuliffe lost a very winnable election in my TL well over a year before that actually happened in real life!


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Speaking of winnable elections, Jasper Schneider’s 2020 victory was the biggest landslide in state history. It helped that his opponent was a disgraced Democrat who, after losing re-election to the US House, serving 2 years in prison for sexual pestering, and losing a bid for NYC mayor in 2013, moved to North Dakota in 2014 to try and mount a “Jean Valjean” type political comeback. Weiner soon became the state’s Democratic Party’s chair, and served from 2017 to 2019, during which time he helped the party make notable gains in the 2018 state midterm elections. At the time of his nomination, it seemed Weiner had turned over a new leaf, complete with a new wife (a native North Dakotan) and a new demeanor (a nice cowboy hat). But old habits die hard, as do new lawsuits. With Schneider’s victory inevitable, voter turnout was its lowest in decades; out of 692,492 registered voters, only 42.1% of them (291,539) cast ballots. As of 2021, Weiner is fighting in the courts to avoid another prison stint.

- Bill Alexander "passing the brush" to Bob Ross at the start of the 1975-76 season of The Magic of Oil Painting (1971-present, known as The Joy of Painting from 1979 on).

NOTE: It comes from the actual TL, but with changes such as making the canvas blank, altering the aspect ratio, and changing Ross' perm to a normal hairstyle, as it's mentioned that he adopted the perm later on.


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