Photos from Featherston's Confederacy/ TL-191

Picture of actor Edward Norton in the film "American History X". In the film, Norton plays a former member of a Freedomite Gang in Southern California.
Here are a couple good ones:

Featherston speaks before discontent Confederate citizens circa 1920s.

Still image from the 2004 US film "Downfall: The Defeat of Featherston." The movie was turned into the successful and popular WeTube parody series, "Featherston Rants," with humorous voice-overs replacing the real infamous scene of Featherston screaming in his bunker below the Gray House.

"From 1989 to 1992, Howard Shnider wrote and drew a three graphic novels detailing the rise, rule, and downfall of Jack Featherston named "Face of Death". Published by the Sizemic Publishing Company, the novels found an abundant audience since the first issue (titled "Trial through tears") came out in the August of 1989."


The controversial best-selling Christmas toy of 2013 in the southern United States, the deluxe Jake Featherston toy caused riots and protests in the north and and among black communities everywhere. It was outdone the next year controversy-wise with the "Freedomite Prison Camp" Blego building playset.
"The second novel in the series "Lands of Blood and Steel" sold out the first novel four-fold, and propelled Face of Death to the forefront of comics and graphic novels. It featured a series "


Concept art from the Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel 'Coons' by Tacitus Smith, son of Agrippa Smith a survivor of the Population Reduction and a former co-worker of Jefferson Pinkard (regarded as one of the architects of the Confederate Mass Murder). Tacitus tells his fathers story from birth until his death from natural causes in 1969 and his use of anthropomorphic animals to stand in for the various groups (racoons for negros, dogs for Confederates, eagles for Federals, mice for Jews, bees for Mormons, etc) was hailed as symbolic genius. 'Coons' became required reading at many universities in the former Confederate States and in Britain and France
Very nice post, kingbaldrick. TBH, I'd suspect that the Yellow Magnolias would be rightfully lauded and praised for their bravery for many years to come. Films could be made about them, or comics, or even novels! :) :)
Or perhaps, even, a timeline. ;) (Someday...someday...)

Jefferson Pinkard and Saul Goldman oversee the filming of My Baby Is Black!, a 1938 propaganda film warning Confederate women about the dangers of interracial sex. The film was a pet project of Pinkard's, and is believed to be based off of the actions of his estranged wife, Emily. Most historians view it as a petty attempt to "get even" by demonizing her and women in general. Professor Brian Fields of the University of Houston called it "a painfully heavy-handed exercise in misogyny, sexism, and irrational hatred of the opposite gender."
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Here's a very depressing and nauseating thought: With the greater reliance on chemical weapons and especially gas in this timeline as opposed to the OTL isn't it likely that not only would Unit 731 still exist but it might even be bigger, or that other countries would have similar such operations going on?

What would the fate or future of TL-191's Unit 731 be like?
You know, I think David Bar Elias addressed that in his TL-191 continuation. Oh, and 20 nukes and who knows how many chemical weapons were used in the 1960s in a war against Japan, so nnnyeah.
Shouldn't this be moved to the maps and graphics forum? Not trying to bring people down, but it seems like it should be there.
Shouldn't this be moved to the maps and graphics forum? Not trying to bring people down, but it seems like it should be there.
Nah, I don't think so. This is about a published AH book(s), and it contains media, so I think it fits. What say you all?

Propaganda poster for the Youth Wing of Action Francaise

Anti Communist French propaganda spread by several far right parties during the interwar period, including Action Francaise.



Children freed by US army from Featherstone's "population reduction" camps play on derelict and destroyed CSA barrels.
Then here the fellow is in his office.

(But wasn't Koenig also a Freedom Party Guard? If so, then that uniform pic would be appropriate.)
Yeah Koenig was Attorney General and early on when the Freedom Party first came to power he wore a suit but i think after a few years the Confederacy had been thoroughly Freedomized and he wore a Freedom Party Guard Group Leader uniform, i believe, not 100% sure. Koenig was a combination of Goering and Himmler
Wasn't Camp Determination destroyed by the Freedom Party when they left for the east coast to build Camp Humble? Why would the Union rebuild it?
Historical reasons. Like a museum, concentration camps in Poland and Germany remain, the big ones, as a reminder of the past