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- A promo image of actor Randy Quaid as Ol' Smokey for a Smokey Mountain BBQ Steakhouse ad campaign, taken in 2022. The Ol' Smokey character debuted in 1976 (originally played by actor Michael Pataki until his death in 2019), and continues to be used by Smokey Mountain BBQ Steakhouse to this day. Quaid previously voiced Colonel Sanders for sister chain KFC's "Cartoon Colonel" ad campaign.

EDIT: Changed dates to reflect Quaid's tenure as a governor.
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- Gabe Kaplan in a press photo for 1983's Groucho, a biopic on the legendary comedian Groucho Marx. Kaplan, who at the time was best known for his role as the title character on the sitcom Welcome Back Kotter, would win an academy award for his portrayal of Groucho and largely retired from acting afterwards.
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- Former UK Prime Minister John Lennon giving his first televised interview since his retirement from office in January of 2005.
Michael Pataki as Ol Smokey.png

- Michael Pataki (1938-2019) in his longstanding role as Ol' Smokey for Smokey Mountain BBQ Steakhouse, 1977

EDIT: Changed year of Pataki's death.
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Slight retcon with this image now that I got an idea on Smokey Mountain's mascot.
Anthony Wendy Haddon Smokey 2.png

- Anthony Sanders, Wendy Thomas, Haddon Salt, and Ol' Smokey (Randy Quaid) in a joint KFC/Wendy's/H. Salt/Smokey Mountain commercial aired during Super Bowl LIV in 2020. It follows all four of FLG's spokespeople at night, finishing each other's sentences as they enter a combination KFC/Wendy's/H. Salt/Smokey Mountain location.
FLG Inc 1979.png

- Finger Lickin' Good Inc. logo used from 1979 to 1991.

FLG Inc 1991.png

- Finger Lickin' Good Inc. logo used from 1991 to 2007, even after the KFC logo was updated in 1997.

FLG Inc 2008.png

- Finger Lickin' Good Inc. logo used from 2007 to 2016, now with the updated Colonel head introduced in 2006.
FLG Inc 2015.png

- Finger Lickin' Good Inc. logo used from 2016 onward, replacing the 2006 head with the revived 1959 icon.

- SNL cast member Charles Rocket appearing in a 1985 Weekend Update sketch where he portrayed Vice President Lamar Alexander (R-TN) fielding questions about the financial scandal that would lead to the Vice President having to resign just one month after the episode this sketch was featured in aired.
SMSB 1986 small.png

- Smokey Mountain Steakhouse BBQ logo used from 1986 to 2015.
SMSB 2015 small.png

- Smokey Mountain Steakhouse BBQ logo used since 2015.

H Salt 2013.png

- H. Salt, Esq. Fish & Chips logo used since 2008.

- Former Kentucky Governor Harland Sanders speaking with Vice President Hubert Humphrey and Second Lady Muriel Buck at the 1963 Kentucky Derby.

- Animator Robyn Byrd in a 2019 OurVids interview promoting a series she created for The Cartoon Network through her company, Tweetco.

- Princess Elizabeth of Wales (full name Elizabeth Sarah Anne, b. 2018) walking to school with her father, Albert, Prince of Wales (full name Albert George Philip Henry), in 2023.
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- Actor James Gandolfini in a 2017 interview, in which he discusses a then-upcoming mafia film he starred in.
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- A KFC remodeled between 2006 and 2009, using the branding designed by Landor Associates with a mainly red color scheme, as well as the Colonel being shown with an apron. The iconic bucket signs were retained.

- A KFC in the U.A.E., 2009.

- The bucket sign for Harman Cafe in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2017, just before its panels were updated; currently, one panel shows the original 1957 design, a second panel shows the 1959 design, and a third panel depicts the current 2015 design.

- The restored KFC sign for Sanders Cafe in Corbin, Kentucky in 2016. The arrow was reinstated, the 2008 KFC sign panels were changed to replicas of the 1960s Kentucky Fried Chicken panels, and the bucket itself (not shown) had its panels changed to replicas of the original panels, with the "Kentucky Fried Chicken" and "Colonel Sanders' Recipe" text next to the Colonel's head.

- A statue of the Colonel carrying a then-modern KFC bucket inside a replica of the Colonel's office at Sanders Cafe in 2013.


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- Logo for Ollie's Trolley since 2000.
A Kentucky Fried Phoenix small.png

- Cover for the first edition of A Kentucky-Fried Phoenix by Marlona Ruggles Ice (2020).

Colonel memoir cover.png

- Cover for the first edition of Life As I Have Known It Has Been Finger Lickin’ Good (1974).
Burger Chef 2004.png

- Logo for Burger Chef since 2004.
Colonel's Chicken early.png

- Logo for Colonel's Chicken, used only in Kentucky during KFC's early years.
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