Photos from Featherston's Confederacy/ TL-191

The only problem with the first pic is CS soldiers wouldn’t wear Adrian helmets

That's a issue, but given the CSA's close alliances with both the UK, and France, they would create and use their own versions of the Adrian helmet after hearing about it overseas.

The Adrian is simply both very effective and cheap and easy to manufacture. (It even would surpassed the stahlhelm and Brodie helmets and outperformed the Advanced Combat Helmet. The Freach know how to make a helmet.)
Elmer E. Ellsworth, law clerk, and Union Army Officer. A Colonel in the 11th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Ellsworth had studied under and worked with Abraham Lincoln. (Lincoln going on to call Ellsworth the '"the greatest little man I ever met".)

Elmer Ellsworth claim to fame would be his death at the start of the War of Secession. On May 24, 1861, the the day after Virginia's secession was ratified, Ellsworth saw the Marshall House, Alexandria, flying the Confederate flag. Taking down the flag, Ellsworth would be shot by the inn keeper with an double-barreled shotgun, killing him instantly. (The Inn keeper, James W. Jackson, was in turn killed by Private Francis E. Brownell.)

Elmer Ellsworth would become the first Union officer to die in the Secession War, with Lincoln, sadden by the death of his friend, would ordered an honor guard to bring his friend's body to the White House, where he lay in state in the East Room. It then go on to New York City City Hall, with thousands of Union supporters coming to see the fallen Colonel.

"Remember Ellsworth" would become an rallying cry for the Union cause, with the 44th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment called itself the "Ellsworth Avengers" .

Elmer Ellsworth's Memory would live on, long past the War of Secession, becoming a martyr to the Remembrance movement, a fallen hero at the start of a great work to subdue the South. A nickname for units, and vehicles in honor of the late hero.


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